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Chapter Three - Don't Hold Your Breath

Don't count on me.

Enjolras was the first to stir awake the next morning, squeezing his eyes shut trying to fight off the morning sun shining brightly through to gap in the curtains. Coming to the conclusion he was too awake to fall back into a deep, Enjolras opened his eyes. It took him several seconds to notice the warmth of a very small frame clinging to him; remembering he was sharing his bed with Eponine, Enjolras looked down to see a small smile on the girl's face as her cheek was pressed into his chest. His left arm was wrapped around her back with his large hand firmly clutching her waist, and his right hand resting gently on her hip. Enjolras examined her face, carefully taking in every ounce visible to his eyes. Her eyes were moving rapidly under her eyelids and by the smile on her face, she wasn't having a nightmare. The young man watched her dream, curious to whom it was in her dream making her smile so beautifully. Marius? Enjolras' brows creased, feeling jealously rise within him.

Why should you be jealous of him? What does the girl mean to you? The other, familiar, yet annoying, voices in his head questioned his motives. Pushing those thoughts from his mind, he carefully lifted his right hand from her hip to tuck a stray hair that was dangling in her face behind her ear. As he was lifting his hand, her facials changed immediately into a frown and her brows knitted themselves together as she pouted. As if it had come naturally to him, Enjolras lifted hand from behind her ear and stroked her cheek softly with the back of his hand. Her face relaxed once more into a small smile. This brought a bigger smile to his face, questioning if his touch had made her feel at ease.

Realising what day it was, Enjolras carefully lifted his right hand and slid his left arm out from under her causing her to stir. He froze, praying she wouldn't wake up. The young girl simply rolled over, still deep in her slumber. After declaring Eponine was still sound asleep, Enjolras started to dress, knowing he had to be in class soon.

Although reluctant to leave her, he grabbed some parchment and scribbled down words explaining his absence for when she woke, and left the note on the bedside table. Enjolras leaned down to Eponine and kissed her softly on the forehead then on the cheek, causing her smile to grow. The young student smile down at her, walked for the door, and with one last glance at the girl, headed out for the day.


Eponine began to wake no more than an hour after Enjolras had departed for the University. She opened her eyes, feeling well rested, and sat up on the bed to realize she was alone.

"Enjolras?" the gamine called out for the man who was by her side the previous night. Her eyes darted around the room, landing on a bit of parchment which rested on the bedside table. Eponine leaned over, reaching for the note and held it in her hands. The handwriting was beautiful; Enjolras' no doubt. The young girl stared at the note, concentrating as hard as she could, trying to figure out the words.

As a child, she remembers being taught how to read; but that was many winters ago. She could hardly remember any of the literature from her childhood.

The note said;


I truly apologize for not being there when you woke as I had class waiting for me.

There is bread with butter for you on the table; eat up. You are welcome to stay for as long as you please. I have left a spare key by the food for you to take for if you wish to go out today and then return.

Have a lovely day, darling.


Eponine was frustrated with herself that the only words that she could make out were 'bread' 'you' 'stay' 'key' and 'return'. However, she could read one full sentence. Have a lovely day, darling. Her heart fluttered and a smile found its way to her face.

Her mind drifted to her dream. She had had many romantic dreams involving Marius in the past, but she was startled to see it was Enjolras that had been kissing her. The dream confused her, but at the same time she knew it just felt so right to her. But I love Marius. I always have, always will. But no matter how hard she tried the familiar feeling when she thought of Marius did not appear in her. Eponine ate the food Enjolras had left, and decided to leave for the day. Hesitantly, she took the key that was left for her.

Walking down the street, Eponine decided she would visit Marius to see if the warm feeling would rise within her. She saw him wondering down the other side of the street, looking around, searching for someone in the crowd when his eyes met hers and he began to approach her. Why isn't my heart beating out of my chest?

"Ah! Eponine, my dear friend, I was just looking for you." Eponine smiled in reply, wondering why she had to force the smile more.

"Bonjour, Marius. Do you have a letter for Cosette?" Eponine looked down and her brows furrowed. I'm supposed to supress the smile and force the words of Cosette to come out, not the other way around.

"You are a mind reader, Eponine!" Marius pulled out the letter for his beloved and placed it in Eponine's hands. She looked up to see his own brows furrowing.

"Eponine, are you wearing Enjolras' jacket?"

"Oui." Eponine looked up at him contently.

"Right, well, I bid you a good day, Eponine." Marius was still looking at her with confusion written all over his face.

Later that night.

Enjolras was studying away at the table as people were leaving the Café after the meeting as he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see the person whom he had been thinking about all day.

"Eponine." The revolutionary turned around and stood from his chair to face Eponine. He smiled down at her, taking in her face.

"Enjolras, I- I was wondering if you could accompany me outside?" she looked around the half full café implying she wanted more privacy.

"Ah, yes, of course." Enjolras led Eponine outside, and held his arm out to her. She obliged, linking her arm in his as they walked down the street.

"So, Eponine, why is that you brought me out here," he paused, considering his words before continuing, "not that I don't enjoy your company." Eponine looked up to see him flash her a charming smile. She silently thanked the darkness for hiding her blush. They came to a halt and faced each other.

"Well, Monsieur," Enjolras didn't miss her formal way of addressing him, but he didn't correct her, wanting to hear her finish, "I don't know how to explain this," she stopped, looking around as if the words she was searching for were sitting in the gutter on the other side of the street.

"The way I feel about Marius, or at least felt," she knitted her brows, confused with herself, as Enjolras' heartbeat quickened at her use of past tense. "I saw him today, and I didn't feel the way I used to. My heart wasn't beating outside of my chest, I didn't feel nervous, I wasn't caring about what he thought of me and I didn't feel that feeling when one is in the presence of one they care for deeply." Enjolras was still staring at her, listening carefully to every word she spoke.

"What I'm getting at is that it just happens to be that I started being around you and I stop feeling as I always have felt for Marius and start feeling those feelings for you and I always seem to be caring about what you think and I don't know why, I'm sorry, Monsieur, here is your key, I'm terribly sorry for any trouble I have caused you, I should be on my way," Eponine was speaking at pace that made it difficult for Enjolras to keep up but he was still hanging on to every word as she handed him his spare key began to run off.

"Eponine, no, come back!" Enjolras started jogging after her, finally catching up and grabbing her arm. "It is not safe for you to be out at night, stay with me again."

"No. I mean, thank you for the offer, Monsieur, but I will be fine. I need, I need some time alone to overthink my feelings." Eponine tried to pull away but his grip on her arm tightened. She looked up to see his eyes narrowing, seeing anger in them but hurt on his features.

"Enjolras, let me go, you're hurting me!" Enjolras immediately dropped her arm.

"I, sorry, Mademoiselle." He mumbled, ashamed for his actions. "Will you visit me tomorrow morning? At my home?" He was still looking down at the ground.

"I am not sure." Her eyes were icy as she looked at him, like a knife through his heart.

"I will come looking for you." He stated looking directly at her.

"I'm sorry." Eponine whispered so soft it was almost inaudible. She had tears threatening to spill that she was willing to stay at bay. She cursed silently as one fell. Enjolras wiped the tear away gently with his thumb, cupping her cheek in his hand. She leaned into it as her facials creased up in frustration and pain before she ran off into the night.

Enjolras decided to let her go, planning to find her in the morning. He let out a loud yell in anger, kicking the nearest wall. Congratulations, genius, you've really done it now falling for a girl like her. Enjolras sighed, not denying the inedible. He was completely and utterly in love with Eponine.

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