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Chapter 1
I wished I had time to change, to walk around my hometown in my new and expensive clothes did not feel right. Here I just wanted to run around in my old chucks and wearing my ripped jeans and a comfy shirt. But no here I was walking the familiar streets of Seattle in my 160mm Christian Louboutin black suede peep toe pumps, white skinny jeans and a red tight fitting 3/4 sleeve. I had left my car a block away and in there I had my suitcase . In that suitcase were my chucks but I wanted to surprise Jasper so I had to hurry or he would close his garage. I made a quick stop at Starbucks and picked up two coffees. The streets wasn't so busy so I didn't have to look down and trying to melt in. I could walk around and look at my hometown. I saw the Paramount Theater where I had been so many times, and where it all began. I turned in the corner and there was Jasper´s garage. The big doors were open so I just went inside and since no one was in the front, I went back to the offices.

"Hey Jazzy." I smiled as I poked my head into his office. His face looked shocked for about two seconds before a huge smile broke out on his face.

"Bellsy!" He ran to me and picked me up. I was so happy in my other halves arms. Maybe it's time to tell you that Jasper is my twin brother? I giggled and hugged him close to me. "How is my superstar?"

"Tired, I have been in three countries in two days." He put me down and gave me a fake pout.

"Is that why I smell coffee?" He gave me a wink.

"Yeah of course, here" I gave him one of the mugs. "So how's Seattle?"

"Same old. Really. Dad is mostly in Forks and Mom and Phil is busy working as usual so I try to take Stephanie as much as possible. She has it kinda hard in school."

"Yeah mom told me that, but mom will always be who she is. She will always be a workaholic and Phil is as well, so it's a match made in heaven if they didn't have a kid together." Stephanie is mine and Jasper´s half sister. She is 6, and me and Jasper have pretty much raised her. Jasper has been there more for her since my career took off. I'm a singer and famous now all over the world. I´ve sold 25 million records and over 70 million singles. I hate the fame but love to stand on the stage. I have recently picked up acting a little bit and just starred in my first big movie. It was kinda cool. But I still call her at least four times per week and we talk on Skype at least once a week. And of course I try to come up and visit her and Jasper as much as I can. Before she could spend a month here and there with me but since she started school she haven´t been able to visit me for a long time. But she would soon get her summer break and my intention was to get her to come to LA with me for the entire summer.

"That is so true the last couple months I think she sleeps at my place four nights a week instead of two as she usually did." He sighed and put his head in his hands. I knew he didn't mind but the problem was that it was really terrible that me and Jasper had pretty much raised her since she was born, and at that point we were only seventeen.

"I´m staying for a week and was thinking of taking in to a hotel. I don't wanna stay with mom, and dad is just too much drama these days. I would love to stay with you and Alice but I don't wanna intrude so how about I take Steph for the week?" It would be nice to have some time with my sister.

"You would? Alice and I haven't really had any nights together at all in like a month, Steph is at our place when Ali is free from work and work when Steph isn't there." He looked at me with hope in his eyes. Alice works as a bartender when she isn't taking courses at college.

"Yeah it would be nice to have a girl week with her."

"So you will only stay for a week?" He looked kinda sad.

"Yeah I have to make a few appearances next week so."

"Okay well she won't be happy that you'll leave so soon." He said as he leans back in his chair.

"No I know but I can't do anything about it. But I was planning to ask her if she wanted to spend the entire summer with me and it´s only a month left so."

"Really? So you mean that me and Alice can make the road trip to Texas we have wanted to make for a while?" He smiled.

"Yes I´m just gonna clear it with mom and then I'll ask Steph."

"You won't have to ask she will be thrilled." He laughed.

"Yeah I think so." I smiled back at him.

"By the way I have to go pick her up she has a dentist appointment in an hour."

"Can I take her? It would be fun to surprise her." I gave him my puppy dog eyes.

"Yeah sure but you need to leave like now if you're gonna make it." He handed me a paper with her appointment time and doctors name.

"Okay sure, can I take you and Alice out for dinner?" I got up from my chair.

"Yeah sure call me about when and where?"

