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Chapter 4: Fights and Farewells.

The Prince and Princess had grown closer over the first 3 months but then things had gone down hill, they had fights. Odette would jump on him and slammed her fist on his chest, while he would turn around and yank her hair.

Odette managed to free herself from his grasp " Prince Derek, You are a Conceited jerk!'' She said with venom and spun on her heel, she ran down the halls.

Derek gave an annoyed sound and went after her, he chased her down until she was near her room "Your A Brat!" He screamed. Odette stopped near her door, when she turned to face him rage glowed in her eyes " Your so immature Prince Derek!." was all she said and the sound of the door slamming echoed.

"Bratty Girl." He grumbled as he went off into another direction.

The next day at breakfast King William announced that he and Odette will leave by high noon.

Queen Uberta had a sad expression " Will we see you next year?" she asked.

King William nodded " Of Course, Next year you and Prince Derek are coming, are you not?."

Queen Uberta laughed " Silly me of course we are."

Odette stayed silent as she finished her breakfast, she was sitting across of Prince Derek and didn't feel like looking at him, so instead she looked down at her blue dress , her head was hurting.

"Father?" She asked.

King William looked at her " May I be excused?"

King William frowned " Are you sick Odette?"

Odette looked down " Not at all, it's just my head."

King William looked down in concern " Maybe we'll leave after breakfast instead." He said looking to Queen Uberta " Odette may need alot of rest."

Queen Uberta nodded.

Derek did nothing but watched Odette, she wouldn't look up. Derek made a silent scoff 'She's a strong girl.'

When breakfast was over with, Odette walked out the castle and went to the gardens

She had only a few moments until they left, glancing around one last time Odette committed each flower and butterflys to memory.

"Don't space out princess. Someone might jump you." Came Derek's Sarcastic retort.

Odette sighed " Yes my prince, Whatever you say." she said, turning to face him.

Derek's face betrayed no emotion, his blue eyes were hard and cold.

"Odette!" Her father called for her " The carriage is ready, it's time to say our goodbyes."

Odette turned in the direction her father called " I'm coming!" she shouted and turned to face Derek, she walked up to him slowly and then when she was near him she tiptoed up and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

"Farewell Derek." She said with a smile and then took off running, she stopped behind a wall and took a deep breath as she stepped out from behind and walked towards where the king and queen was standing.

" Are you ready Odette?." Her father asked.

"I am."

"Very well, say good bye Odette."

Odette looked towards the Queen " Good Bye Queen Uberta." She said as she picked up her skirts and did a curtsy.

" Good bye dear one."

Odette looked up " I will be waiting to see you next year."

Queen Uberta smiled and then frowned slightly " Where's Derek?"

"Over here " His voice said from behind, he sounded a little winded.

"Say good bye to Odette." His mother said sternly.

Derek Plastered a warm smile on his face as he once again grabbed Odette's hand and pressed to his lips " Good bye Princess."

Odette looked away to her father, who seemed all too pleased.

"Good bye." She said and ran into the carriage.

The king looked after his daughter and gave a sigh "Farewell Uberta, I Will see You in One year's time."

King William stepped into the carriage and sat besides his daughter, the carriage took off and while Odette was looking forward to home, the prince was looking forward to other things in the near future.

" See You Soon, Princess." He whispered to himself as he tossed his cape back and walked to the gardens'