"THAT WAS A DELIBRATE ATTEMPT ON MY LIFE!" Chi-Fu yelled storming down the palace steps where Mulan, Shang, Ling, Yao, Chien-Po, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Franky, Robin, Chopper, Usopp, Brook, and Nami.

"As if anyone cared enough about you to try to kill you." Zoro yelled.

"WHERE IS SHE, NOW SHE'S DONE IT WHAT A MESS!" he yelled reaching them. Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po pulled Mulan behind them, retreating behind the nine strawhats as Shang stood in front of them all. "STAND ASIDE, THAT CREATURE'S NOT WORTH PROTECTING!" Chi-Fu yelled.


"She's a hero." Shang insisted.

"She's a woman, she'll never be anything." Chi-Fu said.

"SHE SAVED YOU'R LIFE YOU JERK!" Luffy yelled. Franky, Usopp, Zoro, Robin, and Chopper all restrained the rubbery captain and cook of the crew. Shang also had enough of this point of veiw. He grabbed the front of Chi-Fu's robe.

"Listen, you pompus..." he started.

"That is enough." the Emporors calm voice cut over the scean. Everyone fell silent, Shang approched him.

"Your majesty, I can explain." he tried, but he was silenced by a hand, then the Emporor flicted his hand to the side. The groups parted to let Mulan step forward, where she bowed to the elderly monarch.

"I've heard a great deal about you, Fa Mulan. You stole your fathers armor, ran away from home. Imperenated a soldier, endangered the lives of thousands of men, deceived your comanding officer, dishonored the chinesse army, destroyed my palace and..." the Emporor said, his voice raising the whole time to a shout in which Mulan flinched and Nami and Brook had to help in restraining Sanji. "...you have saved us all!" then to everyone's surprise, the Emporor bowed! Chi-Fu glanced at him in surprise, then horror as he realized he should bow as well. He threw himself onto the ground and the others followed. Shang, the soldiers, and the pirates all bowed and Mulan looked around in surprise. Then she looked out over the people to see all of the people in the crowd also bowing to her. Mulan didn't know what to do until the Emporor stood back up. "Chi-Fu, see to it that this woman is made a member of my council." the Emporor said. The strawhats and soldiers smiled proudly at her while she looked so surprised and shocked that she had no idea what to do.

"What?! B...but there are no concile positions open your majesty." Chi-Fu said quickly. The Emporor nodded, then turned to Mulan.

"Very well, then you can have his job." he said gesturing to Chi-Fu, surprising Mulan even more.

"What...mine?" Chi-Fu fainted.

"Good for him." Sanji said.

"GO for it!" Nami said. Luffy gave a thumbs up too! Mulan looked back at him.

"With all do respect your majesty, I think i've been away from home long enough." she said. The Emporor nodded to show he respected her choice.

"Then take this, so your family will know what you have done for me." he said, taking the crest from around his neck, and placing it around her neck. "And this, so the world will know what you have done for China." he said, handing the sword to her. She lookedd at the gifts, then jumped onto the Emporor. At first he froze up, then relaxed realizing what she was doing. "A hug." he said.

"Is she allowed to do that?" asked Yao. Everyone shrugged. Mulan pulled back and turned to the others She hugged Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po, then moved onto Shang. She looked up at him, she had so many things to say.

"You...you fight good." said Shang, not knowing what else to say. Mulan looked down, feeling crushed.

"Oh, thankyou." she said. She walked over to the waiting pirates, who all held there horses.

"You ready?" asked Luffy. He also help Khan, who had Mushu and Cricky on his back. Mulan nodded and snaped the reins. The ten tock off, headed to Mulan's home.


The crew came to the small town where Mulan lived, coming up to her home. "I guess this is where we part ways." Luffy said. Mulan nodded. She smiled, then moved up to Brook and huged the skeliton.

"Yohohoho, may I ask since we have travled so far together, may I see your panties?" he asked. Mulan let him go, to jump up and kick him. Nami grinned, as did the others, a motion that just a few weeks ago she would never have dared to think about, let alone do! She then turned to Franky and hugged him.

"You are a SUPER girl." Franky said, tearing up at the idea of goodby. Mulan smiled and turned to Chopper.

"Thankyou for saving me." she whispered. The tiny reindeer hugged her, crying.

"I'll miss you!" he cried. She then turned to Robin and hugged her.

"Good luck miss hero." Robin said. Mulan smiled and then turned to Sanji. She then hugged him, making him freeze on the spot and turn red. His nose then started to bleed as she let him go. She then turned to Usopp and hugged him.

"Your both very brave." she told them, then she turned to Nami and hugged her. "Thankyou." she added. Nami smiled back. Then she turned to Zoro. Mulan hugged him hard and Zoro aquardly put a hand around her. "Thank you so much." she said.

"You did good kid." Zoro said. Then she turned to Luffy.

"Thankyou too for everything." she added, Luffy grinned.

"If you want, you can join my crew." he added. Mulan shock her head. Then she waved goodby and went into the building. The crew watched her go, then turned to leave to see Shang.

"Do you uh...do you know where Mulan lives?" he asked. They nodded and pointed to the building behind them. Nami watched him go, then ran in after him with Sanji, Chopper, and Usopp, forcing the others to follow them. They went in to find Li and her mother in law at a gate leading to the back yard.

"Great, she brough home a sword, if you ask me she should have brought home a man." the grandmother said. Shang reached them.

"Excuse me, does Fa Mulan live here?" he asked.

"As if we didn't tell him that." Sanji complained as the women pointed into the garden.

"Woh, sign me up for the next war." the Grandmother yelled.

"Must run in the family huh?" Chopper asked. Shang went up to Mulan and her father who were in a deep embrace.

"Honorable Fa Zhou I..." he started, then Mulan came up to him. "MULAN! Uh...you forgot your helmet...we'll uh it's actually your helmet uh..." Shang was at a loss for words and Zoro hit his forhead. Zhou gestured to his daughter and she smiled. Moving forward she tock the helmet from him.

"Would you like to stay for dinner?" she asked.

"Would you like to stay forever!" the Granmother yelled out, having Nami, Li, Usopp, and Chopper pull her back for intrupting.

"Dinner would be great." Shang said. Luffy laughed.

"I guess we should get moving then." he said. The others nodded.

"Come back someday." Li said as the crew tock off, running for their ship. It was long past the time to set sail again, and they were excited to go.

"SET SAIL!" Luffy yelled. The others cheered as they ran.

"Wouldn't be interesting if they got married?" Robin asked. Nami, Chopper, Brook, and Usopp nodded in agreement.

"Maybe." mused Sanji.

And that is the end of my Mulan fic. I hope you like it, because for the longest time I didnt' think it would work. I didn't want to leave the strawhats out of so much action but I didn't want to cut anyone else out! I hope you like it and i thank you for reading my insane story!