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Emserai: You don't have to worry, Sam doesn't think Blaine has a crush on him - Blaine was just fooling around and he knew that.

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Guest: I'll try to explain myself better here. I'm not saying that Glee didn't portray the reality of a school shooting well - I agree with you, the cast did a really good job in this episode. What I meant by them "emotionally manipulating the audience" was simply the timing. I think if they had done this any other time I might not have a problem with it - the fact that they wrote the story so soon after the most recent tragedy makes me feel like they knew it was still in the minds of the audience so they used it as a way to grab ratings (or at least have people talking about it). I know a lot of people who were angry/upset when they heard about this storyline so I think they kind of felt the same way. And I agree with you in that Glee is a dramedy, but the thing is a dramedy is supposed to be a mixture of both drama and comedy (and considering for awards the writers always submit themselves in the comedy category, they clearly see themselves as leaning more towards the comedy side). Like you mentioned, Friends was a perfect example - even in their most serious moments they could come out with a line that would make you laugh. The fact that a lot of people keep asking "where's the comedy" implies that Glee has kind of failed lately in striking up that balance (not saying that it doesn't have it's occasional funny moments, but these days it usually makes me angry rather than laugh and I miss that about Glee) and it seems more like a bad teen drama or soap opera with their "comedy" being more offensive than funny (look what they're doing to Tina - I honestly think that how their butchering her character is funny).

Sweet Dreams

Blaine finished applying the lotion to his hands and watched from his desk as Kurt applied the last cream in his nightly skin care regime to his face. They were both in their pyjamas having a late night Skype date before they went to bed – it had been a busy week for Kurt and this had been one of the few times that they had been able to see each other face to face (so to speak).

"Oh my God, I can't believe I haven't asked before now," Blaine said suddenly. "How did yours and Rachel's Funny Girl auditions go? That was today right?"

"Yeah they were today," Kurt replied as he massaged in his moisturiser. "And the answer is that they didn't, or at least mine didn't."

"What do you mean?"

"I decided not to audition."

"What?" Blaine asked, dumbfounded. "Why? What happened?"

"I realised I was never going to get it. And not because I didn't think that I wasn't talented enough," Kurt quickly interjected before Blaine could protest. "It was just that when we were there at the audition, and I was looking around at all those people who have been doing this for a long time, I realised that I didn't want to audition because I didn't feel ready. There is still so much more that NYADA has to teach me, and I feel like I still have so far to go before I am anywhere near the level that these people were at. As much as I want to be a star, I don't need to be one right now. I would much rather get as much training as I can under my belt at NYADA and actually graduate in order to have the best shot that I can in getting roles instead of wasting my time and the time of others auditioning for roles that in my heart I know I am just not ready for."

Blaine smiled fondly at Kurt, pride shining in his eyes. "It takes a lot for someone to acknowledge something like that. I am so proud of you right now Kurt."

"Why thank you," Kurt said, his tone becoming flippant as he playfully fluffed up his hair. "And besides, Funny Girl isn't really the play that I'm meant to make my fabulous Broadway debut on. That's always been Rachel's dream not mine, so for now I'm happy to support her until the right role for me comes along and she can return the favour." Kurt then levelled his gaze at Blaine, his mood instantly became a little more sombre. "But enough about me, what about you? How are you holding up?"

Blaine moved over towards the bed and lay down, placing the laptop on the pillow next to him. "I'm good. I've been sleeping a little better, so I'm not a total zombie at school, although I have to admit there have been a few moments where I've zoned out once or twice. I try to stay distracted so I don't think about it too much, which has been pretty easy with all the Glee drama at the moment."

"I'm glad you're feeling better," Kurt said softly. "And I never thought I'd say this, but I actually miss all of the drama that used to go on in Glee." Kurt also moved over to his bed and propped his chin up on his hands. "Spill."

"Okay, so you know how Regionals are coming up?"

"Of course. It falls right after our anniversary, how could I forget?"

"Right, well we found out what the theme is today and it's 'Dreams'. So Mr Shue gave us a set list that was… well, one that none of us were all too fond of."

"Let me guess – the songs were all from the dark ages?" Kurt asked knowingly.

"You're not too wrong. How did you know?"

"It's not the first time that Mr Shue has done this. Did I ever tell you about our first school rally as a glee club?"

Blaine shook his head.

"He wanted us to do disco, and considering we had only just started and were still scraping the bottom of the social ladder, we didn't want to paint the targets on our back any bigger. So we decided to do something a little more risqué and performed 'Push It' instead. There was a lot of thrusting and ass shaking involved."

Blaine grinned saucily. "I would have loved to see you do that."

"I bet you would have. Anyway, Mr Shue wasn't too happy with us after that – he kind of raked us over the coals."

"Yeah, he did the same with us. After I realised that most of us weren't happy with the set list – I mean, some of us didn't even know the songs Mr Shue had chosen – and that we were most likely going to lose Regionals with those songs, I gathered the rest of the Glee club together and we decided to make our own set list, one that we all approved of."

"That was very responsible of you."

"I do try," Blaine preened. "But unfortunately for me, I don't think Mr Shue sees it that way – he kind of lay into me when we tried presenting him with our own set list, asking me how I could have let this happen. Although I wasn't the only one who bore the brunt of his anger – Marley, Sam and Unique took a few hits as well."

"Well that's good. I mean, it's not good that they got yelled at as well, but I'm glad that you weren't the only one who was picked on. Does that make me a bad person?"

Blaine smiled. "No, that makes you a caring boyfriend."

Kurt squirmed happily in his seat. "Oh good. Yay me."

"Ugh, spare me," Santana's voice drifted faintly through the speakers.

Kurt's eyes narrowed as he turned to look in the direction where Santana's voice obviously came from. "It wouldn't be a problem if you weren't listening in Satan! I think we seriously need to sit down with you and discuss your issue with other people's privacy!"

"Please, you and your laptop lover over there are so freaking sweet there are people over in California who are getting cavities right now," Santana said, her voice in the laptop getting louder which Blaine assumed meant that she was walking closer towards Kurt. "A flimsy little curtain isn't going to save my precious ears from the sugar spilling from your mouths."

"Well either indulge your sweet tooth or make yourself scarce because Blaine and I would like to finish our conversation."

Blaine watched as Kurt's eyes narrowed further, but before he could ask why Santana spoke up again, sounding awfully sly.

"Is that so? And here I thought you said that you and Bruce were exclusive. Does he know that you're cheating on him with Little Miss Sunshine over there?"

"Bruce?" Blaine asked in confusion at the same time as Kurt's harsh "Santana!"

The camera angle suddenly spun around and Blaine was faced with an incredibly smug Santana. "You mean your boy here hasn't told you about his little bedtime buddy? And here I thought you guys didn't have any secrets."

The laptop was quickly snatched back and Kurt's face reappeared. "Don't listen to her Blaine," Kurt rushed out. "Long story short, Bruce is a boyfriend pillow that I got when we were having our little break and I was lonely and I didn't want to tell you because it's really embarrassing but now you know and I hope you don't mind waiting for five minutes because right now I'm going to go kill Santana for not keeping her trap shut. You'll be my alibi after they discover her body right?"

"Of course," Blaine laughed as Kurt disappeared again, presumably to chase after Santana who Blaine could distinctly hear cackling through his tiny laptop speakers.