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Rachel perched on the couch as she watched her father tear through their house it what had to be the most visible display of nerves she'd ever seen from him. LeRoy Santiago, or Berry as he preferred, was a doctor of some renown, both in the Fae community and in the human world where he maintained his cover. He'd been alive for some of the great medical discoveries in history, he'd even had a hand in some of them, and yet he was running around the house like a chicken without a head as he cleaned and fretted over the visit of a human.

Rachel had no problem with that aspect of it, Lauren's humanness was not something she held against her, certainly she mourned it, mourned that the doctor, that Quinn's sister would someday die, sooner rather than later by Fae standards, but she did not look down on her because of it. She admired the woman for surviving amongst the Fae, for thriving in some ways, but she'd never understood the depths of her father's brain crush until the moment he demanded that a work space be set up for Lauren in their basement, in case she felt a stirring of genius and wanted to work. And so he could watch if she did.

Her father worshiped intelligence, and she hadn't been aware of just how brilliant Lauren must be until watching her father literally fanboy himself into a near coma.

To be perfectly honest, she'd have been less hysterical than him if Barbra had been coming to their house… Ok, that was a lie, but she didn't think she'd be any worse.

Her father Hiram voiced her very thoughts, "Honestly LeRoy, it isn't like she's Barbra…"

LeRoy spun to glare at Hiram as he hissed, "Has Barbra ever cured a Fae plague or discovered how to reduce the need to feed in lethal Fae? No she has not! Lauren Lewis, sorry Fabray, is a genius, she is singularly remarkable and so help me both of you better not do anything to offend her!"

Rachel pouted, "She likes me Dad, I promise."

Hiram held up his hands, "I love humans LeRoy. I was even willing to let my only daughter marry one…"

LeRoy rolled his eyes so hard it looked like they might pop out of their sockets, "You were planning to fake an epileptic seizure at the court house Hiram."

Hiram's whole body tensed as he hissed, "It. Would. Have. Worked!"

LeRoy was silent for a moment before snapping, "Fae don't suffer from epilepsy Hiram."

Hiram scowled as he muttered, "I bet your girlfriend told you that didn't she…"

LeRoy puffed up like a bullfrog, "If she was my girlfriend our offspring would be brilliant!"

Rachel nodded, completely used to her over dramatic fathers as she added, "And really pretty too dad."

LeRoy turned to offer her a smile before it fell away as he stared off into space, "Rachel… how would you feel about a sibling?"

Hiram threw up his hands, "You cannot be serious!"

LeRoy huffed before finally sitting down on the couch next to his daughter, "Of course I'm not serious Hiram, do I look like I want to be murdered by a Succubus?"

Rachel patted her dad's hand, "I'm sure if Bo wasn't around, Lauren wasn't completely in love with her and vice versa, and you weren't gay you'd be very happy together dad."

He leaned over and kissed her forehead, "This is why you're my favorite."

Hiram's eyebrows had crawled up his forehead as he shook his head, "I still cannot believe that a woman as brilliant as Lauren Fabray, formerly known as Lewis, is with a Succubus. A Succubus!"

Rachel shot back defensively, "She is nothing like Noah Daddy, and she really loves Lauren."

LeRoy heaved a great sigh, "I just wish she was Fae, it must be incredibly difficult for a Succubus to love a human. Not to mention, I'm a hundred percent certain that given enough time Dr. Fabray could cure cancer."

Rachel's watered just a little, "I know. She seemed to handle it alright though. She's very collected."

The three Berrys were quiet as they all shared a moment of sadness over the mortality of Lauren Fabray. It was peaceful if a little melancholy and then the doorbell rang.

LeRoy shot from his seat, "She's here!" He turned panicked eyes onto his husband and daughter, "What if she hates me? What if she thinks I'm stupid?"

Hiram stood and for once was the least dramatic of the pair as he assured, "You are just as brilliant as her LeRoy."

LeRoy gasped, almost affronted, "She'd have to get hit on the head and lose sixty IQ points for me to beat her at tic-tac-toe!"

Rachel stood and bypassed her suddenly squabbling (again) fathers. She headed for the door and threw it open with a flourish.

Only to stop dead as she came face to face with the wrong Fabray.


The blonde smiled at her softly, "Hey."

Rachel's whole body froze as she stared, "Quinn…"

Quinn frowned as she took a step forward, "Are you ok Rachel?"

It was an odd feeling, the sudden coldness that spread to her limbs as she swayed on the spot before blurting, "Movie!"

