Ascension into Darkness

Chapter 3

Xavier's POV

Still, a part of me argued with myself that Spyro was innocent. I kept finding myself asking myself was he really at fault. My head was turned into a maelstrom of raging thoughts again; tearing and turning my though into a restless sea of violence.

I quickly shoved these thoughts aside when I heard a groan that I was all too familiar with. I quickly whirled around and starred straight down the iron sights of my ARX-160 with muzzle of the rifle pointing toward the origin of the sound. I crouched sown on my knees to for better stability and so kick of the rifle would be reduced.

The groan tripled in volume as quickly as it begun, whatever was coming was either huge or had numbers; it was most likely option two.

I switched the safety off my ARX-160 and switched the fire setting to full auto. I dropped my current mag and shoved in a fresh one and pulled back on the loader, I could here the click as the bullet loaded in place inside the chamber.

About five seconds later a huge wave of reanimates rushed over the hill moaning, yelling, and groaning at me in full blown sprint. The glowing yellow gave them a feral and animalistic appearance. Luckily my immunity to whatever started this made me resistant to dying due radiation exposure.

I centered my iron sights dead on (no pun intended) one of their heads and then squeezed the trigger, I could hear the zombie's head implode right on the spot with a loud crunch and hit the ground with a thud. I held down on the trigger unleashing maelstrom of bullets. Brain matter and limbs flew everywhere.

I lingered for a few more seconds before I bolted toward the nearest building entrance bursting through the broken double doors. The room looked partially collapsed there was a small crevice in the middle of the room, no doubt caused by the mass earthquakes that followed after the partial destruction of the earth. One the main features that caught my eyes was the fact that looked like part of building had been caved in from a meteor that was resting in the far corner of the room. It had most likely fell from the ring of asteroids around the earth that had formed shortly after the explosion of the entire eastern hemisphere of the planet.

I made a mental note to myself to check the meteor later when I wasn't being by chased by a bunch rotten corpses that were trying to rearrange my face. I vaulted over and took cover behind what appeared to be a info kiosk as I quickly switched my ARX-160 for my Vector K10 with tactical laser and holographic sight. I switched the safety off and turned on the laser pointer, I quickly peeked out my head from behind the kiosk to get good glance at my targets.

The reanimates had already busted through the door and were shuffling around like a bunch a drunkards who had lost their bet. They were looking for me without a doubt, the slightest noise would send them bolting toward me at full speed at the slightest moment and the building was to constricted for me to have to run away from zombies like a maniac. The only chance I had was to take them out silently one by one; I quickly took out a suppressor and shoved it on the barrel of my Vector as it slid into place with a silent click. Apparently one of the zombies heard my suppressor's click it made and started to shuffle toward the kiosk where I was hiding. It stopped at the foot of the desk and looked around for the source of the sound before eventually growling in frustration and giving up.

I let out a sigh of relief as the zombie gave up on the search and went back to whatever it was doing...and to be honest I don't really didn't want to find out either. I quickly popped out from behind the counter and squeezed the trigger as the .45 ACP rounds proceeded to drill a hole through the skull as if it were paper.

"So much for stealth..." I cursed to myself as the rest of the reanimates turned around to realize where I was hiding so they could resume their chase. I quickly vaulted over the desk as I started to franticly look for a escape route, my eyes ground to a stop on partially collapsed staircase to the far right of the meteor that looked like more of a death trap than an escape route. I looked behind me to see at least a hundred more reanimates scrambling through door.

"Now that I think about it...that staircase doesn't look so bad after all." I argued with myself in my head. Without a second thought I started to sprint toward the mangled stairwell, the stairwell groaned and creaked under my feet threatening to collapse under my feet at any second. As I started to reach the summit of the staircase the stairs started to buckle and crack under pressure, I turned around to look behind me again. The reanimates were scrambling up the staircase, their glowing yellow eyes filled with feral instinct and hunger, the staircase could barely hold the weight of one person let alone fifty it was sure to fail.

