Naruto: The Demon

Chapter 1

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The Treaty

Naruto was one of the Villages Elites. A Jonin. A soldier. A killer. He was also a Jinchuriki. Of the Nine-tailed Demon Fox to be exact. The Strongest of the Biju. Son of the Fourth Hokage and Kushina Uzumaki. Great grandson to Mito Uzumaki. This in turn makes the First Hokage his great Grandfather. Nephew to Tsunade Senju. And student of The Toad Sannin Jiraiya. In reality one of few to be considered royalty in all of Fire Country.

On the battlefield he was known to his enemies as "The Demon". He was ruthless in his combat styles. Aiming to kill first ask questions later. His kenjutsu was swift and elegant, yet torturous and deadly. Used to strike critical point on the body not to kill, but to inflict extreme pain. After so many successful blows one begins to welcome death, almost beg for it. His Aunt Tsunade the world's greatest medic once compared it to shoving a ninja into a blender. Yet somehow they couldn't die from near fatal blows. His Taijutsu was essentially the same thing. Except instead of immobilizing enemies it was used to break them. Every strike targeted a joint or sensitive part of the body. Then it shatters that point entirely. His Ninjutsu arsenal was filled with all sorts of Wind and Lightning jutsu. Used for everything from paralysis to assassination. His Genjutsu was usual for a Jinchuriki. It didn't exist. However it is debatable as to whether or not his crimson slit eyes could be used to unnerve his opponents in a Genjutsu like fashion.

He had neck length spikey hair that seemed tamer at its length compared to that of his father. (Think Ichigo when he fought Aizen) He had crimson eyes, with jet black slit pupils. Six whisker like marks that had only gotten darker and more pronounce from his younger days. He wore a skin tight sleeveless black shirt. It was used to show his defined muscular arms. He had a tribal tattoo coiling down his right arm. From his shoulder to his elbow. He also wore black jonin style pants that were taped at the ankles. Followed by black shinobi sandals. Two swords were strapped in an 'X' across his back. They were like his attire jet black, blade and all.

At home he rarely spoke or interacted with anyone. What it was he did no one knows. If he wasn't training, or speaking with his Sensei or his Aunt the Godaime, it was like he just disappeared. Not that anyone cared. Like his combat prowess he was cold and almost heartless. Cared for no one but his sensei and Aunt. He struck fear into everyone he encountered by simply being there. His attire and attitude was unnerving enough.

So why was he "The Demon" the ruthless and feared Jonin, running from his Aunt, Sensei and the other Village Elites? Well the answer was simple. He had been more or less told he couldn't stay here in his own village. And that he was being transferred and married off to a Kumo Kunoichi to broker peace between the villages. And to more or less keep Iwa in check, an ally with Kumo. He refused and began to walk out. When he was nearly ensnared by a Wood style Jutsu. One of his few weaknesses. When he went to retaliate he was stopped by his Aunt Tsunade. Whom he couldn't harm if he wanted to. So now she and the elites where after him to force him into leaving.

He almost made it to Training Ground 44 where he could use it to give them the slip when, Gamabunta landed in front of him blocking his escape. Atop the famous battle toad was his Sensei Jiraiya the Gallant.

"That's far enough Naruto. I know you don't want to leave but you don't have a choice. I'm sorry." He stated in a voice that was laced in sadness. "You're going to Kumo, whether you like it or not."

"If fighting you and the others is what it takes then fine. Come at me." He said in a cold voice.

Then the battle begun with Tsunade and the other Jonin following. Jiraiya leapt toward Naruto to engage his student in Taijutsu. He knew he was no match for Naruto in any of his preferred fields without use of sage mode but he wasn't looking to win just distract. So with an exchange of blows and a Genjutsu provided by Kurenai. They finally managed to bind Naruto in a wood jutsu.

"I'm sorry Naruto. But the council has decided. You have to leave." Stated a saddened Tsunade who couldn't even look at him. Then with that Jiraiya knocked him out.


In the Raikage's office sat a group waiting for the arrival of the Hokage and their newest Jonin comrade. The group consists of the Raikage himself a huge hulking man, who was currently curling weights.

A man who looked a lot like the Raikage, his brother in fact. Kirabi, or Killer Bee as he liked to be called, was writing in his book of rhymes.

His three students Omoi, Karui and Samui. All bickering with one another. Darui who was the student of the Third Raikage and A's right hand man.

And finally the bride to be. Mabui. She had light dark skin and long white hair that was tied in a bun. She had bright green eyes that held a kindness as well as an aura of professionalism. She wore an outfit that was a cross of a Kunoichi and a secretary that showed off and hid her figure. Sexy and mysterious. Business like and combat effective. As well as black high heeled sandals.

