OK just a quick note here. The events of this do not happen in any order. The time line jumps around based on the pictures these are based off of and the order they are in in Feriowind's A Day in the Life collection of pictures.


1. Training

Steve had to fight back the mad urge to laugh as he watched Terra prepare to charge at his shield. The little Shieldon wouldn't be able to do any damage of course but it was still a scene that was almost too cute for words. He'd been waiting for something like this to happen since the little pokėmon had started watching the older and more experienced pokėmon train together. Terra had been practicing her Tackle on any of the other pokėmon that would stand still for long enough for her to gather up speed and charge.

None of the older pokėmon seemed to mind though Tony's Lucario had a habit of stopping the little dinosaur in mid-charge with one of her legs or simply dodging. It had taken Tony explaining to him that Rani didn't mind and was actually helping Terra train in her own way for him to understand that the Lucario wasn't annoyed by Terra's charges. Pyrmja, Thor's Raikou, seemed more than willing to lay still for hours and let the little pokėmon wear herself out. To be fair however Pyrmja seemed willing to do anything that would help the younger pokėmon train. The legendary seemed just as fond of battle as her master. Thor's growing army of baby electric types was testament enough to that.

"What do you think you're doing?" Steve asked as he walked into his room. His voice was soft so that he wouldn't scare the little steel type but she jumped anyways. Big grey eyes traveled up so that she was looking at Steve's face and the supersoldier had to fight the urge to grin. Terra looked like she was waiting to get scolded.

"If you tackle my shield without something to keep it there it's just going to roll away." Terra watched her head tilted to the side, as if confused about not being in trouble, as Steve walked across the room and crouched down next to his shield. There was no need for him to put his arm through the straps to hold the shield up, he was a bit too tall and Terra too small for that to work anyways, but he could hold the straps and keep the shield steady. Terra simply stared at him a confused look on her face. Steve couldn't stop the grin that crossed his face this time.

"Well come on then. You can't hurt my shield Terra so give it all you've got!" Terra pranced in place for a second in excitement before backing up a few steps and charging forward. The soft ringing sound that filled the air when her hard head struck the vibranium shield made Steve smile. It made sense after all to have one shield helping the other.

2. Fame

Felix yawned from his place on the leather seat next to his trainer. He always felt like a prancing Ponyta at charity events but he'd gotten used to it over the years and it wasn't always so bad. It helped that Pepper was often kind enough to have Eddie out of his ball so that he'd have some company that he knew he could stand. Eddie was pleasant in his own way though he could be a little dull.

It was better than all of the younger pokėmon fawning all of him while their trainers tried their best to get on Tony's good side. That was something that never changed. They'd been the same way when he'd been Howard's pokėmon and some part of Felix felt like he was too old to be running around with pokėmon that were barely into their double digits age wise. He had his limits just like his trainer because contrary to popular belief there was a line that not even Tony would cross age wise.

"Are you ready Felix?" Tony asked as he slipped a pair of sunglasses on. Felix nodded his head and barked. "Good, let's go wow the crowd."

Felix nodded his head in agreement. They always wowed the crowd at things like this. They did make an impressive pair after all. It helped (or didn't in some cases) that he was just as famous as his current trainer. It was hard not to be when you'd been in the spotlight for over fifty years. Humans weren't the only ones that were able to hide behind masks after all and Felix was quite proud of the fact that he had developed one so good that only Tony and a few others could see past it.

In truth he hated being in front of all the slashing lights just as much as Tony did but it was a necessary evil and he'd grown used to it. Tony scratched Felix behind one of his ears as the car pulled to a stop in front of the convention center where the charity was being held. Masks firmly in place both human and pokėmon stepped out into the flashing lights.

3. Shield-brothers

"WORRY NOT, MY FRIENDS. I SHALL HELP YOU ALL BECOME GREAT, MIGHTY WARRIORS!" Thor's voice boomed from his place in front of his pokėmon. Jane fought back the mad urge to laugh and take a picture as she watched the line of nervous little electric types and had to wonder if Thor had meant to line them up from smallest to tallest or if it was just a coincidence.

One could never tell when it came to Thor and more often than not it was better to simply let him do what he pleased, so long as nothing was going to be destroyed of course. Besides there was nothing on Earth cuter than watching Thor with his little army of electric types. The thunder god was never anything but loving when it came to the baby pokėmon that he'd collected since he started spending time on Earth.

