Spencer is crying and Rossi smiles. "Amour, don't cry," he says. "It hurts so much," Spencer says, clenching his stomach. Rossi jumps up and runs to the other side of the bed so he can look Spencer over. He has his arms wrapped around his stomach.

"Come on baby. We're going to the hospital." Spencer doesn't move. Rossi gathers him in his arms and hoists him up and into the car. He will call his mom when they get there. he speeds to the hospital. Spencer is crying and won't talk.

Rossi carries Spencer into the E.R. "My partner is pregnant. He's having pains in his stomach. He can barely even talk," Rossi says. He's trying no tot panic. A nurse brings out a bed and he puts Spencer down. They wheel him to a room and tell Rossi that he has to stay outside.

Rossi paces the halls until his legs are tired. He sits and calls his mama. "David, why are you calling me at four in the morning?" She asks, yawning. "Mama, Spencer was having pains. I'm at the hospital. I'm waiting for them to tell me how he is."

"I'll be right there David. Wait for me. Ten minutes," she says before hanging up. Rossi begins to pace again and doesn't stop until his mama shows up. "Oh, David. Have you heard anything yet?" She asks, kissing him on each cheek. Rossi shakes his head.

They sit together in silence for over an hour before the doctor comes out. "For Dr. Spencer Reid?" He asks. Rossi nods and steps closer. "Stress related. The baby is fine and he is fine. I'm recommending he take a break from work and any other stress causing activities to be safe." Rossi sighs and Mama Rossi thanks God.

"Can we see him?" Rossi asks. The doctor leads him to the room. Spencer is in bed rubbing his belly. "Oh, Spencer. Tesoro," Rossi coos. Spencer is on his side. "I'm sorry," Spencer tells him.

Rossi leans down and kisses him. "You have nothing to be sorry for. There was too much stress for you. I knew better." Spencer looks up at himm. "I don't want you to stop being honest with me, or to start babying me. I shouldn't have been so weak. I'm ready to get out of here now, please," he says.

Mama Rossi steps up. "Spencer, you just hush now. You could have lost the baby," she tells him. "They had to stop an early labor. Just listen to what the doctor says." Spencer is shocked. "I went into labor?" Rossi nods sadly.

"It was stress induced. The baby could not have lived." Spencer sits back. "I'm sorry," he says again. The doctor comes in. "We have no reason to keep him. If he's ready to go home we will release him. just come back if you have anymore pain," the doctor says.

Rossi insists on carrying Reid to bed. He cuddles him and they kiss. "You scared me," Rossi admits. Spencer wraps his arms around him. "I was scared too. I thought I was losing the baby," he tells Rossi.

They embrace each other until they fall asleep. When Spencer wakes he's warm and wrapped in his lover's arms. He kisses Rossi until his eyes flutter open. "How are you feeling?" Rossi asks as soon as he's awake.

"I'm okay. More than okay," he says as he kisses down his lover's throat. Rossi sighs happily but pulls Spencer away. "You're supposed to be relaxing," he tries to be stern. Spencer lays on his stomach and looks at Rossi. "Sex always relaxes me. If it makes you feel better, you can massage my back when you're done," he smiles.

Rossi kisses him again before getting on his knees and tracing his hands down Spencer's smooth back. He pulls their pajama bottoms down and lubes himself. He slowly inserts himself before leaning forward to hold Spencer's hand. He starts a slow rhythm but can't keep it up when Spencer begs for more.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy!" Spencer moans before cumming in Rossi's hand. Rossi finishes inside his love- deep and heavy. He doesn't stop thrusting until he's milked dry. They collapse beside one another and share lazy kisses. There's a knock at the door and they both watch as Mama Rossi comes in. "Breakfast is ready. Come and eat," she smiles.

They sit at the table and father Rossi asks Spencer how he's feeling. "Better than last night. Thank you for asking," he responds softly. Father Rossi chuckles. "It's funny that you're so quiet at the table and so loud in bed. I tell ya, I heard you from our room. You must be some sort of stallion, sonny boy," Rossi's father says with an odd sense of pride.

Spencer blushes bright red. Mama Rossi hits father Rossi. "You're embarrassing the poor boy!" Rossi's father tries to stop laughing. Rossi is a little red too.

After breakfast they pack their things to head back. There are hugs and kisses and well wishes. Spencer loves Rossi's family, but he's very happy to be heading home.

Once they're home Spencer lies in his own bed and sighs happily. Rossi comes in and runs a hand up his body before resting on the younger man's bump. It was steadily getting bigger. Rossi begins to kiss the bump- run his tongue along the newly risen skin.

Spencer is grasping the pillow and panting. Rossi slowly moves down and begins to tongue Spencer's cock. Spencer gasps and writhes. Rossi sucks him deep into his throat. He bobs his head until Spencer tells him he's about to cum. Rossi takes him completely in and sucks hard until Spencer explodes. Spencer lays limp on the bed smiling at Rossi.

"You're such a good man," Spencer says. Rossi crawls up and kisses him. "Anything for my snuggle-person," he says. He takes Spencer in his arms and pets his stomach until Spencer gets some sleep.

He gets up and calls Hotch to let him know about the hospital visit. "He should take some more time off," Rossi says. "Done. I'm concerned that he won't return. I absolutely do not want that," Hotch tell him. "Morgan spoke with him. He apologized. Said you weren't making him do it." Hotch is silent for a moment. "It's true. I didn't tell them they had to say anything to him. I just pointed out that Spencer has done more for them than they've ever realized."

"Well, we'll both be coming by tomorrow morning to visit. Spencer is showing and I wanted you to see. He told me you sounded genuinely happy for him." Hotch affirms. "I'll be expecting you bright and early Dave."

He hangs the phone up with a smile. Only one more thing to do before he can rejoin his gorgeous, young lover. He finds Derek's number in his phone and sends him a message. "We are coming in tomorrow. Spencer will only be there for a short while. You had better make the most of it."