AN: Another longer-than-it-was-supposed-to-be fill for a prompt. This time: 'spies' as prompted by maeleene on Tumblr. There will be more to this.

Guardian Angel

It was the dead of winter, and the narrow street was empty. From an alley next to an official looking building, emerged a young man. His clothing was nondescript; a simple, dark blue winter coat, jeans, combat boots, and a dark grey newsy cap. He pulled his hat down over his eyes as he looked up and down the road. He sighed in relief as he thrust his hands into his pockets and whistled nonchalantly.

'Uh, Dean?' a voice crackled over his earpiece.

Dean sagged. 'Yeah?' he quietly replied.

'You've got company.'

Dean cringed as he heard footsteps quickly approaching from the alley. 'Shit!' He hurried to the next alleyway and ran down it. He cautiously peeked around the corner. The new street was not empty, but there weren't enough people for him to lose his pursuers. He kept an open eye as he walked out of the alley. He began heading in the direction of his rendezvous point, hoping his luck would hold out. A quick glance behind filled him with relief. No one was following him. He grinned to himself as he looked forward.

And immediately felt his stomach drop. A small group of guards had just rounded the corner ahead of him. What could he do? Would they recognize him? Did they suspect? He couldn't start running. Not now. And simply turning around would draw too much attention. They were going to see him. He was going to get caught and tortured. Killed, if he was lucky.

His eyes darted around, looking for something he could use. He noticed a dark haired man heading in his direction. For a moment, Dean was struck by how attractive he found the man. It was a shame he wouldn't be able to hit him up for a drink. His mind formed a plan. A pretty stupid plan, but a plan nonetheless. He had seen it done a hundred times in the movies and on TV. It probably wouldn't work, but at least he'd get to go down kissing a sexy stranger.

Dean opened his arms wide and grinned at the man in the tan over coat. 'Liebling!' he happily greeted.

The man looked up at Dean, clearly alarmed.

Dean's breath caught at the sight of bright, blue eyes. He grabbed the man by the shoulders and pushed him up against a building. Before the man could object, Dean pressed forward and kissed him. He felt the man stiffen then slowly relax. He teased at the man's lips with his tongue, eventually coaxing them open. He ran his hands through dark hair, pulling a soft moan from his hostage. He lightly nipped at the man's tongue as it darted into his mouth.

He felt a tap on his shoulder. Dean clenched his eyes shut. Well, it was fun while it lasted. He sighed and looked over his shoulder. He shrank at the glare he received from the guard.

His Czech wasn't the best, but he got the gist: 'Knock it off.'

He grinned sheepishly at the guard and rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. 'Promiňte…'

He sighed in relief as the guard left, following after the rest. He turned back to the man he had cornered, taking in the shocked stare and brightly blushing cheeks. 'Sorry about that,' he apologized. He leaned back in a stole another kiss. 'And thanks.'

With that, he jogged off. After a few blocks, a small car pulled up beside him. He looked over and grinned at the driver, who was much too tall for the tiny car. 'Heya, Sammy!'

Sam glowered up at Dean. 'Did you get it?' he asked.

Dean rolled his eyes as he got into the passenger seat. 'Yeah, yeah. I got the file,' he replied. He pulled a flashdrive from his pocket and waved it at Sam. 'No thanks to you.'

Sam frowned and pulled the car into traffic. 'I gave you a specific route,' he said. 'It's not my fault you can't follow directions.'

Dean clicked his tongue as he pulled out his earpiece. 'It's not my fault they changed the guards' rotation!' he shot back.

Sam shook his head. 'Let's just get the damn thing to Bobby.'

Dean nodded in agreement as he looked out the window. He regretted not getting his kissing buddy's phone number. Not that it mattered. He and Sam would be out of the country by nightfall.