Quinn reared back, clearly alarmed at Rachel's sudden exclamation, "What?"

Rachel grabbed Quinn's hand and began tugging her down the steps, "I think we should go see a movie right now Quinn, I've been wanting to see… to see…" She wracked her brain but for the life of her couldn't think of a single movie so she improvised, "Something with you, just the two of us."

To her surprise Quinn's cheeks colored as she ducked her head, "Really?" The blonde cleared her throat, "I'd really like that Rachel."

Quinn's quiet voice and hopeful smile was so charming that Rachel was knocked from her manic terror for a moment before the sound of a car turning the corner made her startle like a deer. The car belonged to one of her neighbors but it could have been Lauren, Bo, and Kenzi so she began leading Quinn from the house again.

The blonde resisted, "Rach, you aren't wearing shoes."

Rachel stifled a curse that wanted to explode from her lips before she ordered, "Wait for me in the car while I get my purse and a pair of shoes. I'll be less than a minute so start the car."

Quinn nodded slowly and turned to head for her car as Rachel bolted for the house. She scooped up a pair of shoes from by the door and snatched her purse from its hook.

She bellowed, "I'm going to a movie with Quinn!"

LeRoy popped out from the leaving room, "Now?!"

Rachel nodded hysterically as she gasped out, "She is here, right now! I have to go." She spun on her heel and tore from the house. She threw herself into Quinn's car and snapped her seatbelt on after dropping her shoes to the floor in the front seat, as she ordered, "Let's go."

Quinn pulled from the driveway after a quick look at Rachel.

Rachel sighed in relief as they started down the road and then almost passed out as a large SUV turned the corner. The white vehicle was large and imposing and the sort of SUV that the light Fae were so fond of. Sure enough, sitting in the driver's seat was Bo. To Rachel's relief the blonde head in the back seat was turned away and slumped against the window, which lead Rachel to believe that Lauren must have fallen asleep at some point. Kenzi lifted her hand to wave only to notice Quinn in the car.

Rachel watched as the SUV was suddenly shooting past them as Kenzi yelled something and Bo quite obviously pressed down on the gas.

Rachel chanced a look at Quinn and sagged into her seat as Quinn offered her a relaxed smile as she continued to drive the car, having noticed nothing. Rachel rubbed a tired hand over her forehead and lamented her lack of valium.

This whole thing would be much easier when she wasn't hiding things from Quinn.

Bo pulled the SUV into the driveway after a quick look at the address to make sure she had the right one before turning to look at Lauren who was sleeping in the backseat. The Doctor was slumped over and her nose was wrinkled slightly as she slept.

Her hands twitched and she muttered something that Bo couldn't make out.

Kenzi slipped from the vehicle with a hiss, "Ow, I hate long car rides BoBo."

Bo nodded absently as she hurried to Lauren's door and opened it gently. She caught Lauren's head before she could slip out of the car and brushed her hair back as Lauren blinked awake with a sudden, almost cat-like stretch.

She rubbed at her eyes, "Bo?"

Bo smiled softly as Lauren's arms wrapped around her waist, "Yup."

Lauren's face was buried in her neck as she asked, "Are we here?"

"Yeah… you okay to get down?" Bo waited patiently as Lauren breathed into her neck, obviously still fighting sleep.

Finally Lauren nodded into her neck and moved her legs to slide from the vehicle. Bo was perfectly content to guide her girl from the car before letting her slump against the side to retrieve their bags.

Bo hefted both hers and Lauren's while Kenzi glared at her, "Just leave it there Kenz, I'll come back for it."

Kenzi nodded firmly and dropped her overly filled bag onto the driveway, "Super BFF powers are totally equal to awesome girlfriend orgasm powers."

Bo paused before replying, "They really aren't."

Kenzi heaved a great sigh as she looped through Lauren's to lead the sleepy doctor to the front door, "I know." She threw a light scowl at Lauren, "Be glad you make my bestie so happy with your super vag."

Lauren nodded a tiredly, "Ok…"

Kenzi exchanged a look with Bo, "Tired Lauren is almost as dumb as us mere mortals."

Bo shook her head, "She can still answer every science question you ask her, and she'll still correct you if you're wrong."

Lauren whined a moment later, "Stop teasing me when I don't have enough cognitive function to properly defend myself."

Bo smiled fondly at her best girls as Kenzi rolled her eyes and Lauren pouted sleepily.