She stood patiently awaiting the arrival of her future husband, the ruthless, black hearted "Demon" of Konoha. And frankly she wasn't sure of why she was chosen. Or he for that matter. She was never one to brag but she was one of the most beautiful Kunoichi in all of Kumo. A successful Jonin, and the Raikage's personal assistant. But Naruto, while considered royalty, was not known for compassion. As far as the world knew he didn't like anything. He was as cold as the steel of his blades. Would kill his enemies without hesitation. A killer. Or to some a murderer. The perfect war machine. But a romantic, loving husband he was not. She honestly didn't know what would happen. Would this be simply a political marriage. Or would he simply threaten and harm her like the rumors might say. Not to say she wouldn't retaliate. No it was she didn't know what to expect.


Then the door opened. In stepped the Hokage, in all her glory. Followed by her teammate Jiraiya. Then two ANBU. A blindfolded and bound blonde. And two more ANBU.

The blonde was identified as Naruto Namikaze "The Demon". He was blind folded for a reason the Kumo shinobi couldn't fathom. As well as bound in wooden cuffs, with intricate seal work adorning the surface. Then he was shoved down to his knees by one of the ANBU. Where he stayed. The Kumo shinobi scowled. They knew Jinchuriki weren't liked in other countries but this was almost barbaric. Even with the blonde's record of ruthlessness.

Tsunade snapped her fingers where the four ANBU left. Then she approached the Raikage's desk to discuss final details for the treaty. Jiraiya was beckoned to follow her. Leaving the blonde alone kneeling and bound on the middle of the room.

Mabui couldn't stand this and approached possibly the most dangerous person in the room, and her fiancé and knelt before him. Seeing that no one but the other Kumo shinobi noticed her actions she proceeded to gently untie the blind fold. Then she removed it. Naruto's eyes were closed, probably due to the intrusion of light. Meaning he had been stuck like this for a while. And then he began to open his eyes to stare at her. His crimson slit eyes. They were enticing to her. Primal and exotic. At first they showed anger and hate. Then they met her green orbs. They changed to a more neutral look.

"And who might you be Ms.?" He asked in slight annoyance. Clearly displeased with being bound and transported against his will.

"Mabui." She hastily answered. Almost as if to not ensue his anger. "And your fiancé." She stated warily not knowing of his position on the matter.

"Naruto. Naruto Namikaze." Was all he replied in irritation.

"This is cruel. I know you're a jinchuriki, but this is too much. You don't deserve this." She said sadly. Not believing how the Leaf Village would treat their demon container. Then he did something unexpected. He grinned and gave an amused chuckle.

"You think this is because I'm the container of the Nine-tails? No this is because I refused to leave my home." He said seriously. By this point everyone in the room was listening to their conversation. "I was for lack of better words evicted from my village and told I would be coming here. To marry you. So I told them no and walked away. The blindfold and cuffs serve multiple purposes. One to keep me bound. Obviously. The cuffs are wood. A jinchuriki's weakness. The seals on them are meant to drain my chakra. The blindfold was to keep me from using these eyes to intimidate the ANBU. And the seal on the back was to keep me from using the fox's power. As well as speaking with her. In all meant to keep me like this and you safe." He said getting angrier with every word. Then he looked into her eyes to gauge her reaction. What he saw surprised him. It was sorrow and understanding. "Most of this is because of my reputation. They fear me and what I might do."

"Here" She said as she went to remove the cuffs. When they fell off there was a burst of very dark chakra. Then his body tensed. But before he could move any further he was pinned to the ground by the four ANBU. As if they hadn't left, they had him on the ground. Swords at his vitals and a foot keeping his head pinned down.

"ANBU! Stand down." Said a feminine voice. Everyone took a glance at said voice to find it was The Godaime herself telling the four operatives to cease in their actions. "My nephew will not harm anyone in this room. I know him well enough. He maybe displeased with this but he won't harm the girl. He has more honor than to blame the wrong people for this." She then sent them away. Naruto began to pick himself off the floor, finally beginning to regain his strength. Then at full height he began to stretch his muscles and pop his sore joints. Then he turned to his "fiancé".

"Thank you those are mighty uncomfortable. It good to…"

"BOY!" yelled a voice that had authority in it. He turned his head to regard if only barely the Raikage. "Come here." He said in a tone that said don't fuck with me. Naruto briefly wondered if it would be a good idea to ignore him. After some thought he walked over. If only to be respectful in front of his Aunt. He glanced at her to see her sigh in relief. As if relieved he decided to listen to the man. When he reached the desk, the hulk of a man opened a drawer to his desk and pulled out a scroll with the kanji for Jonin on it. "Welcome to Kumogakure, the last place you'll ever see." He said regarding his new Jonin. Naruto while confused at the comment just took the scroll and opened it. Inside was a new headband with the village's symbol adorning it. And a Kumo Jonin Vest. He took off his old worn out leaf headband. As he did he looked at the old plate. Almost as if hesitant to switch it out. Or possibly reminiscing about his days as a leaf nin. Everyone in the room seemed to give him a minute as no one had any idea what he was going through. After all it couldn't be easy to just up and switch villages. Leaving behind his home and comrades. Especially being forced to. Then he put it in a pocket. As if to keep it as a reminder. Then he proudly tied his new village's symbol across his forehead. The vest he didn't care for too much. So he put it back in the scroll and put it in his kunai pouch.

