Naruto: The Demon

Chapter 4


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Naruto stood bound in front of the council. He was pissed. He had been told he would be leaving his village. His home. One way or another. But now he was in front of the council bound with half a platoon of ANBU ready to 'incapacitate him' at the slightest hint of aggression.

"Good we see that you care for the village that's good. Now are you ready to hear the other half of our reasons?" asked a council member.

"Reasons for evicting me? Just come out and tell me you don't think I'm stable. So you're getting rid of me to prevent an incident." He said as though stating a fact.

"You are half right." Said another councilor. "The other half is for a mission. You see Kumo is still training for war. They haven't demilitarized after the last war. Our spies say 90% of the residents of Kumo are shinobi. So we have arranged for you to go to marry a girl from Kumo. A woman with a unique bloodline. She has the ability to transport supplies and non-living objects at the speed of light. A dangerous ability if we were to go to war. They would keep her protected inside the village in order to support Kumo's efforts."

"So we arranged her to be your bride. You on the other hand, can transport yourself and a small group anywhere at the speed of light. Using your father's Hirashin. If we were able to take both abilities and merge them, we believe we could be able to transport an entire army, at a moment's notice anywhere. So here is your mission. Get close to her and try to conceive a child. Afterword ensure her safety with a squad of our ANBU. They will bring her here. Then you shall begin the second half of your mission… " said a council woman.

"Destroy Kumo. From the inside out. That's your plan. Gain a huge advantage over all other village's then wipe our biggest threat off the map." Naruto finished getting the point of this. "And what if I can't conceive a child with this woman?" he asked.

"Eliminate her. She is and would be a key player to any part of a war Kumo participates in. She is a very dangerous enemy. But a very valuable ally. So you must kill her above all else. If your mission is compromised, then this must be carried out. Even if you don't eliminate Kumo, we will have dealt a deadly blow to Kumo."

"And if I am compromised?" he asked not entirely sure of their plans, if such a scenario occurred.

"You will be a missing nin. An international criminal. You will not be allowed to come back here. Only if you eliminate all of Kumo, can you come back. If you fail, we will deny all accusations of your mission. You will be an unsung hero for Konoha. Only the Hokage, and those of this council will know of your mission. To everyone else, you will have just snapped and gone mad."

"So you have your mission, and its parameters. You will be escorted out like that, and delivered to Kumo, to give the illusion we forced you out. Any questions?"

"No." he said as he hung his head. He didn't believe even for a minute they would allow him back after this. If anything they would use this to have him executed.

End Flashback

So here he was sitting here in this house, in the dead of night. Watching his target/fiancés chest rise and fall in her slumber. He was standing in the doorway fiddling with a kunai in his hands. He was contemplating on whether or not he was going to kill her or not. If he let her live and went with his primary objective, he would have a child who's ability would be possibly the most deadly in all the shinobi nations. But this woman would suffer imprisonment, and would probably be used as breeding stock. But if he killed her now. She would die without seeing the hell he would eventually unleash on this village. And she would never be subject to an even worse hell till the end of her days. Merciful.

But he was still thinking of the pros and cons. And he still had until the wedding one week away to make his decision.

"Daddy?" asked a scared voice. Naruto turned around to see the frightened little girl. Little Yugito his adoptive daughter. "I had a bad dream." She said.

"It's ok, it was only a dream. Come on lets go back to bed." He said reassuringly.

And with that he left the sleeping woman, and the rest of Kumo blissfully unaware of their grim future. It was now only a matter of time before Kumo's clock runs out.

So? How's that for a plot twist? Yes a short chapter I know, but it will hopefully show why the Leaf was so easy to give Naruto up. Now here's the question. What does Naruto do? What does he decide on Mabui's fate? What of the rest of the village? How will he go about this new problem? REVIEW! And thank you for your continued support through this story.