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Faebray Messages

Kenzi smirked at her Bobo as they entered the clubhouse. Bo had hurried them through their meeting with Trick at the Dal because Lauren was supposed to meet them at home. Which was fine, she was totally cool with Lauren now, but it would probably mean an evening of noise canceling head phones and shooting zombie hookers while Bo and Hot Doc banged clams.

She wrinkled her nose the moment she thought it. Next time she saw Vex she was punching him in the face for putting that description in her head.

Bo ground to a halt in front of her and Kenzi opened her mouth to squawk at her only to be silenced by what had stopped Bo.

Sitting at their counter was Lauren. The normally attentive and observant Doc was staring intensely at her phone with what could only be called tearful eyes. The Doc gave a heavy sigh and pressed a button on the kind of ancient cell in her hands and set the thing down.

A tinny voice came from the speakers,

"Hey… I'm starting my senior year tomorrow. Sorry I didn't call you this summer, I just, I was dealing with stuff." There was a long pause before the pretty voice continued, "I dyed my hair. It's pretty cool, but I miss the blonde. Of course mine was never like yours." There was a loud huff before the voice growled out, "I don't even know why I still call you. It isn't like you get the messages."

There was a beep as Lauren's shoulders slumped before the same voice started speaking in a new message, "I know you'd listen if you could Lauren. I just… I miss you."

Bo took a step forward as the next message began, "I saw her today Lauren. I saw my daughter. Beth. She looks just like you and I did when we were kids. She's so beautiful Lauren. I wish you could meet her." There was a long silence before, "I'll tell her about you, when she's older. I'll tell her how you taught me to swim, and bought me a microscope for my tenth birthday, which I looked up by the way. You spent way too much on a dumb ten year old who never really liked science." Lauren let out a little huff, "And I can actually hear you scoffing at me, I guess we just have to face facts, you were the genius, and I'm the pretty one." Kenzi watched as a smile spread across Lauren's face, "I am pretty now Lauren, but you were always beautiful you know? Smart and pretty… I really should have hated you."

The next messages started, "I'm blonde again. It's weird, but now I miss the pink."

Lauren scrubbed a hand over her face as the voice sounded from a new message, "I think I might have gone a little nuts Lauren. I actually had a plan to prove that Beth's mother wasn't fit. Of course she basically did my job for me by sleeping with Puck but Rachel said ratting her out would be ruining Beth's life, and for once I think she's right." There was a hitched sob on the message before, "I feel lost all the time Lauren." The silence hung for a long aching moment before the voice spoke firmly, "Ok I'm done crying, you can stop panicking now." There was breathy sort of laugh as the voice finished, "And I'm applying to Yale Lauren. If I get in I'll get to go to school where you did, maybe stay in the same dorm, Branson right? I hope I do."

Lauren whispered out, "I know you did."

The next one was short, "Merry Christmas Lauren. I love you."

The next message played, "My friend is getting married, which is nuts. She's eighteen and he is an idiot. What the hell kind of person gets married at eighteen? I need to talk her out of it, but all I can think about is clubbing her over the head and taking her away from this stupid little town. I'm sure if I dumped her on a Broadway stage it would fix this insanity."

The next message that followed had the same breathless quality as the previous one, "I can't believe I forgot. This is what Rachel Berry does to me! Lauren, I got into Yale! I'm going to Yale!"

Lauren's smile was wide and infectious as Bo grinned stupidly next to Kenzi. To the little Russian's chagrin, she was smiling way big too.

The message had singing on it, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Lauren, happy birthday to you." It startled Kenzi to realize that the pretty voice singing was the same one that had been speaking in all the other messages. Lauren's smile was gentle as she touched the phone.

The next message wiped the smile off of Lauren's face as the voice breathed out miserably, "I think… I think I figured out why I've always been so freaking mean to Rachel Lauren. I think I have feelings for her, like real feelings." The voice gave a huge sob and Lauren's hands clenched into fists as if she could reach through the phone and comfort the girl on the other end of the message, "I really wish I could talk to you Lauren. Maybe get some advice? I don't know what to do."

The voice spoke again, sounding a little hollow, "I'm going to the wedding. She wants me there and I can't say no to her, which I think she might be figuring out."

The next message kicked in and the voice on the other end sounded exhausted, "Sorry about the lack of messages Lauren, I was in an accident," Lauren's head shot up to stare at the phone, "They said at first that I'd never walk, something about a severed spinal cord," Lauren's hand flew to her mouth as if to hold in a sob," but now they're throwing around words like miracle, cause the injury is healing. Slowly, but surely I am healing. I'll walk again Lauren. I promise you I will walk again."

Lauren's hand curled around the phone as she tensed as the final message played, "You've been dead six years now today and I still want to talk to you first. Like last week I finally told Rachel about how serious my injuries had actually been, she cried, a lot, and then got real quiet before smiling that serial killer smile of hers. I think she might have cracked Lauren, because she asked why I never said anything about being Fae." Lauren's gasp was harsh and audible in the room as she almost launched from her seat, ""I kid you not Lauren, I mean, what the hell is a Fae? Anyway she played it off once she realized I had no idea what she was talking about but I can't help but wonder what the hell she meant. What is a Fae? This is why I miss you Lauren, I'm sure you'd know." There was a short pause before the voice continued, sounding much younger, "You knew everything. Bye Lauren. I still miss you all the time."

Bo stepped further into the club house fully with Kenzi on her heels and cleared her throat, "Lauren?"

The doctor spun to look at them, and the face she made almost had Kenzi thinking that they'd walked in on her touching herself or something.

The Doctor scooped up her phone and asked quietly, "How much did you hear?"

Bo dipped her head, and turned her puppy eyes to a million, "All of it."

Kenzi patted Bo's shoulder as Lauren softened a little as she stared at Bo before Kenzi asked, "So Doc, who was she? Ex girlfriend?"

Lauren shook her head and replied distantly, "My little sister."

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