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More Michael/Christine since you guys asked so nicely!

Christine sat in the staffroom alone, doing some marking and singing softly along with the radio. She hadn't felt this happy in ages, things with Michael were great and everything was going really well, '…And here's the best part, you get a head start, if you're very young at heart.'

Then the radio spoke, 'Frank Sinatra 'Young at Heart' Ahh! Just what you need on a day like this isn't it? Especially when it's getting a bit cold and murky…But still may as well get it all out of the way, here's the news with Peter.'

Michael smiled, 'Hey!'

Christine looked up, 'Oh god! You made me jump!'

He smiled and went over to the kettle, 'Sorry! Tea?'

She smiled, 'Yes please.'

Michael boiled the kettle, 'Biscuit?'

She turned round, 'I'd rather have a kiss.'

He smiled, 'Oh would you now?'

'Mmm yes!'

'Right! Well,' He poured out a cup and placed it on the table in front of her then bent down and kissed her softly.

'That was nice.' He kissed her head and turned back to the kitchen, 'How's it going?' Christine asked, smiling.

'Oh the usual! Miss Donnegan's got some more ideas for the routine meeting coming up.'

She grinned, 'God it must feel weird having your ex-pupil calling the shots!'

'Well, a little bit I suppose, mind you it IS her money.'

'…Yeah but even so, having to deal with the thought that EVERYTHING you taught is literally coming right back to haunt you! I mean she IS practically using it as a weapon now to catch you out…'

Michael knew she was winding him up and laughed, 'Yes! Yes! Alright! Alright! Anymore from you Mrs Mulgrew and I'll have you disciplined.'

She grinned seductively, 'Ooh! Is that a promise?'

He laughed and bent down to kiss her, 'If you're very lucky!'

'This weekend?'

'Works for me!' He looked at her tenderly then glanced at his watch, 'Oh god! I better get on.'

'…Yeah! Otherwise Miss Donnegan will get wind of it!' She turned and giggled As he gave her a mockingly exasperated look and closed his office door.

There you are guys! Will write more as soon as I think of any!