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6th Floor

"I'm not supposed to be out here," she reasons, quite soundly at that.

Kougami lifts his brow – he does get her point but why? He is taking her for a breath of fresh air, away from the suffocating walls of the headquarters and yet she says, implies, that she is uncomfortable where they are heading.

Rather, he understands and her mere perplexity is making him laugh; although, he wants to show enough decency to not erupt in a fit in front of her.

"We're out on official business," he reassures her. Glancing back, he sees that she isn't convinced. "Shopping for appliances is business, I'll have you know."

"Enlighten me," she challenges.

For a split second, he lets his pretty, little mind do all the dirty work – really, how is he to come up with a way to tell her that decorating her room with furnishings while making it sound professional? He knows that she is anxious, quite, as the soles of her polished shoes tap against the floor.

Then, he hits the jackpot.

"You cannot live on instant noodles every, single day, can you?" he says and hands her a pamphlet of cooking appliances.

She seems pleased with his answer and he decides that he can live with that.

7th Floor

"Black," Kougami argues.

"White," she responds.

With their aimless bickering, they have attracted a crowd; to an on-looker, they may look like a couple (sans the suit, and in her case, pencil skirt and a matching blazer) quarreling about something as mundane as to which color is better.

There stands a minimalistic lounge chair in between both of them, the very source of the long-winded debate.

"It's my quarters, so I'll decide," she tells him, flatly.

Surely, he doesn't want to press his authority onto her so he relents.

"We will purchase this on my account." Just as they are walking to the counter, he spots a settee in a chic, grey hue. He fights the urge but soon gives in and inspects it, with her in tow.

She nods silently. "I think I like this better."

8th Floor

Pheromones or not, the attraction is there.

Kougami knows that he has a thing for smart women, and she is not an exemption. Her aptitude as a detective far exceeds the norms, hence her being his subordinate – no, a companion. Latent criminal or not, he intends to let his interest burn, unless she snuffs it out herself.

"I'll take you to dinner," he offers as they pass his favorite haunt inside the department store.

She is maintaining a safe distance but scoots near him as she answers, "I dislike cheapskates."

There is a mischievous lilt in her voice and he seizes the opening in her defense.

She is smiling as he walks closer to her, and he holds comfort in the subtle warmth between them.

9th Floor

"Thank you."

Kougami narrowly misses hearing her say it but he does nonetheless.

(Although, he hates himself for acting like an excited, prepubescent kid – he feels his heart skip a beat – and he pretends to itch for cigarettes when it is actually the opposite.)

10th Floor

Kougami leads her to her room and she bows to him – a sign of her gratitude.

"The furniture will arrive early this week." He is using this pretense to continue the conversation; she seems pleased with his company but there is something in her that he cannot decipher. Perhaps, he isn't as much of a lady's man as he has initially thought?

"I guess I'll see you–" She looks to her right and tells him that she hears something.

He nods in agreement and she sends him off with a smile.

("Sasayama!" He roars later in the night. Sasayama does not deny eavesdropping on his superior and between the fits of laughter, he figures he doesn't regret it either.)