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Vex burst into the Dál with a flourish, having already visited the crap shack only to find it empty. He spotted Bo at the bar with Kenzi at her side and made a beeline for them, only to stop short when he caught sight of the tall shifter Fae and the Valkyrie that were standing next to them. He gave a great sniff and then decided to have some fun with this, and maybe look out for his new human buddy.

He flicked his wrist and suddenly Dyson's hand was reaching out to cup Bo's breast. He watched the succubus like a hawk and was pleased when she wrenched Dyson's hand off of her with a scowl and a snapped word. Even Kenzi, who up until recently had been very pro Wolfman was shaking her head at the blond man. For his part the shifter was staring at his hand and trying to explain that it had been a compulsion from somewhere else.

Vex sauntered up and spoke over the Detective, "I have a question Succubus."

They all turned to look at him and he earned an eye roll from Bo, "What's that Vex?"

He smiled as he plucked the drink from Kenzi's hand, "Does your girl swing both ways? The Doc I mean, because if she does… I may have to take her out for a spin." He took a sip and handed the drink back.

Bo's jaw dropped before her eyes flashed blue and a darkly possessive glare slid over her face, "First of all, you just made Lauren sound like a car, second…" She moved right into his personal space, "Don't test me, not while you're powerless, if you touch Lauren, I'll remove your balls and wear them as earrings."

He cupped himself and frowned at her, "What is it with you and my junk?"

Her eyes were still dangerously blue as she snarled, "I mean it Vex, if you hurt Lauren I'll remove your head."

He held up his hands, not at all offended, and replied honestly, "I won't hurt the Doc. No interest in it." He cocked his head, and then decided against revealing his powered status, instead he smirked, "I was surprised to see you here Bo, what with the Doc's romantic spread at her apartment."

It was Kenzi who reacted first, "BoBo! Did you ditch a date with HotPants to come hang with us? With Dyson?" She frowned at Bo, "Worst girlfriend ever."

Bo shook her head quickly, "No… I didn't have plans with Lauren tonight…" She squinted, "I don't think. I mean I know I didn't."

Vex shrugged, "Didn't look like she needed you there anyway, what with the hot little brunette she had there. It was so sweet; they were holding hands like school girls. But without the skirts, which was a pity."

Bo's eyes got even bluer as she gripped her beer bottle like she might crack it over his head, "What the hell were you doing at Lauren's apartment?!"

He smirked at her, "Seeing if she finally kicked you to the curb. Did she? Is that why you're so pissy? She was mighty cozy with the little brunette. Unless… is she allowed to have a side piece? Since you get to have hundreds."

Bo slammed the bottle back on the bar and all but roared, "I don't have side pieces! And neither would Lauren!"

He crossed his arms, "Well that is hardly fair. What happens when you have to feed on someone else, she is human after all." He eyed her and then let out a heaving sigh, "I suppose she loves you enough to allow it, so long as it isn't with the Wolfman." He jerked a thumb towards Dyson, who scowled at him and clenched his fists like he wanted to cave his skull in.

Bo's face fell a little before she lit up, "I have barely fed off of her, a couple sips, here and there, and I am still fine! I will be fine."

Vex's leaned back as he considered that before asking, "How long since you and the Doc got all 'exclusive' exactly?"

Bo grumbled out, "A little over two months."

Vex's eyebrows shot up, he'd known they were banging clams but, "And you haven't fed off of anyone else?"

Bo shook her head stubbornly, "No."

Vex rocked back on his heels, wondering not for the first time at the mystery that was Lauren Lewis. Bo should have caved and fed off of someone a month ago, and if not, the Doc should have been dying or dead; instead they both seemed healthy and as disgustingly in love as ever.

Dyson interjected, "Did you say that Lauren had a woman over?"

Vex turned to glare at him, "What of it?"

The Wolf scowled back, "Fae or human?"

Vex waved a hand, "How the hell should I know, she didn't introduce herself while staring into the Doc's eyes."

Bo snatched the drink from Kenzi's hand and spat, "That's it. Come on Kenz, we're going to Lauren's."

She pulled the little human out of the bar behind her and Vex commented as he snagged her discarded beer, "Never seen a jealous succubus before."

