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1st Floor

The first time Yayoi sees him, he is still an inspector.

She thinks, only fools can be deceived by such crude bribery and she knows who she is – she still has her pride, even after the long hours, days, months she has spent in the institution. Who is he kidding?

To return to society as a lapdog is not an offer she will accept.

But when he presents her the Ernie Ball string, she relents.

2nd Floor

Kougami is driving. No, he isn't – the car is automatic.

She reminds him from the backseat that second-hand smoke is more dangerous.

He shrugs and never cares to look back at her. It angers her but she does not have that privilege – she is the loyal hound and he is her master.

What he does next, however, truly astounds her.

He crushes the cigarette with the sole of his shoe and smiles, very lightly but he does.

"Happy?" He asks but she cannot respond.


3rd Floor

"You will do fine," he tells her, and his reassuring grip is warm in her fingertips.

It is their first mission briefing together and Yayoi hears her teeth grinding, feels her nails digging into her palms. Anxiety, when it comes, crashes in successive waves.

Her gaze travels from the spectators and then back to the screen.

Inhale. Exhale. She repeats.

She notices his eyes trained on her and her alone. Her breathing evens out and she acknowledges him – his support – and she answers to his expectations.

That same night, they raid both Yellow Hood and 27 Club.

4th Floor

Kougami shows her to her living quarters – he cannot call it a home because that is beyond preposterous.

Walls are white-washed, the tiles reek of disinfectant. She does not complain but her hands hover over her nose because the stench is something she cannot tolerate.

He glances at her and then takes a handkerchief off his pocket. He loans it to her – tries – but she rejects him because she doesn't want more debts.

5th Floor

The Dominator, Yayoi notes, is light in comparison to its role – Sybil's eyes, he says.

Apparently, Sasayama has a short fuse and causes a ruckus in 27 Club. They respond along with Ginoza and she runs into the chaos all for the slim chance of reuniting with an old friend.

Rina's voice resounds in her ears, like a broken record.

They meet but it isn't all cheer. Things change and her naivety brings her to ruins – she cannot save her, not anyone.

She aims but she cannot shoot. The trigger does not yield and with no other option, she chases a fading phantom but she fails – her happiness slips from her grasp.

He watches in silence and she breaks.

"I will become an enforcer," she says and finally, she falls into his trap.