The front door was flung open, startling all three women as a talk black man stood in the doorway and stared at Lauren.

Bo tensed almost unconsciously, used to just how horribly some Fae treated humans, and moved to stand in front of Lauren and Kenzi, her lip curling back into a slight snarl almost against her will.

The man was completely unaware of Bo's sudden hostility as he suddenly jerked forward before catching himself and rocking back on his heels. Bo took a moment to read his face and was surprised to see that there wasn't a trace of hostility or disgust on his face; instead he looked like he was meeting a movie star or a particularly famous athlete.

As Bo lead Lauren and Kenzi up the steps he burst out, "Dr. Fabray! I have to say that it is an honor to meet you! I was blown away by your paper on the treatment of lethal feeding Fae and how to counter the need to kill! If you could just explain to me how you came to understand that it was an imbalance in chi that lead to one Fae being lethal and another being non lethal?"

Bo and Kenzi both blinked as Lauren's whole body shifted and the residual sleep was banished from her eyes as she opened her mouth to reply, "I-"

Her statement was cut off by another man who pushed past the one in the door, "LeRoy, invite them in before you jump on Dr. Fabray!" The one who'd just spoke hurried past them and yanked Kenzi bag up from the driveway and moved back up the steps.

Lauren ducked her head and spoke, "Please, Lauren. Call me Lauren."

The black man, LeRoy, who must be Hale's brother, squeaked and turned to his husband, "Hiram, she wants me to call her Lauren!"

Hiram rolled his eyes, "She wants us both to call her Lauren dear."

LeRoy's pout was swift and heavy, "You've never written a scientific paper."

Hiram tried to cross his arms, forgetting he was holding Kenzi's bag before huffing, "Are you saying I am too dumb for her to want to speak to me?"

LeRoy blanched before replying, "Of course not sweetheart, you are very smart, just not in a science way."

Bo shrugged, wanting to cut off any potential marital strife "I'm not either, but I do think she's really, really hot when she talks all doctor-y." She felt her eyes hood as she turned to Lauren and purred, "Talk science to me baby…"

Lauren let out a laugh as her arm went around Bo's waist and she husked, "Mmm… How about I tell you all about my efforts to prevent dehydration during our more… physical moments?"

Bo nuzzled Lauren's neck as Kenzi squawked in the background, "BoBo! HotPants! Do not make me get the squirt bottle, we are meeting new people, keep it in your pants for five minutes!"

It was Lauren that pulled away, and though she didn't like being succu-blocked by Kenzi, Bo actually liked that Lauren could break through her thrall, "I apologize, Mr. Santiago and Mr. Berry."

LeRoy waved a hand, "Please Lauren, call us LeRoy and Hiram," He pressed a hand to his chest, "I insist."

Hiram smirked and added, "And while my husband is busy fawning over his crush you two can call us LeRoy and Hiram as well."

Bo narrowed her eyes, mostly playfully, "Just so long as it stays a crush…"

LeRoy blinked at her before turning to Hiram and announcing, "You see Hiram I told you, you have nothing to worry about. Succubi are territorial by nature and I can only imagine that in a Succubus who has chosen a mate that need to guard one's territory might increase tenfold."

Lauren turned to frown at her, "Am I your territory?"

Bo shook her head, "No…" She tacked on a second later, "You're just mine." She smiled softly and offered, "Just like I'm yours."

Lauren gave her a shy grin even as LeRoy cut in a little louder than he likely intended, "Hiram… a Succubus attempting monogamy. I haven't even heard of one since the wife of the Architect was killed."

Bo's head shot up at the mention of Trick and the grandmother she knew very little about. She knew of course that her grandmother must have been a Succubus just like Aoife, but beyond that she'd been named for her she knew next to nothing.

"The wife of the Architect was able to stay faithful?" She hoped she didn't sound too hopeful, but she couldn't help the squeeze she gave Lauren's hand.

LeRoy shrugged, "So far as I know. A single Fae could theoretically sustain a Succubus if the chi was potent enough, though the only Fae with chi potent enough to sustain that kind of regular feeding would be Blood Sages and…" He snapped his fingers as if trying to summon the answer into his mind.

Lauren finished for him quietly, "Seraphim LeRoy."

He clapped his hands, "Seraphim! That's it! But then the last seraphim line is extinct, has been since the last of the Breenwald's of the Dark Fae so it's hardly relevant."

Bo felt Lauren tense as she stuttered, "H-How long ago was that?"