The Wolf flinched a little, which was... interesting.

Bo stormed down the hall, bent on Lauren's apartment with Kenzi on her heels, "Bobalicious, please slow down. Mama was not meant to run in heels this tall." The succubus ignored Kenzi and ground to a halt in front of Lauren's door and raised her first to pound on the door.

The door opened after a few seconds and standing there was the tiny brunette Vex had been talking about. That he'd been telling the truth about that was galling, that the young Fae was wearing a pair of Lauren pjs was even more upsetting.

Behind her Kenzi muttered, "Robbing the cradle much HotPants?"

Hale's niece smiled at them, and stepped aside to usher them into the apartment and though she wasn't proud of it Bo used her powers to sweep the apartment for residual sexual energy. She sagged a little when she found none and then felt guilt almost knock the breath from her. She had no reason not to trust that Lauren would stay faithful. Really, Vex was right, how fair was it for her to expect Lauren to stay faithful when she knew she probably wouldn't be able to do that.

So far the chi she'd taken from Lauren had been enough, more than actually, after the sips she'd taken she'd actually felt as full as she'd ever felt after nearly draining Dyson, but that feeling of fullness scared her, so she'd done her best to avoid feeding from Lauren. The fact that Lauren tasted beyond delicious was another issue, and Bo couldn't help but fear that with Lauren her control might slip. Eventually she'd need to heal, and it wouldn't be safe to take what she needed from Lauren.

She shook off the worries for tomorrow and demanded of the far too comfortable muse, "Where's Lauren?"

The brunette blinked and then pointed upstairs, "Taking a shower."

Kenzi asked the next question she'd been thinking of, "Why the hell do you look like you're going to sleep here."

Rachel sat on the couch and replied, "Because I am."

Bo was a little gratified that Kenzi looked ready to punch the younger Fae as she demanded, "Why?!"

The muse shifted and spoke calmly, "We're waiting on test results and Lauren doesn't want me shimmering when I'm tired." She added a little smugly, "Uncle Hale knows I'm here."

Kenzi shook a finger in Rachel's face, "Look if you are planning on moving in on my BoBo's human I'll…" She paused before sneering, "I'll do something super mean and vicious. And I'll get away with it because Hale likes me best of all."

Rachel's eyebrow shot up, "I'm his niece, his favorite niece in fact. And I am not moving in on Lauren." She shook her head firmly and muttered, "Imagine explaining that to Quinn…"

Kenzi peered down at her through narrowed eyes until Lauren's voice rang out through the apartment, "Rachel! Who was at the door?"

Rachel called out, "Bo and Kenzi!"

A second passed and then Lauren was descending the stairs in a pair of sleep shorts and a t-shirt that Bo recognized as hers, which caused a possessive flare of lust to sweep through her as she eyed her girlfriend.

Lauren nodded to Kenzi, "Hello Kenzi," Before coming to stand in front of Bo and pulling her into a tight embrace. Bo relaxed into Lauren's hold and took in the thrum of energy that was pulsing through Lauren. She felt Lauren's hands slip under her jacket and then dip under her shirt, settling on her bare back.

Bo wrestled with the sexual energy that Lauren was throwing at her as she turned to look at Kenzi who was now seated next to Rachel. Both brunettes were watching her and Lauren with similar expressions of disinterest, though Rachel's smirk did have a softness to it that hinted at something else.

Quietly she spoke for Lauren's ears alone, "Good day?"

Lauren nuzzled her ear and murmured, "Not bad, could actually be perfect if you'd like to follow me upstairs."

From the couch Rachel piped up, "Don't mind us, there is a show I want to watch, and I can wait for the test results."

That seemed to penetrate Lauren's sex-kitten fog as she pulled away slightly to address Rachel, "Would you?"

The little muse shrugged, "I'm almost as curious as you are Lauren."

Lauren slipped out of Bo's grip entirely, moved to stand in front of Rachel, and to Bo's consternation her expression was gentle as she stared down at the muse, "Thank you Rachel, for everything, for bringing this to my attention."

