Hey Guys so I'm Back :), I know it's been awhile and for those who were reading my other story, I'm not sure when, but eventually I'll finish it when i have interest in the anime...but since I'm not, I'm just going to do a story on the Swan Princess, which is still my most favorite movie from when i was 5 lol...so this is my version! I Do not own The Swan Princess not at all..but I'm a huge fan of it lol...So Please Tell me what you think of it...Review and rate..message me..whatever lol...but please enjoy the story! :) much love to you all !

Chapter 1: Odette's Birth and Ariella's Passing

Today was one of the most happiest yet saddest days in King Williams life, Why? It's because his wife gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl who was named Odette. He finally had an heir. A Maid came out of the room holding a pink bundle that held the baby and gently shifted the baby into the Kings arms, with a smile he showed the whole kingdom their Princess. A shout of joy broke through out the crowd, Looking back he saw the same maid come out of the birthing room with a fallen face " My Lord, Lady Ariella won't make it, She is struggling to keep awake, she wants to speak to you." She said in a sad tone. King Williams face fell, loss clutched at his heart, glancing down at his daughter he felt sadness, because he knew that she will never know her mother. King William walked toward the maid and handed Odette to her " Feed Her.I need a few moments." Was all he said as he walked into the room in which his Wife had given birth, there on the bed laid her fragile body, her long golden hair that fell in waves was spread out like a fan beneath her over the pillow, her face was ashen and shined with sweat ,Her eyelids was closed.

"Ariella." He breathed, slowly her eyelids flicked open, those indigo eyes were tired but bright.

"William." She said with a weak smile.

King William walked to the bed where his wife laid and grabbed her fragile hands in his strong ones, he tried to hold his tears back but they wouldn't stay.

"Will. Do not cry." her musical voice said in a soothing tone.

" Do not cry? Ariella! Good heavens, your dying."

Ariella winced slightly " It's worth it." She said softly.

William raised his head and met her eyes with his own.

"Will, having Odette is the greatest thing that has ever happened to us and our kingdom," She said but took a small pause, her face scrunched up in pain, when a few seconds passed she gave a comforting smile " Odette, she holds a promising and interesting future. She will have have obstacles in her way but she will over come it. The only thing that saddens me is that I will never hold her again, I can't help her grow up, but you can."

William nodded silently.

Ariella took a painful breath " Will, I don't have much time, bring me my daughter. I want to say goodbye." She said.

William nodded and gave one of the chambermaids a pleading look, one of them nodded an ran out the room, skirts in hand.

"Curse this body of mine, if it was stronger, then I could-" She broke off as another spasm of pain went through her.

" Don't think that way Ariella, you are strong in your own ways."

Ariella let out a small laugh but stopped when she heard a small 'cooing' sound, as fast as she could, Ariella adjusted her pillows and pulled her self up into a sitting position with her arms held out to the chambermaid, who gently handed Odette into her waiting arms.

Ariella let out a sad laugh " My Beautiful Odette,Forgive me." She said placing a small kiss on The giggling baby's forehead " I'll be watching over you, now and always." She glanced up at William " Come, I want to go with a happy memory."

William smiled through his tears as he raised up from his place on the floor and climbed up on the bed beside her, arms around her.

"William." She said after a couple of minutes, her voice sounded sleepy.

" Yes Ariella?." He responded.

"I Can't hold on to her much more, will you hold her until.." She trailed off.

"Yes." William nodded and gently grabbed Odette from her mother's weak arms.

With a smile Ariella leaned back onto her pillows, one hand holding her husbands, slowly her eyes began to close,She died a few breaths later with a smile on her face.