Tricks and Treats

Bruce's hand fumbled along the counter in search of the petri dish that he'd placed next to his microscope when he'd first started the day's experiments. When his roaming hand was unable to locate said dish Bruce pushed back from his work and looked over to where he could have sworn he'd left the item in question. The space next to his microscope however was empty the table clean under the bright lights of his lab. Blinking Bruce turned his attention to the other side of the table thinking that perhaps he'd simply been feeling about on the wrong side. This wasn't the case however because a pile of notes and several brightly colored pens sat to the right of the microscope. "Julie." Bruce sighed as he stood from his crouched position his back protesting the movement after being in one position for so long.

It wouldn't surprise him one bit if his Jigglypuff had taken the dish and hidden it in an attempt to get him to stop working and pay attention to her. His Jigglypuff was a notorious attention hog and there was very little that she'd do to get it. So it was with a soft sigh of resignation that Bruce began looking around his lab for Julie. She never went far when she wanted Bruce's attention and it was very likely that she was simply hiding somewhere in his lab giggling over how clever she'd been.

Upon further inspection however Bruce found no trace of his Jigglypuff at all. In fact other than a tool that he'd asked to borrow from Tony (one that had likely been delivered by Polly) there was nothing else out of place at all. Julie was nowhere to be found and Bruce could only conclude that the pink pokémon had chosen to leave the lab and hide. Bruce sighed as he turned back towards his work. If he was going to have to go and look for Julie then he was at least going to write down what little progress he had made beforehand. Bruce stopped dead as his eyes landed on his now empty table. Well it wasn't exactly empty but now his microscope his gone as well.

Reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose Bruce fought back a growl. He was more than certain that his eyes had turned a little green. As Bruce took a calming breath a sharp scent caught his attention. It was a small that he usually only got when around Thor and the god's small army of electric pokémon. There was one other that gave the scent off however and it made much more sense than any of Thor's monsters. Dark eyes darted around his lab before Bruce sighed and shook his head.

"Casper if you don't give me back my thing's I'll go and get Tony and then you'll be stuck in you ball for the rest of the day." The lights flickered once and there was a sharp buzzing noise before Casper made his appearance. The Rotom wore his usual wide grin and seemed to be laughing.

"My things Casper. Now if you'd please or else I'll go get Nakita." The smile immediately turned into a frown. Natasha's Weavile didn't take anything from anyone and that included Tony's trouble maker. Casper was gone in a flash and Bruce couldn't help but smile. Apparently the ghost didn't know that neither Natasha nor her pokémon were in the tower.


"That's a lot of candy." Darcy said as she stood in the doorway of the kitchen. True to her word there was a small mountain of candy bags sitting on the wooden table where they ate dinner when someone cooked. Twister tilted his head to the side and wondered towards the table swaying back and forth as he walked. Once he reached the table the Spinda hopped up into one of the chairs and began poking at one of the bags. Chip wasn't far behind. The fat little Emolga seemed more than happy to try and make off with as many of the bags as possible.

It was a plan that was more than likely doomed to fail but Darcy was more than willing to let the pokémon think they could get away with anything more than one bag. The only one of the pokémon that wasn't joining in of the fun was Apple. The little Phantump was floating around behind Darcy's back watching the other two cause trouble. Darcy wasn't really sure who Apple belonged to seeing how the little pokémon could be seen following various people around the tower.

No one seemed in too much of a hurry to get rid of the little ghost type however so she was allowed to stay. The general theory was that Apple had followed Steve, Bruce, or Natasha home one night and simply stayed. It had been Steve however who'd named her after he caught the little spirit stealing apple slices from Eve and Terra. The little ghost was terribly shy and was usually the last one to enter a room if anyone was in it. Turning towards the little ghost Darcy gave the pokémon a bright smile.

"Let's go get some candy before they make a mess and we get in trouble." Apple was quick to follow Darcy into the kitchen after that even going so far as to follow the brunette as she grabbed a large bowl from one of the cabinets. When the pair finally reached the table Darcy snagged the bag that Twister had decided to try and open. Plopping down into a chair Darcy gave her pokémon a grin before setting the bowl on the table and opening the bag. All three pokémon watched as various sweets tumbled from one container to another.

"This is it you guys. The rest of this is for the trick or treaters coming to the tower later." Darcy said as she pulled a Reese's cup from the bowl and unwrapped it. Chip and Twister were already digging into the bowl and creating their own piles (piles that they wouldn't get to eat all of). She'd just taken a bite out of her piece of candy when she noticed that Apple hadn't gotten anything to eat yet. It was likely that she'd been scared away from the bowl by the other two over excited pokémon. Reaching into the bowl Darcy pulled out a Hershey's bar and unwrapped it.

"Here you go. You'll like this." She said as she handed the bar of chocolate over to the Phantump. Apple took the candy from Darcy's fingers like she expected it to be taken away before she could eat it.

When the candy wasn't snatched away from her Apple was more than happy to take a bite of the fun sized bar. The noise Apple made when she bit into the sweet treat was enough to have Darcy grinning a wide grin. "The best part of Halloween is all the candy." Darcy admitted to the ghost as she got another piece of candy.