The stairs started to buckle and warp violently as the reanimates continued to rush up the staircase with some difficulty due to their motor skills being slightly hindered. I snapped out of my thoughts when a huge crack split through the middle part of the stairwell ushering my into a state of emergency.

"Looks like my overstay here is over," I mumble to myself as I started to bolt up the staircase. The staircase made and audible 'snap' that was by the sound of metal warping as the stairwell started to give way beneath me, I rounded around the corner of another flight of stairs as the sound kept growing in intensity.

"Come on!" I practically screamed in my head, my legs ached wanting me to stop and rest, I was panting frantically as I rounded the final flight of stairs.

"Almost there..." The collapsing stairwell was literally right behind me as made to the top of the staircase and dove through doorway the second the entire stairwell gave way and fell down. I collapsed on the floor frantically trying to catch my breath, my heart moving a million miles an hour.

"Holy shit..." I mumbled inaudibly to myself, "note to self, don't try to always go guns blazing." It was my own stupidity that almost got me killed, most likely the only reason I am still alive is from blind luck.

I sat there for a few minutes trying not only to regain my composure but also just trying to figure out what the hell just happened. It all had happened so fast I didn't have time to think about what was actually happening or what I was doing either, I just reacted and ran. Probably just from sheer adrenaline.

When I finally regained my composure I slowly stood up from where I had literally collapsed on the floor and checked my surrounding. The hallway I was in was dimly lit, the only light coming from some flares here and there and from some of the windows and holes in the wall. I had a theory that proven right when I walked to a near by light switch and flipped it on and off repeatedly and none off the lights even flickered.

"Great. Power's out." And this didn't come as a shock either, pretty much the entire world's power grid was down. I started to go down the hallway ducking and swerving around some occasional debris on my way. It was quiet and erie and the only sounds that broke the silence were the hiss of the flares that were scattered about burning. There was most likely someone that had been here before recently, hence the flares that were still burning.

I stopped when I spotted a small container labeled with 'Pyrotechnics' on it that was lit by some burning flares. I quickly made my way over to it and pried it open, the box contained about five unused flares, a box of matches, a lighter with a couple of bottles of lighter fluid, a loaded flare gun with some four spares, and a couple glow sticks. I quickly grabbed the contents and shoved them into my backpack for use at later time.

I was about to leave when a small barred up door caught my attention. I slowly approached the door and peered through the metal bars on the door and what I saw made my jaw go slack. Guns...guns...and more fucking guns along with a shit ton of ammo. It appeared to be some kind of makeshift armory of some sort. I pulled on the door only to find that it was locked shut, I almost gave up there when I remember something and started to rummage through my backpack and pulled out a small makeshift thermite charge that I had acquired off of dead body a few days back.

I quickly placed it on the door lock; and after making sure it was firmly secured; pulled out the lighter I had gotten from the pyrotechnics box and used it to light the fuse. It started to hiss loudly as the thermite started to sear through the door from the intense heat. The metal surrounding the thermite started to glow red then white as it turned into liquid iron. When the thermite charged had finally burnt out it had melted the lock on the door into liquid iron. I pushed open the door and stepped inside and started to grab as much as I could carry.

A couple of things that really caught my eye were a M4 Beneli Super with a full box of shells next to it, some frag grenades, two flashbangs, a G18 with tactical light, a HK416 with holographic sight and fore grip in which I traded out my ARX-160 for, Claymores, and a WWII Bowie Knife. I had also had a few other guns in which I took apart for easier carrying.

When I was all stocked up and about to leave a small little medallion of some sort caught my eye. I bent over and picked it up and began to inspect it. It seemed to be made out a black metal of some sort and had what appeared to be Illuminati code written on it. I flipped it over to the other side which had the symbol for the Illuminati on it which was the pyramid with the all seeing eye. I had learned that the Free Masons had based there logo of the Illuminati's. I started to stare into the pyramid's eye as if I were searching for something, then the whole medallion started to glow intensely until I was completely blinded by the light.

The last thing I registered was the sound of birds chirping before I blacked out.


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