Hi guys. This is a co-op story I wrote with the author Kanathia. She's super talented and a couple of stories on her own account and I had non so she said I could put this up on my account instead.

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Title: Feathers
Category: Anime/Manga » Tsubasa Chronicle
Author: Kanathia
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
Published: 01-13-12, Updated: 04-25-12
Chapters: 13, Words: 37,620


Chapter 1: Prologue

Kanathia: A co-op story.

Tsubasa Falls: Hey guys! Welcome to my first fic EVER! NO, NO don't click away yet! T^T

It was co-written so a lot of my sloppy grammar and such were edited for me. :D for free too

Kanathia: Meh…someone had to do it. Your grammar is atrocious.

Tsubasa Falls: That was mean. T^T Anyway, there are OC's and they will play a role in the development of the story line, like good characters should lol. However, we have made the solemn vow that we will make the OC's behave like normal humans and not adopt super human abilities no matter how much we love them. : )

Kanathia: Indeed. Well without further ado here's chapter 1. Though really it's more of a prologue.

Syaoran glanced over at the sleeping form of Sakura. He once again felt guilt encompass him when he thought back to his encounter with his clone and how he had failed to stop it, no him, from leaving. Although Sakura had told him time and again that it wasn't his fault he knew that his presence put the girl on edge. He gripped the edge of the bed and frowned.

"Good morning Syaoran!" a cheerful Mokona says startling him out of his reverie.

"Oh, good morning Mokona." He replied politely. He had observed his clone's encounters with all the members of this group but was still unsure where he stood with them. Mokona seemed to accept him immediately, though Syaoran chalked that up to the small thing not having an ounce of spite in him.

"Oh so you're awake?" a smiling Fai said coming through the door. "Kuro-puppy and I went to the market to get some supplies since we don't know where we'll be going next and this place seems to have an over abundance."

"I told you to stop it with those ridiculous names!" Kurogane said pushing through the door looking peeved as usual. "Hey pork-bun are we ready to leave this world yet?"

Mokona's ears moved giving him a look as though he were in deep thought. "Almost ready!" Mokona said happily leaping onto Syaoran's shoulder.

Kurogane dropped the bags he was carrying onto the table and plopped down into one of the few chairs in the room. Syaoran stood stretching at about the same time that a groggy Sakura opened her eyes. "Ah, good morning Sakura-chan!" Fai said enthusiastically offering her an apple. "How are you this morning?"

She accepted the food graciously. "I'm fine."

Mokona bounced up and down excitedly as Fai shoved some of the 'supplies' into a big travelling bag. "Mokona Modoki ready to go!" Mokona announced giving them no time for preparation as usual.

They were enveloped in the bright swirling colors and watched the world disappear around them.


Tsubasa Falls: I know it's short! Don't be sad! I've already given the next chapter to Kanathia. She's editing it and should have it up by tomorrow! Right Kana?

Kanathia: Sure, sure. It just needs some fine tuning.

Tsubasa Falls: I'm letting Kana post this on her account so that the time between editing and updates is smaller and so that you awesome people will go and read her other story. It's WAAAAY more amazing than this one because I didn't help write it.

Kanathia: …

Tsuabasa: I have the strangest feeling I've upset her. Well anyway, chapter tomorrow, check out the other story and REVIEW! PLEASE! Thank you!

Kanathia: 'til next time.

~Kanathia & Tsubasa Falls