Impmon's last thoughts before his death... Ha, gotcha! ^^Did you really think Impmon'd die? No. This little fic is based on the events in the bus after Beelzemon lost in the fight against D-Reaper. Enjoy! PS. The song rocks!

"Sorry For Everything-Dead by April"

Impmon bearly heared Ai and Mako's voices. He knew ge was coming to his end. At least, it would be a peacefull death in the arms of his Tamers...

Sometimes you said

I didn't listen to your words

That I even made you cry

Maybe I didn't show in every possible way

How much I care

Still he had some grief overcome him. He tried to redeem for his sins and he knew he failed. He couldn't save Jeri from D-Reaper. He actually wanted to go back through time, to the better moments he had with his Tamers; to the time when he left them. He wanted to go back to them, despite the fact they were so horrible to him. This then would've turned out different. Renamon, Guilmon, Terriermon... They were all right regarding their Tamers. There wasn't anything bad in having a Tamer. Indramon was wrong. Caturamon too. Impmon had a faint smile across his face.

I'm sorry for not being myself

For everything ending this way

Maybe I, maybe you could need this change

I'm sorry for, for everything

At least Gallantmon showed those Devas how strong the bond between Digimon and Tamer can be. Gallantmon, who always was a Knight of Justice. Even when Guilmon digivoluved to Megidramon, despite possibly knowing that he'll turn into a monster, he did it because of a friend. Despite being destructive and terrible as Megidramon, he was a better Digimon then Impmon could ever be.

I wish that I could stop your tears from falling down

Probably I'd make it worse

Maybe I wasn't always there

It doesn't mean I don't care

Whatever it was

Impmon felt ashamed as he remembered how he killed Leomon brutally in front of Jeri's eyes. She begged Gallantmon to not kill him, despite he knew he'd deserved that. She didn't want to see an another friend die. Impmon, back then as Beelzemon, was stunned and shocked. He leater thought a lot about it. He felt guilt, even hallucinating Jeri.

"I don't want this power! Take it!"

Yes, that were his words. He favored at that time his weak Rookie Level instead his strong Mega Level. Though, the words had a different meaning.

I'm sorry for not being myself

For everything ending this way

Maybe I, maybe you could need this change

I'm sorry for For everything

"I'm sorry, for everything!" He wanted to say that but he couldn't. He fainted, as the little Crysalimon attacked him. He couldn't remember how long he was lying there until Rika ans Renamon found him. He was glad that they still cared, Even that man cared. He helped him to find Ai and Mako. Impmon remembered their happy faces when they met again, and their determinated expressions when he went to the battle. He gained back the trust he lost, but as a payback, he had to witness the horror in Jeri's eyes.

"You're not...Leomon!"

We're minutes away from saying goodbye for all of time

I'm seconds away from breaking apart

That was the ultimate kick. The next thing he felt was pain. Sharp plates dugged into his back. Before everything turned black he heared his friends calling his name. Then he found himself in Ai's lap. He smiled sadly. He wished he could do more, but now, everything he wanted is to fall asleep and never wake up again. Then he saw a bright purplish light and giggles echoed in his mind.

No, he had to be strong; for the Tamers, for their partners, for Ai and Mako.

For Jeri.

He opened his eyes weakly.

I'm sorry for For everything

I'm sorry for not being myself

For everything ending this way

Maybe I, maybe you (maybe we) could need this change

I'm sorry for (I'm sorry for everything)

For everything (For Everything!)

-Jeri, I'm sorry, for everything.-