I'm going not going to lie: these stories are eating me alive so I'm canceling them. That is all.

I think not.

Who are you?

Your newest project.

Whoa, whoa. No you are not. I can barely handle all the ones I have now. I mean, I have ideas on direction but…

But nothing. You are working on a prologue as we speak. It's going to be in three parts for crying out loud. And as my sword swings and rings in battle, and my voice is strong, you will post it. Soon.

Uh ok… just don't pull your blade and keep quiet. Happy?

We'll see.

So check out these snippets of what's coming.


"I need you to run and run fast."

"I can't. They'll keep coming. They'll hunt me down." She started hyperventilating.

"You don't have to worry about them."


"I'm not alone. You are not alone."


The young lady didn't hear the muffled groans as the ground beyond her eyesight was broken. Fresh blood was nearby and they were going to feast on supple flesh. Sarah kept kneeling over her parents' grave site and failed to notice the temperature drop until a shadow fell on her and load groan startled her and she came face to face with a rotting corpse.

A shrill scream reached his ears.


The family sat around the table, catching up on the brutal week they had. Only a week! And this new ghost was beating them to the punch. It was a good thing the trio showed up when they did. They were so much stronger than before. It was something else. The power. The control. The….



"Well, it's not like I trust you."

The world got quiet. All movement stopped.

"What do you mean by that? I don't trust you."

"I'm not the one following people home."

"I'm not the one keeping secrets."

"News flash: the world doesn't revolve around you! The sooner you can get that around your head, the better!"


Trouble is, they were all flying blind dealing with still blinding light that ruled over their vision, even with their eyes tightly shut. The only justice was that it was fading away. Garbled messages were biting into their ringing ears, frantic, desperate to make from of contact but that was the last thing on the minds of the four pilots.

Survive. Pull up. Don't crash. Survive. Don't crash. Open your eyes. PULL UP NOW!


"The time has come for all good joor to die!" Embers fell from his mouth, blotching the ground below his head black. He pulled back, gathered his strength and made sure that his targets felt the impending doom of their death. He was going to finally finish this, over a millennia of waiting, being stuck in a time stream, revenge was his.


He took a quick scan of the room. Small, lit by candles, a couple balconies. But there was one design flaw.

"Do you have the bow?"


"You're death is mine."

"Eh, maybe. But yours is more assured than mine or Serana's. You literally have no chance of living to feed again."

"What are you doing?" She asked nervously.

He smiled.

"Harkon, do you know what time it is?"


The words rang in his head as he ran into his home. The fire in the hearth was out, the embers still glowing, weakly but he paid no mind to that. There was something bigger that needed his attention.

The seed of the false Dragonborn is no more!

The trail went up the stairs. He followed, turned right and almost tore the doors off their hinges. On their bed…

No more.

No more.


Snippets for the major fics I have going on cuz they are the ones I have been working on. As for a release date for any of these: Spring 2015. I'm serious. At least one will be out in a couple weeks. And since I have midterms this week and studying like a madman, ideas come and go. Things get changed around. Plans move and all that jazz. But in the next two weeks. One or two of these will be out.