AN: I've seen a couple spy movies…and shows, but I don't remember what they did in them. So…not much spy stuff will be happening. Maybe little brief snippets that get heavily glossed over.

Guardian Angel

A month had passed since Dean's close call. Now, the two brothers were on assignment in Italy. It was a simple assignment: meet up with their contact and get the unpublicized blueprints on their next target.

Dean sat on the cushions lining the bay window of his hotel room. The window looked out on a small market square. They had another five hours to wait until their appointed meeting, so Dean was entertaining himself by watching the people pass by under his window.

He had already decided the plump girl tending the stall with the baked goods was destined to marry the fish monger's son. His eyes drifted over the crowd in front of a stall full of fresh produce, settling on a young girl struggling to carry several bags. He winced as she lost her grip, and the bags and their contents fell to the ground.

He felt bad for the girl as she hurried to collect everything before the crowd around her could trample her food. And then a man in a tan overcoat stooped down and helped her. Dean frowned as he stared at the man. Dark hair, dark suit, tan coat… Was it the same man he had kissed nearly a month ago?

Dean kept his eye on the man as he stumbled over to his bag, tripping over the coffee table in the process. He pulled out a set of binoculars and rushed back to his perch. For a moment, he thought he had lost the man, but quickly found him again, speaking to the plump baker girl. Looking through the binoculars, he could only see the back of the man's head.

'Turn around, dammit!' Dean shouted in frustration. His breath caught as the man did turn around, a soft smile on his face as he handed a small pastry to the young girl he had helped.

Dean could just make out blue eyes, and he grinned to himself. It was the same person! His smile fell as he actually thought about it. He slumped back and rested the binoculars on his knee. So what? Some hot European guy runs around Europe. So what if Dean had kissed the mystery man? So what if he had kissed back? The most Dean could ever hope for would be a drink and a one night stand. Not the worst outcome, to be sure.

But…with his track record, he couldn't really afford to have flings. Or any sort of a real relationship. They always ended up being spies themselves, kidnapped, or worse, killed. His last girlfriend had ended up in the witness protection program.

He sighed as he watched the man leave the market. He really hoped the man wasn't another spy. He was sick of all the pretty eye candy rival and enemy organizations sent his way.


For once, everything went off without a hitch. Sam was already pouring over the blueprints, and Dean had found a nightclub to party in. Dean had no recollection of how he made it back to his hotel room, so he deemed it a good night.

In the morning, they were on their way to Spain. They would be meeting up with one of their own. Dean flipped through the images and information on his phone. He grinned as he recognized the other agent.

'Hey! We're teamin' up with Jo! Cool,' Dean said with a smile.

Sam nodded in agreement. 'You're going in as a married couple to scope out the bank.'

'Check out the security, anything not listed on the blueprints… Yeah, Sammy, I know how to scope out a place,' Dean replied in annoyance. 'You don't need to remind me every single fucking time.'

Sam rolled his eyes with a huff. 'Maybe if you did your job right, I wouldn't have to remind you.'

'Maybe if you did your job right, I wouldn't have to improvise,' Dean snipped back.

Sam stared ahead as his grip on the steering wheel tightened. He refused to be baited by Dean. Again.


Dean left the bank with a pretty blonde. He stretched his arms behind himself as he grinned to his partner. 'You should wear that top more often, Jo,' he said. 'Great distraction.'

Jo lightly punched Dean in the arm. 'Shut up!' She looped her arm through his and leaned her head on his shoulder as they descended the steps. 'You set everything up all right?'

Dean nodded as his eyes swept over the street. Across the street, sat a man in tan overcoat, reading the local paper. Dean stopped in his tracks and stared. His breath caught as he recognized the man. 'What the fuck,' he whispered.

'Dean?' Jo gave Dean a little shake.

Dean quickly glanced to Jo and back at the man, but he was gone. He cast his gaze around, but found no trace of the man. Had he imagined it?

'Hey! Are you okay?' Jo asked in a hushed tone. 'You look like you've seen a ghost.'

Dean slowly shook his head. 'No…I… I'm good. Just thought I saw someone I knew.' He gave Jo a reassuring smile. 'It's nothing. Really. Looked like someone I dated in high school,' he lied effortlessly.


Dean was seeing the blue-eyed man everywhere. Now that he was actually looking, he always caught a glimpse of the man in the background. He always wore the same suit and coat, so Dean didn't even have to try to recognize him. He just jumped right out.

Dean was beginning to wonder if he was going crazy or if the man was a ghost. But that wasn't possible. He had to be a spy. Probably some rookie sent to follow him and Sam on their missions. But, every time Dean went to confront the man, he was never there. Eye contact was never made, so Dean couldn't send him any threatening gestures. Or obscene ones. The more he saw the man on the streets, the more Dean saw of him in his dreams. It was getting ridiculous.