The big booming blond had a gentle heart and his Raikou was just as big a mother hen as the god could be. To be fair though she was still waiting for Thor to come visit and have a Zapdos or something equally big and impossible following him around and the day that happened she was going to ship him off to Stark and tell the billionaire to keep the man and his legendries as far away from all of her very sensitive equipment as humanly possible.

Jane had no idea how well that would actually work but Stark could handle the legendary pokėmon well enough considering he had a Rotom of his own to deal with and while not quite legendary (just extremely rare) he was better equipped to deal with all the excess electricity that tended to come with large electric pokėmon than she was. For now though she was more than happy to let Thor do as he saw fit with his pokėmon. So it was with a soft smile and a fresh cup of coffee that she made her way back towards her lab and the work that awaited her there. She'd check up on Thor and his little monsters in a couple of hours if only to remind him to take a break every once in a while.

4. Cloths Duty

Bruce was quite certain that Todd could tell if something would fit him or not on sight by now because for the better part of a year every single article of clothing that he'd been brought after the other guy escaped fit him as if he'd had the chance to try them on first. And wasn't it sad that his Togekiss could do that at all.

The one thing that was worse however was that Bruce knew that the cloths his pokėmon had just brought him had been stolen from someone's cloths line or from some sort of outside stall because he'd just gone through his last pair of self-brought pants and he didn't currently have any money to buy anymore. That however was something he'd worry about later because right at that moment he really just wanted to put on pants that weren't ripped all to shreds.

"Thank you Todd." Bruce's voice was quiet as the flying type set the cloths he had stolen on the ground next to the bag that held his fellow pokėmon and Bruce's glasses. Todd trilled and rubbed his trainers reaching hand with his head. Bruce gave his pokėmon a weary smile before picking up the dark brown pants he'd been brought. There were times when he wondered why his pokėmon stayed with him when he was such a danger though to be fair it never seemed like the other guy bothered them all that much and it wasn't often that the monster did bother with them when he was loose.

The beast that he became when mad hadn't ever done any serious damage to his pokėmon and for that he was thankful. His pokėmon understood him and were willing to stay with him even though he wasn't in the best position to care for them and more often than not it was the other way around.

His pokėmon took care of him more than he seemed to take care of them. Bruce's smile became a little more real at that thought. It was nice having someone to travel with that didn't care about the other guy. He didn't want to think about how lonely he'd have been if he didn't have his team. It would have been much harder to control the other guy if he didn't have his pokėmon to help. He was more thankful for his pokėmon than he could ever express. Todd chirped and flapped his wings a little as Bruce buttoned up his stolen shirt. The pokėmon seemed to be asking if he was ready to go yet. Bruce's smile was a little more genuine as he watched Todd take to the air.

"Where are we going this time Todd?"

5. Keep on Running

Bruce sighed as he pulled his hat down so that it would hide more of his face. He knew that he was being paranoid but he couldn't help it. The fact that there was no one around for miles didn't seem willing to register to him. All that mattered was that they kept moving. Todd chirped as he flew over the shining blue water of a large lake that Bruce didn't know the name of.

What he did know was that the lake was large enough that he wouldn't be able to walk around it in any relatively sane amount of time. So that meant that he'd have to cross it. While the thought of being so open didn't really sit well with Bruce there was a small upside to his current predicament. If he needed to cross a large body of water that meant that he'd be able to let Alena out of her pokéball for some much needed exercise. While extended amounts of time in their pokéballs wasn't dangerous for the pokėmon inside it was advised that they be let out as often as possible for fresh air and sun.

His poor Lapras hadn't been out of her pokéball for more than a half hour at a time in weeks and that was only when he managed to find a body of water large enough for her to swim in. With some luck however they'd be able to stay in the area for a while after they crossed the water.

Alena would like that and she really did deserve the chance for as much fresh air as he could give her. His constant traveling was hardest on his Lapras. Guilt burned low in Bruce's stomach as he pressed the release button on Alena's pokéball. There was a flash of red light and then his Lapras was sitting in the water at the edge of the shore. Upon realizing that they weren't simply stopping at a river or pond for her to swim in Alena splashed her front fins in the water and turned around so that she was offering her back to her trainer.

Todd landed in-between Alena's curled blue ears and chirped as if telling Bruce that he needed to hurry up so that they could get going. Bruce offered his pokėmon a tired smile before climbing onto Alena's back. Bruce cleared his throat and when both of his pokėmon were looking at his spoke.

