Spencer is sitting outside quietly while Rossi sits next to him smoking. Rossi isn't even sure if Spencer knows he's there or not until he finally begins speaking.

"I don't want to have sex with you anymore, I don't want to live with you anymore, I don't want you to call me, I don't want you to care about me, and I don't want you in the baby's life." He says.

Rossi takes a deep drag. "What are you so afraid of?"

Spencer shivers against the cold. "You don't have kids for a reason. You have never loved anyone enough to remain faithful to them, let alone father their children." Spencer answers robotically.

"I've been faithful to you," Rossi says, starting to become irritated. Spencer presses his lips together in the effort to control his own emotions.

"That's because I have followed your orders without giving any of my own. I didn't ask to live with you, you asked me. I haven't pressed for marriage, I pay my own bills, I haven't asked for any pets, I haven't asked you to buy my anything and I haven't asked for children. I don't call things ours unless you have specified that it is. This is your house, your car, your room but our bed. And now?"

Rossi is surprised. Spencer had been walking on eggshells for their whole relationship? He throws the glass of scotch he'd been sipping and stands. "If you're been so fucking miserable then maybe you should have left!"

Spencer is stunned by the outrage. "I haven't been miserable. I want to be with you- that's why I tried to do everything right." Rossi sighs and runs a hand through his thinning hair.

"Get inside. It's cold out here," the older man says. Spencer stands up and follows Rossi. "Sit on the couch. I'll make you some coffee," Rossi says.

Spencer sits on the couch and pulls his legs up so that his chin can rest on his knees. Rossi comes back with a steaming cup and sits on the ground where Spencer's feet should be. He pulls Spencer's legs down and pulls Spencer closer to him.

He kisses Spencer's belly and wraps his arms around the younger man's middle. He looks up at his lover. "I've been faithful to you because you're all I want. Maybe I don't say it, but I see us equal. This is your house too, sciocco, bello amante." Silly, handsome lover.

He kisses the flat belly once again. "I don't want you to do those things for me. I never questioned your behavior… I thought it was just how you were. We need to talk about it, about what you want. I just don't want this to end. Not now, not for this. You're carrying my bambino," he says before kissing his lover again.

Spencer runs a hand through his older lover's hair. "Shouldn't I make my list of demands before you decide if I can stay?" Rossi looks up at him in anticipation.

"We don't have to get married, but I won't stand for infidelity. I work too, so I don't mind paying half the bills, but I will need support once the baby comes and I can't work. I don't want you to buy me anything, but we will need to set up a room for the baby. And I want a cat."

Rossi rubs Spencer's back. "I will always be here for you. But I don't like cats," he says. Spencer sighs. "It was worth a try."

Rossi lifts Spencer's shirt and begins licking up his chest. "I didn't say no." He says. Spencer pulls Rossi closer and lets out a little moan. He pulls Rossi away after a moment and stands. "Bedroom?" He asks. He'd grown and been more confident, but he still wasn't pushy in the bedroom.

Rossi ushers the younger man in and tosses him to the bed. Spencer bounces and then spreads himself out with a grin. "Do you want me?" He asks. Rossi pounces and kisses the man's teasing lips. Rossi pulls Spencer's shirt off before his own.

"What about when I get bigger? Will you still be attracted to me?" Rossi bites down right below Spencer's belly button. "If you think I'm that shallow you shouldn't stay with me," Rossi teases. He pulls the man's pants down.

Spencer hisses when Rossi takes him in his mouth. "David," he moans. His lover runs one hand up his tummy, the other hand begins to prepare him. "More daddy, I don't need you to be soft," Spencer demands.

Rossi grins at the man. "You're a naughty boy Spencer. Turn around." Spencer gets on his hands and knees and braces his self. Rossi slaps his ass and he squeaks. Usually Rossi counts first. It happens again and again, each coming harder. Spencer moans and counts them in his head. At twelve he stops Rossi.

"I can't…I need you!" He begs. Rossi gets on his knees and grabs Spencer's hips so he can bring them flush to his own. Spencer feels Rossi at his entrance. "I didn't get to prepare you, impaziente. Tell me if it hurts."

Spencer loves the feeling of David inside of him. The way he kisses and how his hands work. He loves the way David makes him feel. The way he says exactly what needs to be said. "I love you," he tells Spencer. "I love you too. So much."