Hello everybody! This is my first story! Enjoy!

Part 1:the tickets


One day there was a blue katsuma who was checking her computer, her name was veruka. She had green eyes and a long bushy tail and pair of tiny angel wings, plus green hair. She wore a blue tank top, yellow shorts, a long blue jacket and purple shoes.


While I was checking my email, I found a reply of something I never sent. I opened it, it said "congratulations! You just won a ticket to saggy island! You can bring as many friends as you want! Print your ticket here! (LINK)". I was very surprised I won a ticket, "Wow I won a ticket! Yyiiippi- wait how did I won a ticket?" I thought as I click the link button. Lucky I have a printer, so I could print it out. "I can't wait to tell the others!" I exclaimed as I took the ticket, went to the phone and called my other friends to invite them to my house. They all agreed and came to my house.


The first one to arrive at Veruka's house was a yellow rabbit with some hair on his head. His name was Danny; he wore a long blue sweater with a flower on it. He wore a dark blue hanky on his neck. And green shorts with pockets. He used green shoes with a long big green line. "Hey Veruka!" he said as he waved his hand.


"Hey Danny!" She said. "My, I wonder why did she called me before?" I thought as Veruka offered me something to drink. "sure, plain water please" I answered. "Okay then" she said as she went to the kitchen.. "By golly, even at her house (which was a big tree house) she's as speedy as ever." I thought as Veruka came back with my glass of water. "So….why did you called me anyway?" I asked her. She was just about to reply until someone knocked at the door.


Veruka said "I'll get it!" as she opened the door. There stood a blue rabbit, with pink hair, her name was Luna; She wore a blue shirt with a small heart, a green jacket and yellow shorts with a ribbon (just like Veruka's shorts) and white socks, plus green shoes with two strips and a ling big white line. "Hi Vi! Hey Danny!" "hey Luna!" Danny and Veruka said as they give Luna a warm hug. "So Vi, why did you called us? Luna asked. "Well, I won a ticket to saggy island and they said I could bring as many friends as I want, So here you are, will you come with me to saggy island? PLLEEEEAAASSSEEE?" Veruka asked, Doing puppy eyes at them. "Why of course! Why not?" the two teen rabbits said.

And that's part one! See you!