Rachel nodded as she reached out to catch Lauren's hand, "I'm just glad… Well, I'm glad I could help." She dipped her head, "I'm sorry it wasn't better news."

Lauren shook her head firmly, "It's better this way Rachel, safer for me even."

To Bo surprise Rachel shot a quick glance her way as her face fell a little, "I know, I just…"

Lauren's whole body relaxed as cupped Rachel's chin, "I get it you know?"

Rachel cocked her head, "Get what?"

Lauren shrugged, "What she sees in you. I get it."

Lauren pulled away from the muse and spoke to Kenzi, "Night Kenzi, night Rachel." She grabbed Bo's hand and proceeded to drag her up the stairs while Bo kept shooting glances back at the muse who was still seated on Lauren's couch.

As they entered Lauren's bedroom the doctor shut the door firmly and began removing her shirt, "Should I be worried about the muse?"

Lauren paused and looked up from the buttons on her shirt, "Rachel? Worried about what?"

Bo wrestled with her jealousy as she considered her reply, "She… what's going on Lauren? Why is she even here? House calls are usually made by the doctor, not the patient."

Lauren's hands dropped from her shirt as she let out a sigh, "She isn't my patient Bo. She knows Lucy."

Bo blinked, "Your sister Lucy?"

Lauren nodded as an excited gleam lit her eyes, "Her severed spinal cord? Not a misdiagnosis as I'd originally assumed. Lucy is Fae."

Bo sat heavily on the bed as she stared up at Lauren, "Your little sister is Fae… what… what about you?"

Lauren ducked her head before lifting scared brown eyes to hers, "I… Bo…"

Kenzi watched as the muse shifted on Lauren's couch, making herself even more comfortable in Lauren's apartment. They'd been sitting in silence listening to the television for nearly an hour, and the lack of sex noises from above worried Kenzi. She let out a quiet huff and then scowled lightly when Rachel turned to look at her.

The muse spoke quietly, "I'm not a threat Kenzi. What Lauren and Bo have…"

Kenzi tensed as she all but hissed, "You've known Lauren for ten minutes Faebaby, and Bo for even less time, what makes you think you know anything about them?"

Rachel shrugged as she turned her attentions back to the television, "Muses possess minor empathic abilities, so that we know how to foster inspiration, and those two," She eyed the ceiling as a loud thump was heard and then the faint sounds of one of the women upstairs moaning which finally allowed Kenzi to relax, "Fairly radiated love, I've actually never seen anything like it except with my fathers, and they've been together for five hundred years." There was another deep moan and Rachel giggled, "The doctor obviously knows what she's doing…"

Kenzi turned to gape at Rachel, "How the hell do you know that that is Bo? I mean I know because I've had to listen to them Succu-bang like ten thousand times, but-"

Rachel smirked, "I have perfect pitch, and the tone isn't right to be Lauren, so, it must be Bo." She was quiet for a moment before chuckling, "I actually didn't believe a succubus was capable of such deep love."

Kenzi snapped out before she could sensor herself, "Bo is nothing like most Fae!"

Rachel's eyebrow shot up as she replied a little shortly, "On behalf of my species I feel like I should be insulted, but then I know how most Fae treat Humans so I suppose I can't blame you. Bo is decidedly different from any seduction Fae I've ever met."

Kenzi cocked her head, "Have you ever actually met another succubus?"

Rachel shook her head, "No, but I do know a morally ambiguous Incubus who will sleep with anything with breasts."

Kenzi rubbed her hands together as she drawled out, "Sounds like sour grapes…"

Rachel shook her head firmly, "Thankfully no, we did date for a little while, and he did feed but we never actually had sex, muses are hard to influence, or inspire against our will, and once I realized he was trying to dose me with his power to get me into bed it ruined his… appeal." She frowned heavily, "If it wouldn't infuriate his mother I'd remove his testicles."


Rachel leaned further into the couch and fairly growled, "He got a friend of mine pregnant, and considering that she was the president of the celibacy club at the time, I have no doubt he used his power on her."

Kenzi gaped at her, "What a Faebastard… if you ever do decide to cut his junk off, I'll lend you a knife."

