The next morning found Jyuushiro waking up early with a small cry of pleasure as his wet dream hit its climax. He blushed and glanced at Shunsui, hoping he had not woken his friend. While it was unusual for him to have wet dreams, he still had them the nonetheless, and it was always embarrassing for him.

Shunsui groaned and rolled over, his chaotic nest of a bed becoming even messier as he came out of his small burrow he had made with the blankets. He blinked sleepily at Jyuushiro before he brushed hair out of his eyes.

"Wha's wrong...?" Shunsui mumbled, his voice heavy with sleep.

Jyuushiro blushed darker as he gestured to his pants, which were now obviously saturated. He pulled his pants off and threw them towards the small laundry, hating the feeling of being dirty.

Shunsui was now wide awake and smirking deviously. He slipped out of his own bed and made his way towards his best friend's, his feet crossing the shadows the early morning sun cast through the windows. Jyuushiro blushed and moved backwards as the older male sat next to him and wrapped his arms around him.

"S-shun...?" Jyuushiro mumbled, leaning into the embrace; Shunsui's arms always brought him comfort. "Shun, what are you doing?"

Shunsui leant forward and flicked his tongue out, tracing the shell of Jyuushiro's ear. His pants tightened as the younger moaned and, feeling adventurous, he slipped his hand down Jyuushiro's side, toying with the waistband of his pants. When Jyuushiro's blush only darkened, he slipped his hand underneath the fabric and gripped the wet member.

Jyuushiro cried out, pulling away slightly. "S-shun, I...!"

"Are you afraid?" Shunsui whispered into the smaller male's ear. He only smiled at the timid nod he received. "Why so?"

"...B-because... we..." Jyuushiro gulped. "...We're both boys, and... I-it's..."

"Not accepted?" Shunsui finished for him, already knowing the answer. "I know. People who are different are hated and treated cruelly. But that's why we don't need to tell anyone else. What we do together is our little secret."

Jyuushiro looked at his friend with green, tear-filled eyes. "...You... Y-you promise you won't tell anyone...?"

"Swear it." That would be the first promise Shunsui would ever keep.

"..." Jyuushiro looked down at his lap, still afraid, but wanting it so badly. "...Well... O-okay, then... If we aren't telling anyone..."

Shunsui smiled and kissed the younger's forehead. "That's a good Juu-chan. Just let it all go, okay? It's just you and me. We're fine, here."

Jyuushiro nodded. "I... I trust you, Shun."

"Good." With that said, Shunsui moved his lips lower until they were hovering above the younger's own. He pressed against them gently, knowing that Jyuushiro was still new to all of this and it wouldn't do to frighten him off.

Jyuushiro moaned into the kiss and reached out, gripping Shunsui's shirt sleeve with trembling hands. When they broke apart, he looked into Shunsui's chocolate-coloured eyes, finding nothing but a deep passion in the orbs.

"Shunsui..." Jyuushiro breathed, his body beginning to tremble as strong hands gripped his shoulders. He was carefully pulled from the bed and moved into a kneeling position before Kyōraku who was still seated upon the bed. "...Shun, I..."


As they laid there, content with just being in the other's arms, Jyuushiro rolled over to face his boyfriend. He smiled up at the brunet and stole a kiss before he snuggled in close, burying his face into the sweat-slicked chest.

"I love you, Jyuu..." Shunsui whispered, knowing that Jyuushiro needed his rest. He closed his eyes, wanting to be with the smaller boy who was just about to fall asleep.

"Love you... too..." Jyuushiro mumbled, slipping into oblivion.