"I know that you get tired of running but one day we won't have to anymore." He hated how happy they looked at his lie.

6. We Are Alike

Her hissing was a sharp sound the filled the cold air and was directed at the little human that was carrying a pair of dead birds. She didn't care if the bird was a fellow monster or not she was hungry and the human before her had food and was standing still. As battered and hurt as she was she knew that if she put forth enough effort she'd be able to take the food from the human in front of her. She'd sink her claws into that pale skin as far as they'd go if she had too. She didn't care. She was hungry and alone. Her group had left her behind after a fight with a pack of roaming Mightyena had gone bad and she's been hurt to badly to go on.

They had left her to die because that was their way. Needless to say she didn't plan on letting death claim her so easily. She'd fight the entire way and if she had to kill the little human to do it then she would. It was nature after all and only the strong survived the lands harsh winters. So she hissed and bared her teeth and flexed the claws on the arm that wasn't holding her up and the human before her showed no fear of what could be her death.

The humans head tilted to the side as if thinking and before she had any idea what was really going on one of the human's birds landed in the snow before her. Head darting between the human and the bird she felt only confusion. Why? Why, was this human helping her when having one less bird to eat meant going hungry sooner? Her head jerked when the soft sound of a humans speaking reached her ears.

"Now we shall both survive?" The snow crunched beneath the human's feet as it turned and began moving away. The wild Sneasel shook her head as if trying to wake herself from a dream before lunging forward for the bird in the snow. Before she began to eat however her eyes wandered to the footsteps the human had left and she wondered if she should return the favor.

7. Free Fall

A deep breath filled Hawkeye's lungs as he let go of the brown feathers that were resting between his fingers. The air caught him as he leaned backwards and in a matter of seconds he was falling from Pip's back and into the open air. Nothing compared to the feeling of free fall. In the moments were he was falling between Pip and Luna there was nothing but him and the drag of air against his body. There was nothing but the complete trust that Luna would be there to catch him when he needed her too. People had called him stupid the first time he had jumped from his Pidgeot's back and plunged through the air like a falling stone.

Phil had shouted at him until his voice was gone and he'd gotten grounded from missions for a month because he'd almost given the man a heart attack. He'd gotten a long lecture about being suicidal and about what would have happened had Luna not been there to catch him. He'd simply smiled and told his handler that Luna was always there to catch him.

Phil had smacked him upside the head and started asking about what would happen if Luna was attacked by an enemy pokėmon and unable to fly. Still he had smiled and insisted that she'd be there. Phil had stormed out of the room after that and hadn't spoken to him for a week. He had however received several nasty looks from the other agent's pokėmon. It had taken three or four free falls for the members of SHIELD to realize that they weren't going to get him to stop.

No one tried to stop him anymore. Clink squinted slightly at the blur he was just beginning to make out below him. It would only be a matter of seconds until he was upon it. Just as planned. Reaching out with a single hand fingers dug into the brown feathers of his Noctowl as he landed on her back. He couldn't help the small smile that crossed his face at another successful free fall.

8. Nice To Meet You

Liberty clicked his beak in disdain as he watched the tall blond human he was to be working with walk towards his perch. The human looked nervous and his movements were awkward. He'd been told about this human by his caretaker and even after hearing of his heroics he didn't approve. Who was this upstart to try and take his place as an American symbol? He'd been doing this since the beginning of the war and his father and grandfather had been doing it long before him.

Liberty clicked his beak again and narrowed his eyes. Liberty and Captain America, they were to be the perfect duo. The perfect thing to bring up morale and help pull the American people out of the sorrow brought upon them by the war being fought overseas. Since when did the American people need anything more than him? He had always been enough and now he wasn't.

"Steve this is Liberty. Liberty this is Steve. The two of you will be working together for the foreseeable future." A man in a three piece suit said as he gestured between the two with his hand. Liberty watched as the man before him, Steve, held out a hand.

"It's an honor to meet you Liberty." Steve's tone was strong if a little shaken sounding and Liberty knew by the tone that the man was far more nervous than he appeared.

Liberty glanced down at Steve's hand and clicked his beak again. He knew that the man was waiting for him to offer one of his talons so that they could have a proper introduction. Shaking hands was one of the first things he been taught as a Rufflet. It was an important action that only really meant something to the humans. It was with a grimace that he offered one of his feet in return and the pair shook.