Rachel nodded sourly, "What's worse? At the time he thought she was human, so she could have been killed if any of the elders found out about it. The only reason his mother kept quiet was the baby, by Fae law the child would have been killed as well."

Kenzi bobbed her head and then stalled, "Wait what? Thought she was human?"

Rachel beamed, "She's Fae! That's why I came to Lauren, so she could confirm that Quinn is actually Fae."

Kenzi huffed, "Huh…" She glanced at the ceiling again, "Good for her I guess."

Rachel tipped her head, "I just have to figure out how to break the news. I feel like I want to go tell her right now, but I think Lauren should decide."

Kenzi's rolled her shoulders as she stood to raid Lauren's fridge, "Why should HotPants decide?"

Rachel turned and for a long moment Kenzi felt like she was being studied before Rachel breathed, "Because Quinn is Lauren's sister."

Kenzi stopped dead and demanded, "HotPants has another sister?!" She waved a hand and rambled on, "I mean I knew about Lucy but another? Really!? You'd think she'd mention these things when we have our bonding moments as Bo's best girls!"

She glared at Rachel, as if it was her fault Lauren had more secrets than the CIA while the muse blinked at her and then shook her head, "No Kenzi, Lucy is Quinn, she used to go by Lucy, before Lauren 'died'," She made very heavy air quotations and then continued, "But now she goes by Quinn."

Kenzi narrowed her eyes, "Lucy is Quinn? You're sure?" Rachel nodded and Kenzi let out a tiny sigh before spinning back to the fridge, "Well, that's okay I guess." She heaved a heavier put upon sigh as she called out, "Lauren is kind of secretive. She doesn't really share much."

She turned to look at Rachel who had thrown up a hand, "Quinn is the same way! She is very closed off."

Kenzi hummed as she pulled out a carton of takeout, "Must be a family thing." She opened the carton and took a sniff before shuffling to Lauren's silverware drawer and retrieving a fork. As she made her way back to the couch she asked, "Do you have any pictures of Lucy slash Quinn?"

She plopped down next to Rachel and shoved a forkful of Thai food into her mouth with a happy grunt. She eyed Rachel as the muse fumbled with her phone.

"I have tons of pictures of Quinn," She beamed proudly, "We were in glee together and though we haven't always been close we are very close now."

Kenzi swallowed and ordered, "Well let me see them woman! I need to know if hotness runs in the family."

Rachel thumbed through her pictures and then handed the phone over. Kenzi gazed down at the gorgeous blonde who was smiling candidly in the picture and then looked up at Rachel.

She spoke flatly, "They are both unfairly hot."

Rachel nodded, "Indeed, I admit I was a little put out by how gorgeous both of them are, seems unfair to have such good genetics in one family."

Kenzi nodded absently as she looked at another picture before her head snapped up and she breathed, "Wait… if… if Lucy is Fae then Lauren…" She jumped from the couch and punched the air, "Yes! They can be together forever and Bo won't be alone! Yes!" She spun around excitedly, "This is like a fairytale."

Rachel caught her arm and Kenzi stalled as she took in the sad look the muse was giving her, "They're half sisters Kenzi, same mother, but a different father. Lauren is as human as you are."

Kenzi wilted as she felt her stomach knot, "That… what the hell…" She shook her head, "And I wasn't even jealous that Lauren would live forever…" She looked up at the ceiling balefully, "So… Lauren is still gonna die one day, like way before Bo?"

Rachel nodded minutely, "Yes."

Kenzi turned away from the muse and blinked back unexpected tears as she muttered, "Damnit… I am actually team Lauren." She wrapped her arms around her waist and turned back to look at Rachel, "I… know it sounds selfish… but I really hope I don't live to see her die." She looked at her feet and mumbled, "Bo freaks out if she gets a hangnail, so I can't imagine her reaction to a dead Lauren."

Rachel handed her the carton of food as Kenzi sank back down, "I found myself hoping that Lauren was Fae as well Kenzi, for Quinn's sake, as well as Bo's."

Kenzi nodded as she shoved another forkful of food into her mouth as another groan reverberated through the otherwise quiet apartment, "I guess it's good they're enjoying themselves now."

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