Dean stared at his reflection in the mirror and wondered if he would catch sight of his mystery man that night. He adjusted his cufflinks and momentarily wished he could sit in the van while Sam shmoozed with their target. Getting a bug on the drug lord wouldn't be a problem, it would be coming up with an excuse to get away from her. And what if she took to him? Ms. Skrims was known for liking the younger men. Dean shuddered at the thought.

He voiced his concerns to Sam on their way to the museum gala. Sam assured Dean that he had an exit strategy worked out. All Dean had to do was give a key phrase.

Dean sighed heavily as Sam dropped him off a little ways from the museum entrance. He was not looking forward to that night.

He got in with no problem. No weapons to sneak in. Just a bug hidden within his watch, and a small earpiece that went undetected. The moment he was in the main hall, he began seeking out his target, which was a lot easier than he thought it would be. She found him. An older woman of around fifty, but she looked at least sixty—probably from sampling the goods, Dean thought to himself. She reeked of a floral perfume and wore heavy makeup. Dean noted how it looked like she had bleached her hair that morning.

Dean had smiled charmingly and offered his hand as he asked her to dance. Having to hold Ms. Skrims so close made Dean wished he never had to smell anything ever again. At least it made his job of planting the bug easier. He reached up and touched one of her earrings, saying how lovely they were and how well they framed her face. The small bug stuck to the earring and Dean smiled to himself.

The dance ended and he escorted her off the dance floor. He thought that would be the end of it, but she insisted on sharing a drink, signaling to one of her bodyguards. Dean groaned internally, but put on a brave face and conversed with her.

His eyes drifted across the crowd as Ms. Skrims went on about her mansion and the young men that worked for her. He could hear Sam in his ear, commenting on how Dean should accept the woman's offer for a position. It would certainly make it easier to infiltrate her home and get more information.

Dean ignored his brother's voice and was about to signal him for his out when someone caught his eye. There, in a far corner, was the man in the tan overcoat. Dean almost didn't recognize him. He was in a tuxedo and looked very sharp. Even the post-sex hair was tamed.

Dean swallowed as his eyes traveled over his dreams' obsession. He turned his attention back to Ms. Skrims. 'I'm so sorry, Ms. Skrims, but I believe I just located my husband!' he said. He took her hand in his and raised it to his lips. 'It was a pleasure meeting you while I waited.'

Ms. Skrims brought her other hand to her mouth and blinked rapidly at the new information. 'Oh! Oh, yes. That explains so much!' She smiled as she leered at Dean. 'Your husband is a lucky man… Will you introduce us?'

Dean was very proud at himself for keeping his panic from showing. Even Sam was asking what he was doing. He escorted Ms. Skrims towards the man. He was going to get himself killed. He just knew it.

'Liebling!' he greeted, stopping a few feet away. Shocked blue eyes looked up to meet his. 'Liebling, this is Scarlet Skrims, one of the most beautiful and interesting women here,' he said.

Ms. Skrims held her hand out to the confused man. 'Your husband is quite the dancer. I'm sorry I kept him from you for so long.'

Dean held his breath as the man just stared at the offered hand. His smile was frozen, and he was certain his unease was beginning to show. Blue eyes flicked over to his and back to Ms. Skrims.

'It is quite all right,' he said, taking Ms. Skrims' hand and placing a delicate kiss on her gloved hand. 'I must thank you for keeping him entertained. My sister has not been well, and I lose track of time quite easily.'

'Quite understandable…?'


'Jimmy.' Ms. Skrims' eyes took in Jimmy and drifted over to Dean. 'I can't help but notice that neither of you are wearing wedding rings.'

Dean could have sworn his heart stopped. Ms. Skrims was a lot smarter than he gave her credit for. Then again, she was a drug lord that had evaded the law for well over half her life.

Jimmy looked down, shifting in embarrassment. 'I…I like being called his husband,' he quietly replied. 'Where we live…same-sex marriage has not been legalized…yet.' He looked back up at Ms. Skrims, his eyes shining with hope.

Dean was flabbergasted. Spy. Definitely another spy. Fuck. His mind was too busy repeating the words that he missed Ms. Skrims' apology. He snapped back to reality and sidled up to James. 'I hope you don't mind,' he said to Ms. Skrims, 'but I'd really like to share a dance with Jimmy right now.'

Ms. Skrims nodded and excused herself, setting her sights on the next pretty, young thing that crossed her path.

Dean pulled Jimmy onto the dance floor, only meeting a small amount of resistance. He faced the other man and pulled him in close, earning a small gasp. As much as he wanted to see what other sounds Jimmy could make, he had other priorities. He dropped his smile and glared at Jimmy. 'Why the fuck are you following me?' he growled.