The man in the suit nodded and began to walk away. As soon as he was out of sight Liberty let out an annoyed screech and turned so that his back was facing the human whose hand he'd just shaken. Just because he had to work with this talentless upstart didn't mean that he had to like him. In fact he was quite determined that he would hate this humans guts until the end of his days. He didn't know then that a few months later things would be very different between them.

9. I Won't Fail You

Thor's entire body shook as he cradled the tiny body of his Pichu close to his chest. The attack had come from underneath the ground beneath their feet and neither her nor his little companion had been prepared for it. They had simply been exploring the vast open spaces that surrounded Jane's home. He hadn't meant to let the little mouse get so far ahead of him but the small creature had been so excited to be somewhere other than the big city he hadn't had the heart to call him back.

So he'd let Jolt run as far ahead of him as the little mouse had pleased. Thor knew that he would only go so far before his nerve left him and he came running back because while the little mouse tried his best to be brave he was also very small and got scared when surrounded by things that were strange to him. So Thor had let him wander and now his little pokėmon had paid the price for his negligence.

Now his little friend was hurt by his failing and he refused to let the steel beast in front of him cause any more harm. Thor's fingers tightened their grip on Mjölnir's handle as he prepared to fling the weapon at his foe. His fellow Avengers had taken the time to teach him about the strengths and weakness of the pokėmon that inhabited Midgard. They had gone over type match ups as many times as needed so that Thor knew what pokėmon it was safe for him and his own to go up against and what wasn't. The steel beast before him wasn't something that couldn't be harmed by the lightning he could call from the sky and not even Pyrmja would have been on much use against this foe.

His Raikou however was off doing her own wondering seeing how it wasn't wise for such a rare creature to be seen staying in one place. The people of Midgard were curious and it got tiresome after a while so Pyrmja was free to come and go as she pleased. That didn't mean that Mjölnir wouldn't do any damage if he threw it at his foe. The beast before him roared and slammed it mouth shut before throwing itself towards him.

Thor swung Mjölnir and jumped skywards and out of the beasts reach. Though its body was long it wasn't big enough to reach him in the sky. The beast before him roared again and dove back down into the depths of the earth. Thor's feet hit the ground with a heavy thud as he landed and he frowned at the battered state of his little mouse.

"Come little warrior. We shall return to Lady Jane and have you healed." Thor's voice was soft as he spoke. He had already failed to help his brother. He refused to fail his pokėmon as well.

10. Well Loved

Julie huffed in annoyance as she watched Bruce work with Tony. The other man was showing her trainer how the wires that ran though his suit were all connected to the back of his helmet. Bruce much to her annoyance was far more interested in what he was being shown than he should have been. She didn't like that there were all these new people and pokėmon taking her trainers attention away from her and the others. She didn't care how much Alena liked the large pool that was meat for any water types that night be staying in the tower with their trainers and she didn't care how much Al and Todd liked the habitat that was set up on the uppermost floors.

She didn't care about what the others thought because the others were all blind. They didn't see that all the nice things were just a ploy to distract them from noticing how Bruce was being taken away from them. Julie puffed up at just the thought of it. Lina had told her that she was just being foolish when she'd shared her theory with the other pokemon. Julie huffed and puffed up even more. She didn't care what the Blissey thought. Julie was right and she knew it. The other humans in the tower were just there to distract their trainer. All of the nice things they'd been given would vanish as soon as Bruce lost his temper and went on a rampage and then they'd be running again.

She knew deep down that the others couldn't be trusted. What she didn't understand was why none of Bruce's other pokemon could see it too. Surely they weren't that blind and every time she bought it up the others told her she was being rude to their hosts by acting the way she was. Rani, one of Tony's pokėmon, had flat out told her to stop being such a brat. Had told her that she should be thankful for what they'd been given so freely and that she should be happy that it hadn't cost them anything important.

The only thing that had stopped her from hitting the other pokėmon had been the presence of so many of the other human's pokėmon. She'd known that if she started a fight for no reason Bruce would put her back in her ball for a day as punishment. A sharp clatter drew Julie out of her thoughts and she turned her large blue eyes towards the floor where one of the red panels from the suit lay after being knocked off of the table.

Neither of the humans was paying it any attention. Julie jumped to her feet. If she got it and gave it to Bruce she could get his attention away from his current project. Her attempt failed however when Polly's pink and blue form darted in front of her and snatched the panel off the floor before she was even halfway to it.

