We were up on the hill we all ways sit on just to watch the sun set but i think I'm really to tell Syaoran my feels, I just hope this go's well!

Syaoran - But the excavation was father's and also my-

Sakura - i know a precious dream, right I know but... but... still, i want to be with you all ways but when I'm at the case lying in my bed at night,

i always think "what could Syaoran be doing?" or sometimes i think "i wonder if he thinks about me at all" u know

i turn to look at him in the eye and he looks back at me

Syaoran - i do, i think about you to all the time Sakura

i start to blush at what he said to me but when he finish what he was saying he looked away from me

Sakura - um, i... i have something i want to say to you, Syaoran... i... lov (bell rings) um...

That made us both jump and we start to just laughing

Syaoran - a-are you alright Sakura?

Sakura - I was just slightly startled, since the ball rang, I... I have to go back to the castle

Syaoran - shall I walk you back home Sakura?

Sakura - no, I... I'll be fine walking on my own so don't worry ok Syaoran

i just give him one of my best smiles when we were leaving to go home

When i go home i just sat next to the window looking out just thinking about Syaoran

Sakura - i hope next time i can tell Syaoran how i feel but i feel like something bad will happen soon that will make me forget about you.

when i finished getting really for bed i just hope this will somehow get to you Syaoran

Sakura - goodnight and sweet dreams Syaoran