Eva giggled as Nia pulled her eats through the holes in the brim of the witch's hat. Pepper had left a box of old and slightly musty dress up items in their play room that morning before she'd gone to work and now Eva and several of the others were having a blast going through the box and trying things on. Nia had a plastic crown perched on her head and Jolt was trying his hardest to find the end of a brightly colored bola and failing. And while she hadn't seen it Eva was fairly certain that Sparky had fallen into the box itself and had yet to immerge. It seemed likely that the Joltik had gotten trapped under something and had yet to work his way out again. "How do I look?" Eva asked once her ears were all the way through the proper holes. Nia was silent for several seconds before she smile.

"It suits you. You make a lovely witch." Eva grinned knowing better than to take offense. Nia wasn't mean like that. Now if Julie had said something like that to her then chances were she would have meant the words to be hurtful. The Jigglypuff still seemed bitter even though they'd all been living in the tower for months. "Let's find a hat for Jolt." Eva insisted as she moved over to the box.

"We should help Sparky out as well. I think he's stuck under something." Nia said as she floated along behind the other pokémon.

"How long is that?" Eva asked as she walked up to Jolt who was still trying to find the end of the bola.

"Really long." Jolt grunted as he gave the bola a tug and toppled backwards when the end pulled free from under something heavy. Eva giggled again as Jolt struggled to free himself. She left the Pichu to his work and instead stuck her head inside of the box.

"Hi Sparky." Eva chirped her tail wagging as she caught sight of the Joltik. It seemed that he'd found himself a nice dark place to sit rather than getting himself stuck like they had thought. Sparky (not one for speaking) waved a leg at Eva in greeting before tucking it back against his side.

"Hello Apple." Eva's ears perked at Jolt's greeting and without even thinking about what she was grabbing Eva snagged the nearest hat with her teeth and pulled out of the box so she could greet the newest arrival.

"Hi Apple." Apple blinked at the greeting before murmuring her own low greeting in return.

"Would you like to join us?" Nia asked as she took the bonnet that Eva had dropped on the floor when she'd greeted Apple. The Clefairy looked at the item in her hand for a moment before reaching over and placing it on the Phantump's head not even bothering to wait for her to answer her invitation. Apple blinked in surprise and blushed at the easy welcome. She held as still as she could while Nia tied the bonnet into a neat bow.

"There now you're dressed up too."


Tony's fingers beat a rhythm against his keyboard as he fiddled with the lighting for one of the three floors that would be hosting kids on a hunt for candy later that evening. He'd already made the lights for the other two floors low and or flickering (they'd change with each new batch of kids) and now he just had the one left. The coding needed to make the lights change wasn't difficult and only took a few minutes altogether and it was of course for a good cause. Jarvis could have done it himself but it was kinder for Tony to put the order in code. It was after all Jarvis's job to make sure everything was in working order and Tony wasn't going to risk something so small giving the AI a complex no matter how much said Ai insisted that it wasn't a problem.

Besides it was all for a good reason and Tony liked messing with things especially when messing with things would get him in trouble with Pepper for once. Pepper had been all for creepy lighting in fact. She'd seemed more than happy by the fact that Tony was doing something useful rather than spending the day watching horror movies and eating candy. Not that they wouldn't be doing that later.

They (meaning him and Clint) had come to the conclusion that Steve and Thor needed to see the Halloween movies and while Steve had protested at first they'd warn him down in the end. Thor had been all for it seeing how Fury had told them point blank that if they caused any sort of trouble that he'd have them pushed off of the side of the Helicarrier while it was still in the air. So they were all doing their best to stay on their best behavior and treating everyone to a night of Horror movies and good food seemed to be the way to go.

Before that however he had to do his part for the people who would be invading his tower for candy in a few hours. Not that Tony had anything against kids and candy it was just that he'd been forbidden from messing with the kids trying to get candy. Pepper had threatened things that ought not be threatened when he'd asked her if he could hide around a few corners and give the older kids a scare. So Tony was going to behave because he had more sense than to not listen to Peppers threats.

That and Rani and Felix would be more than happy to keep him from causing trouble. Neither of them had appreciated the water balloons he'd tried to get Rhodey with the year before. Fingers dancing over the last few keys needed to adjust the code for the lights Tony grinned to himself and was quick to activate the new programing. Surely it was okay if he had a little fun with the workers one the lower floors for the test run.

"Let's see if this works shall we." Tony said as he turned to look at Polly. The pokémon tilted her head to the side for a moment before squealing and nodding. "All right you little glitch let's see what kind of trouble we can cause." With that said Tony pressed enter and leaned back in his chair to wait for the angry call he knew was coming.


Happy Halloween Everyone!

Okay one quick note before I go. Apple is mainly here so that we can have a gen 6 pokémon in the story. Seeing how at the moment there are none. She doesn't really have a trainer. Think of her as the family pet in a way. She gets along with all of the other and doesn't cause any trouble so she's allowed to stay. Not that any of the Avengers would likely have the heart to kick her out.

I'm moving this weekend but that shouldn't really affect my update schedule. I'm hoping to have the next chapter of this up by Veterans day. This of course all depends on if we have internet at my new home or not. I'm fairly certain that we do however so don't worry. If not then there's always the library.