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Eponine was searching the streets of Paris for her secret love; they had arranged to meet in private as they had done countless times of the course of the three months they had been having a secret affair but Enjolras had failed to be at the arranged location. She was beginning to worry. Was he hurt? Did he decide not to come? Or was he busy with studies and simply forget about her? She shivered at the cold trying to push further thoughts of why Enjolras wasn't there.

Chapter One - First Glance

In the 1997 movie, Titanic, the scene in which Jack first sees Rose and she goes to jump off the stern, is called 'First Glance/You Jump, I jump.'

The two first exchanged glances followed by words when he had spotted her sitting in the back of the Café, trying to listen to his endless speeches of revolution and change and not to be noticed. She achieved the former simply but the latter wasn't as easy as Eponine had hoped when she noticed Enjolras' eyes staring at her in quick glances throughout the meeting. Once everyone had left and it was only herself and Enjolras left, with Grantaire passed out in the corner, though he could hardly have counted due to his lack of consciousness, the young girl shyly approached the schoolboy.

"I find your views and beliefs to be something quite interesting, Monsieur." She looked down after making quick eye contact.

"Is that so, Mademoiselle?" He had an amused half smirk on his face, raising an eyebrow at Eponine. She took a moment of courage and looked up him, surprised to how he addressed her.

"'Mademoiselle'? Please, Monsieur, I am no lady, not like that Cosette. Please, call me Eponine, if you don't mind."His brows creased together in slight annoyance at her request.

"No, you are as much as a lady as that Collette, in fact if you ask me, from what I've heard of her from Marius, you are even more of a lady. But if you wish, I will call you Eponine." He replied quickly as the words just rolled off his tongue, rather than him thinking before he spoke as he would normally. Eponine just stared at him; he could have sworn there was a blush rising to her cheeks.

"Monsieur, I have never heard such kind words before. Thank you."She smiled, and though it left her lips as quickly as it happened, Enjolras took a quick note of how she should smile more often.

"I only speak the truth, Eponine. And please, call me Enjolras." He smirked at the girl before him.

"Yes, very well, Enjolras, I should on my way now, goodnight, Mons- I mean Enjolras." She gave him a small nod before turning on her heal and leaving the Café.

"Goodnight, Eponine." It was barely a whisper and he knew it was only heard by him as he stared at the spot where she once stood. Without thinking for the second time that night, Enjolras ran out the door and looked down the street seeing what he had hoped. He ran a few metres, before stopping and calling out to his new found friend.

"Eponine."He didn't yell in a harsh way, but said her name in a firm, loud voice. She turned around, with a confused look. Why would he call out to me? Enjolras began to run towards her, before coming to a gradual stop before her.

"I was wondering if maybe, I- I could walk you home. It is dangerous for a young lady like yourself to be alone in the night." Enjolras cursed himself for stuttering for the time in years in front of such a fine girl.

"I- I, Monsieur, I mean Enjolras," Enjolras smiled at her mistake. "I have no other way to say this, but it is impossible for you to walk me home as I am already there." Eponine tried to keep her pride by keeping her head high and holding the eye contact but never in her life had she been so ashamed.

Enjolras looked around, not having noticed where they had stopped, only to have observed that they were in the opening of an alley way. His eyes found her again, now noticing the shame her face held. His heart sank, letting out a sigh. Enjolras was good at speaking, well with words but at this moment he felt speechless. So the young student settled for the only thing to say. "Oh, Eponine."

Eponine didn't know what to say. She always held her pride, but at this very moment, it was struggling to stay intact. She was unsure of why she was ashamed; if it were anyone else she would simply brush it off with a poor joke, but at this moment she silently prayed he didn't think any less of her. Why do you even care what he thinks? Her head fell; she decided staring at her worn out boots would be the comfortable thing to do for now.

"You will stay with me tonight." It was a statement, not an offer. Eponine looked up in surprise at this. "Only if you want to, of course." Enjolras felt his cheeks heat up at the thought of it sounding as if he were asking for the unthinkable from her. He silently prayed she didn't see the blush.

"Oh, Monsieur, I couldn't possibly impose on you, we have only just met." Eponine smiled, show gratitude to the offer she knew she couldn't accept.

"Nonsense. You will sleep in my home tonight; it is freezing out here, I can see the goose bumps on your arms from here." She rubbed her arms, willing the goose bumps to leave her arms as he shrugged off his thick jacket, handing it to the gamine. "Here, put this on. And don't bother protesting, I will not see you freeze." He smirked slightly at her as she hesitantly took the coat.

"Thank you, Monsieur, merci, Enjolras, merci." She slid the coat on as he held out his hand to hers. He noticed just how petite her frame was, seeing her in his coat; it was sizes too big, and as she lifted up her arm to take his hand hers wasn't visible until she rolled up the sleeve. Together, hand in hand, they set off through the street to his flat.

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