"If we tell her to kneel, she kneels. If we bid her stand, she stands. Should you need demonstration?" Prosperity stated in a calm, yet authoritative voice. And with a flick of his hands, a binding spell was cast, heavy shackles appeared at my wrists. Gasping in both surprise at how heavy they were and the sudden pain that they brought, I desperately tried to pry them off. However, it was with no avail. My eyes averted only momentarily to see Li speak angrily to the Gods of Life.

"Let her go!" He snarled, "she's got nothing to do with this."

'They cheated...they cheated...they cheated...' the words kept repeating, Li's angered words intertwined with them. Echoing, it seemed.

Tears began falling, but I ignored them. I barely paid them any heed. Glancing back over at Li, he was down on his knees, trying so hard to get up. It looked as if an invisible weight had been placed on him. He was struggling.

As the bonds began to form and make its way into my skin, I clawed at them. The pain got worse as I scratched at the metal digging into my flesh. Panic filled me. Adrenaline soared through my veins. "Please!" I begged, "he's a good guy!"

My words fell on deaf ears, they continued to argue.

"You can't have her!" Li had all but snarled out.

Knowledge and Prosperity had told them that we were both mortals and that we were mistaken. They tricked them. The perfect test. No matter what he did, no matter what he tried, Li was still considered to be selfish.'Why?' I wanted to scream out. 'Why should he be punished for something that happened almost a thousand years before? Why!'

Anger does things to people. Good people. Li was one of them good people. He may had made mistakes but what was the point of holding a grudge for so long? I didn't know, but I knew it was childish of the Gods to hold him to something that he had done to him. It wasn't fair!

Clenching my teeth against the pain of the bond. Little by little my energy left me.

Panic filled me even more. Soon, everything that I had once known and loved would be taken away from me in a cruel manner. And all I did was free him from the Granting book.

When Prosperity spoke to me to stop my foolish struggling my eyes widened at the realization. It was he whom commanded Li to not meddle in the fight between Ashley and I.

I stopped fighting as I looked at him. Tears clouded my vision; he was fought then and he was fighting now.

Visions of my past disappeared like a slide-show. Placing the palms of my hands to my eyes. I willed them to stay. I wanted them to stay. Two more visions were left and I clung to them as if they were my life line.

As my hair raised eerily from my shoulders, rosy pink tendrils of light surrounded me and the chains. I realized it was magic. My heart jumped into my throat. I realized that the binding was almost finished, that I would soon be their slave for all eternity.

And before I knew what was even happening, the last two memories that I helplessly clung onto left me.

I was the new Granting Spirit.