The piece of metal was sat back on the table where it belonged and Polly got a pair of smiles and a head rub from her (or at least Julie thought Polly was a her) trainer before the pair went back to work. Julie puffed up and ran across the room before she jumped up onto Bruce's shoulders and began making angry cries in his ears. Both trainers jumped though Tony's was more startled than Bruce's. Her trainer, bless him, was far too used to her behavior to do anything but smile and wince. Tony on the other hand looked at her and gave a sharp shout.

"Don't do that you'll make us knock over the table!" Polly made a low buzzing noise from where she'd moved behind her trainer and poked her head over his shoulder.

"Sorry about that. She's been getting jealous really easily lately." Bruce said as he rubbed the back of his neck. Tony sighed and shook his head.

"I get it but Bruce she can't do stuff like that in the shop. She's going to break something one day and with my luck it'll be something that'll explode." Bruce chuckled.

"Your luck can't be that bad." Tony laughed and gave him a challenging look.

"You wanna bet on that because I tell you now my jolly green friend you have yet to see shitty luck until you have seen my luck when it comes to things that can explode."

Bruce shook his head. "I won't take that bet. I am however going to go spend some time with Julie. I think she's been feeling left out." From her place on Bruce's shoulders Julie puffed up in pleasure. If causing trouble was what it took to get her trainer to pay attention to her then she was more than willing to do it.

11. My Wings

Only the sound of silence showed their passage. Kira's wings are silent as they glide through the cold night air. Compared to their first flight years ago the improvement was a very good thing. It wouldn't do for the infamous Black Widow to be caught because of noise. While Crobat were naturally silent fliers carrying a passenger was different than simply flying by one's self.

Thankfully their first trail run hadn't been during an actual mission. No, the people she'd worked for then had insisted that they learn how to fly together before they'd let her go on any new missions. Flying would help up her chances of success and survival. Needless to say it had been true and now years later they were as silent and deadly in the air as Natasha was on the ground. Natasha glanced down at the city lights below.

Flying at night was Kira's greatest skill and on more than one occasion it had saved their lives when things hadn't been going as planned. Not many flying types could fly so well in the absolute darkness but that was what made Kira such a valuable partner. It was the sudden shift in angle that told Natasha that they were getting ready to decent and land.

Raising a hand Natasha tapped the side of the glasses covering her face. The compound before her lit up with the heat signatures of both humans and pokėmon and none of them had a clue about what was coming for them on silent wings.

12. A Bit of an Enthusiast

There were times when Roosevelt truly worried about his trainer and Blaze and about how stable their thoughts really were. It wasn't something that happened often. Once a month or so at most both Phil and Blaze turned into hyper children and didn't revert for some undisclosed period of time. Blaze even drooled on occasion which was just wrong because the Growlithe was older than him and should know how to control himself. He was never going to understand the pair's complete and utter obsession with Captain America. It didn't seem to help at all that they had worked with the man's Arcanine Sunny on occasion. Every time they managed to find something Captain America related that they didn't own the two turned into babbling fanboys.

Let it be known that he said that with a great deal of both affection and annoyance. He'd heard all of the stories over and over again after he become a member of Phil's team and while he would admit that they were inspiring he didn't see the need to obsess over them and the man they were about. He'd lost track of the times he'd apologized to Sunny for the behavior of his teammate and trainer. Thankfully the old Arcanine didn't seem too bothered by them though that was probably his long years of experience speaking more than indifference. Sunny was used to it and put up with it that was all.

Putting the clear tablet he carried around with him down on the dresser in his trainer's room Roosevelt wandered over to his trainer and peeked over the man's shoulder. He might as well see what it was that was causing the almost giddy sounds this time. The item of his treiners joy was a set of cards but not just any cards. They were the four cards' that were needed for Phil to have an entire set of vintage Captain America cards. Roosevelt shook his head and sighed.

Now that they had the whole set of cards it only meant that the two of them would move on to the next thing in the collection that they didn't have. He supposed that it could be worse at least the two of them had chosen to obsess over a dead hero. He however had other things on his mind than Captain America. Like the pretty Lucario had had met while working in Malibu.

