Ascension in to Darkness

Even though it was just a dream, I still cannot shake the uneasy feeling in my gut. Like something... or someone was trying to reach out to me... to warn me about something to come. Although I'm not sure what it's purpose or reason for whatever it was trying to do was exactly, if it even had one for a matter of thoughts pondered endlessly through my mind creating a sense of false security within my subconcious. It was like a drain was sucking out all the sense of security and protection from my mind creating a looming void of vunerability within my mind. Crushing everything I ever knew about the safety within my thoughts.

My emotions were battling inside my head creating a sense superstition in which was driving me into state of self-inducued insanity. God just make it stop! I don't know how long my mind can last against this vast sea of raging thoughts of uncertainty as they ripple through my mind like a hurricane, twirling, ripping, and tearing and tossing my thoughts like leaf caught in the wind. My feelings are being reduced to a raging sense of paredolia inside causing my visual perception to warp into a hellish nightmare of lingering seclusion.

"AHHHH!" I awoke in a cold sweat from the hellish nightmare that haunted my mind. I reared up in bed and angled my head torwards my alarm clock so that I could see what time it was. "3:27 a.m" I muttered under my breath and was followed by a heavy sigh of frustration that broke the erie silence. This was the third time this week that my this same dream... well not a dream, the term 'illusion' would better describe it. Still it felt like something was trying to contact me in my dreams and as much as tried not to believe it.. I knew it was true.

My thoughts were inturupted abruptly by a knock at my bedroom door and was followed by a voice that was obiviously male in tone. It was my brother David.

"Xavier, you okay in there?" David asked obviously concerned for my well being.

"Yeah..." I replied flatly trying to get my brother to leave me alone so I could regather my thoughts so I wouldn't be so much of a nervous wreck. I didn't want him to walk in because I was quite literally almost a step from a from a complete mental breakdown. This reoccurring nightmare was devouring at my sanity. I needed some time alone to regain my thoughts and sanity otherwise I could very possibly go insane.

"Really because it sure as heck didn't sound like it." He replied, his voice slightly muffled by the closed door. David had always been obsessive about things, the second he wanted to know something... he would stop at nothing until he had answers.

"Just go away." I responded with a slight tinge of irratation in my voice. I was starting become a little aggitated of lingering presence.

"Ok, whatever you say." He replied, I could sense a feeling of dissapointment in his voice. Most likely due to the fact that he knew he couldn't much answers from me. I had always been told throughout my life that I was as stubborn and hard headed as they come.

As I heard he footsteps fade into the distance, fatigue washed over me and I fell back into a deep slumber.

But the cruel truth is that this was the dream, and I was coming back to reality. The post-apocalyptic world that I had grown accustomed to.



I wonder what is trying to contact Xavier... DUN DUN DUN!


Don't worry next chapter has Spyro and Cynder in it.