"Good now everyone introduce yourselves to your new comrade." The Kage stated.

First up was a man whom looked a lot like the Raikage. Followed by four teenagers. Said man then gave a grin and…

"Nine-O, I be the Jinchuriki, Of the great Ox Hachibi, The names Killer Bee, Fo show. " said the man in an over exaggerated and frustrating manner. Then he put out his fist. Naruto recognized this as a form of greeting but was hesitant to go through with it after the man's introduction. But finally regarded his brother in sacrifice. Then he gave a smile and went on another rap. Only to be cut off by the man's team. The three Chunin took a step forward. The first to speak was a dark skinned girl with long red hair.

"My names Karui. Sorry about Bee-sensei, he's a little…" as if trying to find the right words.

"I'm Omoi." Said the dark skinned boy. "Can, I ask you a question Naruto-san." He said looking curious. He received a nod. He took that as a sign to continue with his questioning. "Why do they call you "The Demon" Naruto-san." That surprised everyone. The room began to get tense. Dark chakra almost evil feeling filled the room. Then a shadow hovered over the blondes eyes. Fangs began to poke out of his mouth. A dark aura surrounded him. Then he tilted his head up to stare at the three now terrified Chunin. His bright crimson eyes looked more demonic as the sclera of his eyes became a slightly lighter red. Giving him a terrifying look.

"Naruto!" came a shout. And as quickly as it came the dark power disappeared. Everyone in the room minus the Kage level nins let out a breath they had held. "To answer the rest of your question…" stated their savior, The Toad Sannin. "In the last Great Ninja War, Naruto slaughtered thousands of enemy shinobi and kunoichi alike. When he returned to camp, the boy looked awful. The official count was 358 stab wounds. Some of which had healed before he returned, four 3rd Degree burns from a fire jutsu. 7 burns caused by a lightning jutsu. 32 broken bones. Most located in his right arm. 361 bruises all over his body, inflicted by a combination of earth and taijutsu techniques. And a nearly fatal amount of water in his lungs. Giving the impression he had nearly been drowned by a series of water jutsu." Said the Sensei of the 'Demon'. "It was if he was your worst nightmare on the battlefield. And no amount of damage or fatal wounds would stop him. He would shrug it off and come back again and again."

"So what if Naruto-san doesn't like our village and marrying Mabui-san doesn't faze him. Then he goes on a rampage, destroying our village and killing thousands. And not even the combined might of Raikage-sama and Bee-sensei can stop him. Then the other four village have to form an alliance just to stop him, creating the 4th Great…"


"Shut up Omoi, jeez you and that mind of yours." Said an angry Karui.

"Excuse me, Naruto-taicho?" said a new voice. He glanced at the third member of the team. A blonde girl, who looked to be developing a little more than normal.

"Hm?" he said ignoring the two fighting teammates, to regard the girl.

"I'm sorry about my teammates. I hope they didn't offend you Taicho. They are being uncool." She said trying to maintain some form of respect towards their new superior. He gave a nod to acknowledge the girl. It seemed someone had enough sense to not piss him off.

"How dull. It's my turn." Said an almost bored voice. A dark skinned man who appeared to be a Jonin. "I'm…"

"Darui of the Black Lightning. I know who you are. You've been a page in my bingo book, many a time. Student of the Third Raikage." Said Naruto, as if sizing up and trying to gauge the man's strength.

"How dull. But yes I'm Darui. Nice to meet you." Said the man.

"Naruto, I'm afraid it's time for us to leave." Said a saddened Tsunade. She stepped toward him and gave him a brief hug. "I hope you find happiness here, Naruto." She said with tears in her eyes as she left not wanting to cry in front of her only family left.

"Huh, well Naruto. This is where we part ways my student." Said a serious Jiraiya. "Take care and have fun. Hehehe" he said as he giggled perversely and glancing at Mabui slightly lecherously. Then his face met the floor. Courtesy of a now annoyed Naruto. Then the pervert got up as if nothing happened and had another serious face. "Seriously Naruto, goodbye." He said as he shook his student's hand and left with a sad smile.

"Mabui, it's been a long day. Take Naruto to your home. We will discuss the rest of the next few days tomorrow." Said the Raikage.

"Yes Raikage-sama." She said as she grabbed her fiancé's hand and led him out of the room. "Come along Naruto-kun we have much to discuss." She said in a businesslike manner. They just continued through the village till they reached a house. Mabui used her key and let Naruto in. "Now Naruto-kun, I need you up by 6:30 tomorrow morning. We need to be back at the Tower by 7:30." She said as she gave him a brief tour of the house. Before bringing him to the bedroom.

"Naruto-kun, I know we are to be married and we are sharing a bed, but don't get any ideas." She said as she turned around. Only to find Naruto in a pair of shorts fast asleep in the bed. She quietly changed and got in. Only to find like most nights in Kumo, it was cold. So she cuddled up to her husband to be.

"Huh, he's surprisingly warm." She thought before slowly falling to sleep.

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