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Ukitake Jyuushiro didn't know why he had given into his best friend's pleas, but here he was, sneaking out of his Academy dorm with Kyōraku Shunsui at his side. The older male had been insistent upon Jyuushiro joining him on one of his many visits to the brothels, and the white-haired male knew he would eventually relent.

"Tell me again why you're bringing me along?" Jyuushiro asked once they had gotten away from the Academy and far from listening ears.

"Because you need to bury your nose in something other than textbooks, Jyuu," Shunsui said, laughing at his innuendo.

The smaller Shinigami rolled his eyes. "I am quite happy with my life the way it is."

"All you do is study, study, eat, sleep, and study some more." Shunsui sighed. "You have no idea what it feels like to be pleasured, do you?"

Jyuushiro shrugged. "I'm not really interested in that stuff. I'd much rather study and –"

"We're already the top of all our classes!" Shunsui exclaimed. "What more do you want?"

Ukitake stayed silent and followed behind his friend, knowing there was no point in arguing. They walked side-by-side in comfortable silence until the brunet said that they had arrived. The ill Shinigami stepped into the brothel reluctantly, not wanting to be here but knowing he didn't have much choice in the matter. He'd much rather be curled up on his futon in their shared dorm, studying.

"Are you sure I can't just go back...?" Jyuushiro all but pleaded. "I... I don't feel comfortable here..."

Shunsui raised a finger to his mouth, shushing him. He flashed one of his flirtatious smiles to his best friend and gestured for him to follow. Jyuushiro did so, trying not to listen to anything Shunsui was saying to anyone.

"Back again so soon, Kyōraku-kun?" A man greeted the two as the Academy students walked further into the building. He had black hair and wore baggy clothing. Jyuushiro thought he looked very sleazy, especially considering his business. "And brought along a friend, I see. The more, the merrier! Would you like the usual women?"

Shunsui nodded with a small smile. "I would like to take Jyuu to see if he would like anyone first."

Jyuushiro shuddered at these words. He looked at Shunsui with wide eyes, horrified to hear what had just been said. He knew Shunsui wanted him to come along, but not for this! ...But then again, why should he be surprised? It was Shunsui he was talking about, after all.

"Shun, I-I..." Jyuushiro was lost for words, not knowing what to say. He flinched when he was pulled along, not liking this situation at all. He tried to pull away, but Shunsui was older, bigger and far stronger than he was. "Shunsui, I'm going home!"

"Jyuu, please?" Shunsui sent his best friend the puppy dog eyes, knowing that Ukitake normally couldn't resist them. "I promise it'll feel really good for you."


Shunsui sighed. He didn't like using force on his best friend considering it was unfair due to how weak the consumption made Jyuushiro's body, but the pale student really, really needed to learn how to please his own body.

"I don't care what you say; you're doing this," Shunsui said, using more strength than before to pull the resisting Shinigami along. "I'm sick of you being cooped up in our room day and night studying! You need to enjoy life!"

"I do!" Jyuushiro argued. "This isn't something I want in my life, though!"

"Too bad." By now, Shunsui had dragged his friend out into one of the back rooms full of women. He let go of the younger's arm, ready to chase him down if he attempted to flee. "Choose some women and we'll do it. Okay?"

Jyuushiro sighed. He knew fighting was futile. At least Shunsui was giving him the choice of he wanted to lose his virginity to, though...

The frail boy looked at the women. They were all very pretty, but that may have been because of the almost non-existent clothing they wore, dressed with material that barely covered anything. They were looking at him, trying their hardest to look as appealing as possible. Shunsui was a frequent customer, but Jyuushiro was the first person to tag along with him.

Jyuushiro moaned softly as he felt an unfamiliar feeling in his groin; he had never seen a woman so... naked. It was doing things to him he had never experienced before; even when Shunsui talked him into looking at porn mags with him. He pointed out three women, a blonde, brunet and a redhead, with a trembling hand. The three came forward, seductive smirks on their faces as they rubbed up against the delicate student suggestively.


Shunsui smiled, seeing the peaceful expression on Ukitake's face as the boy curled up into the sheets, exhausted from his first experiences in sex. Kyōraku waited until he had pleasured all of his own women, not wanting to leave them disappointed, before he paid for their time and scooped Jyuushiro up into his arms.

Ukitake didn't even stir. He snuggled in closer, purring contentedly. Shunsui couldn't resist kissing the sweaty face everywhere, his hidden desires for his best friend becoming stronger by the day. He carried the younger back to their Academy dorm and tucked him into bed, running his hand through the white hair.

"Good night, Jyuu..." Shunsui whispered as he crawled into his own bed, dreams of Jyuushiro filling his mind.

One day... One day, Shunsui's dream would become a reality. That was a promise.