To those that thought this was a new chapter for The Incomplete Prophecy…sorry. I have run out of ideas about that one and would gladly welcome new ideas from you guys. Just to let you know I am still alive, here is a story…well, more of a one-shot.

Eddard Stark-31

Catelyn Stark-29

Jon Snow-13

Robb Stark-14

Brandon Stark-9

Sansa Stark-11

Arya Stark-9

Rickon Stark-2

I messed up their ages a little, so that their character can be the same as it should be at their age.

Catelyn Stark stormed up the stairs, dragging her husband's bastard by the ear. She had enough. This bastard had been nothing but trouble!

First was him breaking Robb's ankle in swordplay. That, Catelyn could tolerate. After all, the whole point of having swords was to hurt men. Catelyn didn't like it, but managed to live with it.

Then he went and took Arya adventuring in the godswood. Arya had come back with scratches and bruises all over her body. Catelyn had kept a close eye on Jon after that. She couldn't blame him for that, considering Arya's adventurous nature.

As if those weren't enough, Jon had broken Sansa's doll when playing with Bran. Sansa had cried a full hour while Jon looked on guiltily. Of course, before Catelyn could seize the chance to get Ned to punish him, that little brat had made Sansa a new one and Sansa loved that one even more than the one he broke.

The worst thing of all was when Jon spilled hot water all over baby Rickon.

Of course, Catelyn didn't hate him enough to report all of his faults, but he certainly deserved to be punished for at least one of them.

She reached the second landing and yanked harder on the ear, earning a small cry from the boy, and trotted along the corridor faster. She had no destination in mind, just one notion.

Punish the boy.

Line break

Jon was scared. Lady Catelyn had just stormed in when she heard Rickon's cries, and when she saw the scalded Rickon and Jon by his crib holding the guilty pot that was once filled with boiling water, she hadn't said a word but had grabbed Jon by the ear and marched off, leaving a wailing Rickon, a scared Arya that had gone unnoticed and a disgruntled Robb struggling to get up from the floor. Now, they were headed to the torture chambers, and Jon wondered when Catelyn had last cut her nails.

He remembered the scene that had got him into this. Or rather, the scenes. Lady Catelyn seemed to be very stressed.

Line break

Robb thrust his wooden sword at Jon's arm, with enough force to leave a bruise, but Jon blocked it and moved in for another attack. Robb jumped aside to duck, but instead he hit his left foot on a rock and fell to the ground with a yowl.

Jon put away his sword and hurried to check on Robb, but was knocked out of the way by Lady Catelyn.

'Robb, are you okay?' she asked, looking over him with a mother's concern-something Jon will never get. Robb managed a pained nod. 'I think the ankle is broken, but nothing else is hurt.'

'And you say you are okay,' Catelyn chided. 'Come to the castle, and remind me to never let you play with the bastard again!'

Line break

'Please…' Arya whined, doing the puppy dog eyes. 'Just for once! It wouldn't be fun without you there!'

Jon sighed. 'But if I get into more trouble I'm done for. You know your mother.'


Jon crumbled under Arya's pleading gaze. 'Fine,' he said, grabbing his coat. 'But you are vouching for me if anything goes wrong.'

Line break

'Jon, this is fun!' Bran yelled as Jon chased him over the courtyard. Jon grinned and poured on speed. Sansa was playing with her dolls nearby, with no wish to join the filthy activities. Arya was trying to catch her breath after being chased by Jon for the past half hour.

Bran looked back over his shoulder to see how Jon was gaining on him, and tripped on a rock.

'Bran!' Jon rushed to catch him, and succeeded, but by breaking one of Sansa's dolls.

Sansa stared at the doll, then at Jon with tearful eyes.

Then she wailed so loudly that Jon supposed that the men at the Wall would have heard it too.

Catelyn came rushing out at once.

'Dear, what's wrong?'

Then she saw the doll, broken and dirty on the ground.

'Who did this?'

Sansa hiccupped, tears still running down her face. But she still said the words that Jon knew he was doomed for.

'J…Jon broke her…when Bran…Bran fell down…when they…they were playing…'

Catelyn wheeled to face Jon. 'You have been nothing but trouble,' she spat. Then she turned to Sansa, changing her voice tone and expression immediately. 'Hush, dear, I can promise you that father will know about this.'

With one last glare at Jon, she marched away.

Line break

Jon crossed the nursery carefully, a pot of boiling water in his hands. Lady Catelyn had kept her word about letting his father know, but Lord Eddard Stark had simply chuckled while admiring Sansa's new doll, which she had shown proudly to father.

'Well,' he said. 'You are a fine craftsman.'

Lady Catelyn swelled.

'But,' he added hastily. 'You must learn to be more careful. In this case, I want you to help the maid carry a pot of hot water to the nursery. '

So here he was, carrying a pot of boiling water like any common maid.

He entered the nursery, and headed for the table to put the stupid pot down. Robb was there on his crutches, and so was Arya, with an evil glint in her eyes. Bran should be climbing buildings somewhere out there.

Robb was making his way towards the bookshelf, which was right beside the table, which in turn was beside the crib. Jon walked in the same way as Robb but was careful not to spill a drop of water.

It all happened in a split second. Arya's eyes widened, realizing what she had done and yelled, 'No!' a moment before Robb tripped over a cleverly placed stack of books and knocked into Jon, thus spilling the water all into the crib.


Then a wail shook the air. Jon leapt up and looked inside.

His worst fears were confirmed. Rickon was inside the crib.

And badly scalded.

That was when Lady Catelyn stormed in with a god almighty fury.

Line break

Catelyn flung the doors open. Then she realized where she had brought the boy.

The torture chamber.

Complete with every kind of torture device that comes to mind, the chamber was large and magnificent. Ancient amulets hung from the ceiling to prevent the curse of blood staining their house. Carvings of a man submitting the truth to previous lords of Winterfell were on the walls.

For a moment, Catelyn hesitated.

He's just a boy.

He hurt your children!

He's only a year younger than Robb.

He broke Sansa's heart.

He made up for it.

But Rickon could die!

The last one did the spell. Catelyn shoved the boy roughly into the middle of the room and grabbed a whip from the nearby wall.

Jon's eyes widened and he crept away from her.

Catelyn slammed the doors shut and locked them. Then the keys were shoved into her pocket.

Jon scanned the room desperately for an escape. Catelyn advanced on him.

The first blow was struck. Jon screamed.

Well…a multi chapter one-shot. Make any sense?