13. Secret Paths

Loki laughed as he ran along behind Nott. The Gastly knew the secret paths between the worlds better than he did but he trusted his friend and knew that he wouldn't be led astray. Besides he needed to wait for the commotion from his latest prank to die down before he returned home to his parents and brother. The brightly lit path that continued endlessly before him seemed as good a place as any to hide. Even Heimdall and his Xatu would have trouble seeing him on the path he was running along now. The dark skinned man saw much but it wasn't often that he turned his gaze upon the lesser used paths of the great tree. Not that it would truly matter if the man did because Heimdall and all of the others only knew how to travel using the Bifrost.

They didn't know the spell or have the magic needed to travel the lesser and hidden paths like he and Nott did. Well, Nott knew them better than he did at the moment but that didn't matter because he was learning and in time he wouldn't need the ghost to lead him around anymore and when that happened the fun could really begin.

Loki knew that there were all sorts of games the two of them could play using the paths. There were even more pranks to be played when they'd be able to take different paths and find each other after. Green eyes took in the swirling colors that filled the black around the paths before turning his gaze upon the floating form of his Gastly. The ghost wasn't moving anymore which meant that this was as far as they were going for this trip.

"Where have you taken us Nott?" Loki asked as he stopped running. Nott merely smiled and stuck out his tongue before pushing Loki off of the path and into another world entirely.

14. Chance Meeting

There was a human in the forest. Blue eyes blinked in curiosity as their owner hovered in the air. There hadn't been a human near her home in a long time. The last time humans had come they'd taken the body of her brother away and created a creature that was both like her and not like her. They had taken her brother's body and cloned him but the clone hadn't been him at least not completely. This human however didn't seem like he was going to do anything but lean against the tree behind him and sleep. That was fine too of course.

The human could sleep as much as he wanted to. He looked like he needed it. He also looked like he'd been in a fight of some kind, his pants were torn and his shirt and shoes missing, though he didn't appear to be hurt, just tired and in need of a good sleep. Her long pink tail lashed back and forth behind her as she moved closer to the sleeping human. She could smell the scent of other pokėmon on the man and had to wonder where they were now.

Pokémon who lived with humans didn't tend to leave them alone for very long. So, the question was where were the pokėmon that belonged to this human? Blue eyes looked as she twisted through the air. She didn't see anything coming and she'd hate for the sleeping human to be attacked by some of the more vicious of their kind. She giggled as she lowered herself onto a bright pink bubble and bounced a bit.

Surely it wouldn't hurt for her to watch over the sleeping human until he was found by his monsters or woke up on his own. It wouldn't be kind after all to leave him to the monsters that lived in the forest.

15. New Robo

Felix wondered if his trainer had gone mad. He'd been there when Tony had promised to build Casper his own robot and he had hoped that his human had been lying. Sadly he hadn't been. For there standing in front of him face black was an orange and blue robot that bared a very slight resemblance to his human's Iron Man armor. The air around Casper was crackling with excited electricity as he floated around the mostly orange machine.

The little ghost seemed more excited than was necessary but considering it was Casper it made sense. The troublemaker was always happy when he found something new to possess. It annoyed Felix to no end and he knew that Polly had a habit of hiding from the excitable electric type. Claw and Rani simply ignored the ghost completely. Felix however couldn't ignore the annoyance no matter how much he wanted too. His teammate quite literally made his fur stand on end.

The first time it had happened Tony had laughed before rubbing him down with a drier sheet. Now whenever the little ghost came near enough to even attempt to ruffle his fur he'd spit a Will-o-Wisp in his face to make him leave. It worked more often than not and the one time Casper had possessed the sink and sprayed him with water the little ghost had been given a beating he would remember until the end of Felix's days.

Now the two tended to leave each other alone. Now however Felix's fur was standing on end for an entirely different reason. Now Casper had an actual body to run around in and Tony didn't seem to care at all. In fact his trainer was simply standing next to him with a tool in his hand while grinning like the mad man other accused him of being. Felix snorted a wisp of flame licking the air before dying out. Rough fingers buried themselves into the fur on his head before Tony bent down next to him. The human's voice was pitched low.

"Do you really want him getting bored and possessing one of the suits?" Felix's sudden shift to utter horror at the thought was enough of an answer for Tony because he chuckled and stood back up.

"Well get to it Casper!" he ordered. The Rotom looked at him for a moment before grinning and phasing into the robot before him. There was a sharp crack of electricity before the usual ghostly aura surrounded the robot and a madly smiling mouth and wide overjoyed eyes appeared on the empty face. They were all doomed.


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