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"Do you have everything sweetie?" I asked for the fourth time. I know I was being ridiculous but I was scared of leaving her. Even for a week, she was my responsibility and that made me scared shitless. Of course I wanted this but still Stephanie wasn't my sister anymore, she was my ward. It had dawned on me when the judge had struck the gravel against the wood.

So I checked her over once more with both Edward and Jasper chuckling at me. I leaned in for a big hug which she returned, Steph had recently started with bear hugs and I was starting to wonder if she was strong enough to break my neck or if it just felt like she was about to break it.

"Come on Steph we need to get going so we won't be late for your last dance lesson." Jasper stepped in to break out moment.

"Okay, bye Bella and Edward." Steph waved at us before opening the door. Jasper was soon following her after giving me a quick hug. When the door closed I let out the breath I had held.

"So what will we do with all this time we have to ourselves today?" Edward brushed my hair away and started kissing down my neck.

"I have an idea." I grabbed his hand and dragged him over to the couch. I put my hands on his shoulders to push him down on the couch. He smiled at me as I got down on my knees in front of him. My hands roamed over him as I let my tongue drag over his skin. Edward pulled off his tee after I had started to push it upwards. I let my fingers unbutton his jeans and slowly drag them down his legs. When his cock sprang free I licked my lips at the delicious sight. He moaned as my tongue licked the tip and my hands started to work him up and down. Never in my life had I ever liked doing this to a man. But to Edward it felt right, not like a burden and not like I had to do it.

"Babe.. god... ugh." My lips turned up to a smile as I heard him trying to grunt out a sentence as he came down my throat. I cleaned him up before climbing on his lap. We started kissing and his hands roamed over my body. His hands started to take off my clothes before laying me down on the couch and positioning himself over me.

We fit so perfectly together, we dance a perfect dance and never do we fail to impress one another.


Edward was making me his infamous sandwich made of bacon, turkey, gravy, avocado, tomato, mustard, salad and an egg. I was a little disgusted but hey I had wanted to try it since he first told me it was his favorite. After our frolic on the couch we had cuddled and listened to music for a few hours. Now it was time for lunch, Edward had chosen our clothes and now he was choosing our meal. He had only put on a pair of grey sweatpants that fit him perfectly and for me he had chosen one of his black button ups and a pair of my thongs. Typical guy.

"So I have a question for you." I said to Edward as I wrapped my legs around him. It was time to ask if he wanted to stay with me for the summer or hopefully even longer.

"You know you can ask me anything love." His strong arms rested on either side of me.

"So after you come down to LA with Steph have you thought about staying longer?"

"You mean like trough out the week? Yeah." Clueless man.

"No I meant for the rest of the summer and possible longer if you want."

"Are you asking me to move in with you?" His nose rested against mine.

"Yes or I don't know. Is it too soon? Maybe as a test, if we like living with each other and it goes well during the summer." I was rambling and I knew it but he was too close.

"Bella I really like this idea. But only under one condition?"

"Anything." I breathed.

"Go out with me and my friends tonight?" He looked so hopeful almost like he prayed I would say yes. How could I say no?

"You didn't need to ask."


"We need to leave at 10 pm so I won't miss my flight." I told Edward as he helped me out of the car. We were having dinner at Edward's best friends apartment. I had been thoroughly warned about his bitchy girlfriend, thankfully I'm great at handling bitches.

We walked up the stairs with our arms around each other. I have always wondered why so many apartment complexes never out in elevators, did they not want women in heels living there? But not even a few flights of stairs was going to take me out of my six inches heels.

Edward knocked on the door and we waited for a few moments. When the door was opened be a man taller than Edward with shoulder length greasy hair and bohemian clothes.

"Edward man I've missed you!" Edward murmured a reply I couldn't hear as they did the man hug thing.

"You are Bella Swan and I think you are insanely hot. Welcome to my home."

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