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It didn't matter.

Appearance never really truly mattered to her and unless one possessed a whack full of slimy tentacles like a certain spider she would rather not mention, it never would matter.

"So you... spit up an egg?" Kagome asked with curious wide eyes as a gentle breeze blew through her long dark hair, "And that's how you reproduce?"

"It's a lot less strange than how you humans do it," Piccolo answered gruffly, crossing his arms and looking away from the teenage girl, "I cannot even comprehend what you human females go through."

"But throwing up an egg?" Kagome shuddered at the thought and nine months of pregnancy almost sounded less stressful in comparison.

Well, at least she was learning more and more about her new 'guardian' each day.

"Don't you have that 'school' with Gohan to attend?" Piccolo asked, eyeing the girl from the corner of his eyes.

She was peculiar, he would definitely admit to that, and though he would never say it out loud (even if someone tried to beat it out of him), he was actually sort of content that he had found her almost dead in a well and took her to Goku's to help heal her back to health.

And in return, he seemed to have gained her rather strange affection.

"I'll see you after school!" Kagome jumped on Piccolo's back, hanging off his broad shoulders as he tensed quite noticeably, "Gohan wants to see you too!" She tightened her arms briefly around his neck and she couldn't help herself any longer.

She gave his adorable ears a tweak, much to his surprise, "Almost as cute as Inuyasha's~" She mumbled contently and finally released him, "Later, Piccolo-san!"

Piccolo clenched his eyes shut, keeping his arms crossed as Gohan descended from the sky on a familiar golden cloud, having come to pick Kagome up.

He would never ever ever admit it, but...




Her ear touches actually felt really quite nice.