LeRoy frowned as he tried to remember, "Hmm… Let me think…" He closed his eyes and his fingers twitched as if he was flipping through files before he finished, "The last of them disappeared after a… snafu with a Dark Fae fugitive about 30 years ago," He snapped his fingers, "Give or take a couple of years."

Lauren gulped, "Snafu?"

He nodded absently as he ushered them into the house, "Yes, apparently the Dagda ordered the whole family purged." He shrugged, "Not sure what came of it though since the Dark tend not to air their dirty laundry."

Bo wrapped an arm around Lauren's waist and pulled her closer as the Doctor paled, "The Dagda?"

Lauren responded distantly, "Like the Morrigan, one of the leaders in one of the counties."

Hiram and LeRoy lead the three women into the living room and Bo watched as Lauren was ushered into a chair by LeRoy. She smirked as he ran to the kitchen to get Lauren a glass of tea only to get scolded a moment later by his husband when he failed to offer the same to her or Kenzi.

Bo settled on the arm of Lauren's chair and tangled her hand in Lauren's hair as Kenzi drawled, "Wow… nerd crush."

Bo nodded, "Right?"

Hiram held up his hands, "I am sorry about LeRoy, he's been a fan of Lauren's since the Ash brought her in."

Lauren shook her head as she replied, "It's nice. To be respected for my abilities rather than judged as incompetent as a human."

Hiram smiled a little sadly, "I would imagine so. LeRoy was very impressed with all of your papers and your work in the Congo."

Bo was charmed as Lauren's cheeks tinted pink, "I've always been grateful for my aptitude for science and medicine."

LeRoy breezed in with a tray of glasses and a bowl of snacks which Kenzi commandeered as he spoke, "Do not let this woman fool you, she is a genius."

Kenzi crammed a handful of chips into her mouth as Bo spoke, "I know. The good Doctor's brains have saved my life more than once. They saved the entire Fae world too."

Lauren shook her head, "No, all I did was stabilize Lachlan's venom. You're the one who stabbed the Garuda."

Bo rolled her eyes, "Don't be modest Lauren, you and Kenzi… you save the world every day. You save me every day."

Bo watched as both Lauren and Kenzi melted, shooting her beaming grins before Kenzi ordered, "She deserves orgasms for that Doc."

Lauren actually smiled before faltering, "You didn't mean now did you?"

Kenzi eyed Bo before replying, "She can wait."

Bo leveled a glare that clearly stated Kenzi would have been shoved on her ass if she'd been sitting near her before speaking, "So… Quinn showed up?"

LeRoy took a sip of tea before answering, "Yes. Rachel panicked and demanded they go see a movie. To be honest I think Quinn likes being bossed around by Rachel."

Lauren hummed, "She finds it charming."

Hiram and LeRoy both stared at her as she shrugged, "Messages from Lucy… I've listened to every one of them."

LeRoy shivered, "So… then a… relationship isn't out of the question between the two of them? My grandkids could have the potential to be as smart as Lauren?" He beamed at the thought.

Hiram muttered a moment later, "Grandkids who were half Incubi would have been preferable to half half-wit human grandkids." He held up a hand, "It isn't the human part I object to mind you, but the half-wit part."

LeRoy glared at him, "Don't even joke about that. Noah was lucky with Quinn but he will clearly sleep with anything with breasts." He nodded towards Bo, "Lauren is clearly the Fabray with better taste in seduction Fae partners." He rubbed his hands together, "If Rachel and Quinn got married Lauren would be like our daughter."

Lauren blushed hotly as Hiram spoke, "Actually, Quinn would be like our daughter, Lauren would just be Rachel's sister-in-law."

He was skewered by LeRoy's vicious reply, "Do not ruin this for me. I can't marry her myself, and she is clearly in love with the Succubus otherwise I'd throw Rachel at her, so Rachel will marry Quinn and Lauren will be family." He waved his hands dramatically, "I need this Hiram."

Bo stared at the two men for a long moment before changing the subject abruptly, "So… How does everyone think I should approach the whole Fae issue with Quinn?"

She was met with looks from everyone but it was Lauren's sudden lost expression that called to her as focused on her girl.

Quinn smiled at her mother as they sat down to lunch in what was becoming a routine for them this summer now that she didn't have school. She had enjoyed her da- her outing with Rachel the day before, though Rachel had been very jumpy during the whole thing and had been insistent on going to dinner afterward, where they'd stayed so late that by the time Quinn had dropped Rachel off she'd been forced to forgo any time at the Berry residence in favor of getting home before curfew. It was just as well, considering the SUV that had been parked in Rachel's driveway that clearly did not belong to any of the Berrys.