"I'll do that, see ya." I kissed the top of his head and then walked back to my car. The streets were a little busier but I made it to the school in 15 minutes. I parked my car and walked up to the entrance. The halls of the school were empty. Stephanie went to a private school with classes from kindergarten to high school. It didn't have many students but the school offered a good education.

I didn't know where to go so I stood there looking around for a few minutes, I actually considered calling Jasper. The receptionist desk was empty so that wasn't much help.

"Can I help you?" A male voice asked behind me. I turned around and saw a very handsome man.. His hair was in a reddish brown color that was messy around his face. He had a strong bone structure and his jaw line was the sharpest. He had a pair of thick black glasses and black dress pants and a light blue button up with a few buttons undone at the top and the arms were rolled up to his elbows. He was wearing a nice pair of dress shoes.

"Um yes. I´m gonna pick up my sister but I have no idea where to go." I felt kinda embarrassed, I mean my sister went to this school, and I was one of her "caregivers."

"Well maybe you could give me the honor of showing you the way?" He asked me politely.

"Yes please. She is in the first grade."

"Well then it´s this way." I motioned with his arms to a corridor to the left.

"Thank you for showing me the way I have never been at the school before."

"Not a problem, I'm Edward Cullen by the way." He reached out his hand to me.

"Bella Swan." I took his hand and gave him a smile.

"I thought you looked familiar. I couldn't quite place you." He smiled back at me.

"Oh well yeah." I looked straight forward. I had forgotten that I usually was on all the front pages of magazines and on MTV and talk shows and all that. It is always so nice to come home and forget about all that. And I sometimes wish I could just not be Bella, maybe like Hannah Montana. Live a secret life

"I´m sorry if I made you uncomfortable it´s just my goddaughter kinda wanna be you so that´s why I recognized you. I´m not a stalker." He put his hands in the air.

"Oh well I didn't think you were. It´s just I forget that I´m famous or whatever when I come home." I laughed.

"That must be nice. To relax get away from everything." He smiled at me.

"Yeah it is. So do you work here?" Turning the attention to him instead.

"What gave it up?" He laughed "I´m math and chemistry teacher for the high scholars."

"Gosh that's boring." I laughed.

"Seriously? You sound like my students." He looked amused.

"So? It is boring."

"Agree to disagree?"

"Yeah okay." We stopped in front of door that was full with pictures children clearly had painted. Edward opened the door and asked if he was disturbing the lesson. The teacher answered no so he opened the door more so we could walk into the classroom. When I walked in someone let out a high pitched scream.

"Bella!" Stephanie ran to me and jumped when she got to me, I lifted her small body up and she put her arms and legs around me. Thank god I was strong, and was used to wearing heels otherwise she would have knocked me down.

"Hey sweetheart." I hugged her close to me. I could feel my shoulder get wet and she started to sniffle. "Why are you crying baby?" I asked her as I stroked her hair.

"I..ve …missed..you …so ..much!" She cried into my neck.

"Naaw baby." I stroked her hair back a little before I walked to the teacher.

"Hi I'm Bella Swan, Stephanie´s sister. I´m supposed to take her to the dentist." I shook the teacher's hand.

"Nice to meet you Bella I´ve heard a lot from Stephanie. I´m Joanne, of course I put it in the system."

"Thank you Joanne, when do they get out from school today?"

"At two but I just write that she went home for the day, it seems like she won't let you go." She motioned on Steph´s fingers gripping my hair tightly.

"Thank you so much." I smiled and then walked out of the classroom still with Stephanie crying into my neck.

"It´s amazing you can carry her in those." Edward motioned for my shoes.

"It´s not so bad I'm just thankful that she is so small." I said back and kissed Steph´s hair.

"Yeah she is. So Bella how long do you stay?" He asked me with a smile.

"Only for a week sadly." I said back and looked at him, he had a weird look on his face.

"Oh well maybe I'll see you around?" he got a hopeful look on his face.

"Yeah I hope so." We were back at the entrance. He opened the door for me.

"Thank you for showing me the way." I said as I got outside.

"It was my pleasure, nice to meet you Bella."

"Yeah you too." He waved and then walked back inside. I buckled Stephanie up and then we were off to the dentist.

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