They go home and Spencer's in much higher spirits. "Spencer, you look lovely smiling like that," Rossi compliments. Spencer kisses his boyfriend. "David, you're a good man," he tells him.

David kisses him again and they walk clumsily to the bedroom. "Wait, Spence. There's something I want to ask you," Rossi says. Spencer stops, hand on his stomach and looks at Rossi. "Spence, I love you," Rossi begins. Spencer smiles. "I love you too, David." They kiss again but Rossi still pushes his back.

"Spence, will you marry me?" Spencer looks at Rossi with wide eyes. Suddenly he pushes Rossi off the bed. "Get the fuck out of my room!" He yells. Rossi gets up and nearly runs out. Spencer locks their door and doesn't make another sound. Rossi has no idea what he's done wrong.

He goes into the living room and texts Aaron. "Ready to hear something you're not used to hearing?" he asks. "What?" Aaron responds. "You were wrong," Rossi responds. "Likely. What was I wrong about, so that it may never happen again?" Rossi frowns. Did something just break in their room?

"I asked Spencer to marry me. He told me to get the fuck out of his room and locked the door. Very sure he's smashing everything of value." Rossi sighs and waits for his friend to give him advise. "Call Morgan over," is Hotch's advice.

The dark-skinned agent is greeted warmly by Rossi. "Morgan, I swear, I did nothing to make him angry. I asked him to marry me and he exploded." Derek smiles cooly. "I've gone through a few pregnancies myself with my sisters. Let me talk to him and see what's going on."

Derek knocks on the door and is given access by Spencer. Rossi sits in the living room sipping scotch for almost an hour before Derek and Spencer join him. Derek has an arm around Spencer and Spencer is wiping his eyes.

"Now, explain to Dave why you were so mean," Derek says. Spencer sniffles. "I'm sorry David," Spencer says. "Pretty boy, I didn't say apologize. I said explain."

"I didn't mean to get so angry. I just don't want you to ask me that unless you really mean it. I don't want you to ask because your family wants it or because it looks good for the BAU. I want you to ask because you love me and you love our baby and you want to be with us forever," Spencer explains.

Rossi takes him in his arms to kiss him. "I wouldn't ask for any other reason, Spencer." Derek is chuckling at this point. "You're going to have a fun pregnancy with this one. Are you all square now?" He asks. Spencer and Rossi nod and Derek goes home.

Rossi draws Spencer into his arms. "Do you want to have a bath with me?" Spencer nods, still whimpering. Rossi leads him to the bathroom and runs them a warm bath. They undress and Rossi gets in first. He holds Spencer against his and rubs the belly that was getting even bigger.

"I'm sorry that I upset you," Rossi says. Spencer shakes his head. "I'm sorry that I overreacted. I love you, Dave. I would love to marry you." Rossi kisses him again tenderly. He keep a palm rested on Spencer's belly while the other hand goes further down.

"Dave, make love to me as the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with," Spencer says while they make their way to bed; naked and still wet. "I do that every time we make love, Spencer," he answers back softly.