Rachel had stuttered something about family before bolting from the vehicle after pressing a kiss on Quinn's cheek. She wasn't ashamed to admit that she'd grinned stupidly the whole drive home.

She knew her mother was curious about Quinn's sunny mood at lunch considering they'd both been operating under a cloud of gloom since the anniversary. Quinn felt the sudden guilt that came with being happy when remembering Lauren before she shook her head firmly and told herself that Lauren would have been proud of her for finally being Rachel's friend. Lauren would have loved Rachel and considering her big sister's own tastes she'd have been supportive. She frowned after a moment as she was struck with profound sadness. If Lauren had been alive she wouldn't hesitate to tell her mother that she was in love with a girl because Lauren would be there if her mother kicked her out. She'd be there.

She scowled as her sunny mood was banished before stabbing her fork into the pork chop her mother had made, "I miss Lauren…"

Her mother stiffened before she whispered, "So do I Quinnie."

Quinn wasn't proud of the part of her that would trade the entire Glee club except for Rachel and including Schue if it meant Lauren would be alive. Santana, Britt, Mercedes, and even Puck, the father of her daughter, she'd throw them all under a bus if it meant Lauren would be back.

She eyed her mother, on a bad day, a really bad day she'd do the same to both her mother and father if it meant having Lauren instead. She flushed, feeling bad for even thinking it as she took a bite of carrot and sat silently, suddenly willing lunch to just be over. Maybe after she could escape to Rachel's?

After lunch she'd helped her mother do the dishes, still feeling bad about her earlier uncharitable thoughts before she'd headed for the door, intent on making a beeline for Rachel's house. She was shrugging on her cardigan when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" She yelled out, hoping that it was one of her mother's friends so that she could still make her escape after letting them in. She opened the door and stopped dead as she stared at Rachel Berry who was standing on her doorstep smiling nervously. What threw Quinn off were the two brunettes flanking Rachel. Both were beautiful, the smaller one had bright blue eyes that were twinkling merrily, while the other one was… very well endowed. Enough so that Quinn was forced to jerked her eyes away from her chest in order to focus on Rachel.

Rachel who rocked back on her heels and asked, "Can we come in Quinn?"

Quinn nodded slowly as she stepped aside, "Sure Rach… who are your friends?"

Rachel stepped into the house followed by the two strangers as she introduced them, "This is Kenzi," She waved a hand towards Blue eyes, and then paused before, "And this… this is Bo." She stressed this introduction, nodding towards the other brunette with a gentle smile that set Quinn's teeth on edge. Both women were staring at her though, more intensely than she'd have thought possible.

Bo spoke firmly, "Is your mother here L-Quinn."

Quinn narrowed her eyes as she replied, "Yes…" It was almost as if Bo had almost called her something else.

Rachel moved past her and Bo and Kenzi followed. Quinn watched as Rachel and her… her friends settled in the living room before Quinn called out, "Mom! Can you come here for a second?"

Her mother came into the living room, tea towel in hand, "Who was at the door Quinnie?"

Kenzi and Bo both giggled and Quinn was sure she heard one of them repeat the embarrassing name as she answered her mother with a glare thrown at them, "Rachel and some of her friends."

Rachel smiled as she spoke firmly, "Why don't you both have a seat?"

Quinn sat more promptly than she was proud of, used to obeying Rachel when she used her bossy diva voice while her mother sat reluctantly and demanded, "What is going on?"

Rachel folded her hands and took a deep breath before speaking evenly, "Ms. Fabray, we are here today because we know that Quinn is Fae, and we-"

Her next words were cut off as her mother shot from her seat and then did something that made her scramble for cover.

Her mother snarled and flung her hand out, flinging what could only be called a fireball in the general direction of Rachel and her friends with a shriek "Get out of my house! I won't let you purge this family!"

From the floor behind the couch where Bo had tackled Rachel and Kenzi she heard a yelped, "Oh shit!" Right before her mother flung yet another fireball.

Quinn ducked as she heard Kenzi yell, "I thought the Doc said daddy was the dragon?"

Bo yelled back, "Clearly she was wrong!"

Kenzi's reply was swift and just as loud, "Call her! Get her here now BoBo!"

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