If anyone ever asked, he probably wouldn't even be able to give a suitable answer as to how he always seemed to end up in situations like these. Situations where it was always him getting hurt.

Born an Omega; raised to be careful and smart, and to not let himself get into vulnerable positions, he'd taken all the necessary precautions since puberty to try to keep anyone from claiming his body. Well. His body, plus the bonus of taking everything that belonged to him. Which was probably what had lured all those suitors to his 18th social party, and was definitely why each and every one of them had been verbally torn to pieces by his dad, and kicked out.

He'd been a little too mortified at the time to even pay attention to how his father acted when it came to his Omega issues.

But after growing older and more mature, he'd been "allowed" to be told all the secrets his parents had kept from him and, after their death, he'd read his father's journal and had discovered that his grandfather had been an Omega himself. And any problems he'd had being one had been relayed to his son. To Howard.

His dad had been taught, from childhood and onward, to treat Omegas with the respect Breeders deserved. And to always do so. Especially if his own child was born one.

So he'd learnt that day, at the funeral, that all those times Howard had protected him, had ridiculed suitors he didn't think worthy of his son, and had comforted Tony through his heats, had all been because of his grandfather's own issues.

Which was nice, in a way, he supposed. To know that the only time his father had ever really acted fatherly toward him, had been because of his own father's drilling lectures. That being an Omega had let him have just that little bit of love from the old man.

He'd listened too. He'd listened to all the advice Howard had given him, along with the hints his Omega-mother had given him throughout puberty. Things like: hiding your scent when you thought you were coming near to your heat, and like never letting an aggressive-looking Alpha know you were an Omega; whether they were male or female.

He'd taken the 'suppressors' since his first heat, just a week after his birthday, to balance out his out-of-control hormones and when he'd gotten older he'd invented his own brand and had expanded the research to create the 'suppressant' drugs, which was basically the same thing, except mixed in with the LH reducers were drugs he'd taken from anything he knew that caused drowsiness.

Making it have the nice soft feeling that made it all seem like a dream. He always took them hours before his heat even started.

And he'd never ever forgotten to take them once, and that claim still stood true because in this situation he hadn't forgotten them. He hadn't.

He'd actually been in the middle of taking them, a little later than he really should have been, when they'd been snatched from his hands and thrown down the gutter. He remembered, past the haze of it all, seeing the white glow of them disappearing in the dark whist he'd just swayed at the strength of his attacker's blow. He also remembered being hauled onto someone's shoulder and carried, fireman style, down the street. Oh, and he'd been drunk.

Drunk and taking tablets, what an idiot. But, yeah, there's how he ended up like this, in one of those situations where he knew he was going to get hurt. Pressed down into linen sheets with his shirt ripped, his skin burning and his hair sticking to his face with sweat.

Yeah. He was in heat. And yes, he didn't want whatever this alpha was doing. At all. Heat or not heat, he wanted out and he wanted sleep.

But moaning in protest during heat was usually something that only incited an alpha. He'd been taught that. He knew that. And he'd still done it anyway.

He'd done everything that he shouldn't. And it was only the one mistake that was what usually costs everything. Just the one.

He'd known that too.

Tony hissed at the hands on his back, batting his own in a feeble attempt to get away. His skin was burning, and whether or not the attention was unwanted, the cool hands skimming over it still felt invitingly good. He felt dizzy and sickeningly disorientated, shivering even though he was clearly burning a heat-induced fever, and he couldn't see anything properly let alone think about what was happening.

Heat was, put simply, the Omega version of having an uncontrollable sex drive, a cycle occurring every other 4 months and the emotions, sexual need and brain fog were the common symptoms.

And maybe even a little pain in the stomach and/or chest, if you weren't properly taken care of by an Alpha.

But Tony had never had that problem before because he'd never had an Alpha before...

And he'd sworn to himself that he would never have one. Because he'd learnt over his life that he was pretty bad at knowing people's inner agendas, and he couldn't trust himself to ever really know whether or not he could trust someone else with his body. Whether he could trust them to not betray him.

And that thought alone was enough to make him start pushing back against those hands again, no matter how much his body craved their touch. And there wasn't just the trust issues he was dealing with here, either.

He owned a company half the world wanted to get their hands on, and he owned a face and body the other half lusted after.

Being ambushed the first day of a heat cycle by an Alpha, particularly one he knew wanted his company, was one of the first things his father had warned him about.

And being taken mid-first-day-of-heat by an Alpha, and especially an Alpha that was giving off his own pheromones as well, usually meant that the sex would end up in an irreversible bond.

- He grimaced against the kisses being pressed to his neck -

Well. They were reversible, but only if both parties were willing to separate. And he had a strong feeling, that with this Alpha, this would really not be the case...

His attacker - who he remembered being introduced to him as 'Dimitri Harrod' when he'd been around 21 - grunted when Tony pulled away from him. He was tugging on his trousers and through the blurred haze of his heat, Tony was still attempting to struggle. If he was going down, he was going down with a fight.

"No-" He didn't sound too weak yet, but his voice was croaky and his breath hitched when he said it. But still, it was a very clear and very intentional 'no'.

And of course, any "respecting-businessman" would ignore an Omega's refusal, because he was just saying 'no' for fun. Tony tried to stamp on Harrod's foot, but frustratingly, he missed. "Get off-me-"

Harrod held tight to the one arm he had in his grip, pinning it behind Tony's back to make him squirm against the wall.

"Why should I...?" He murmured into Tony's ear, making him recoil away from him. Harrod skimmed his ugly, manicured hands over Tony's skin, just to feel him writhe, and his nails lightly scratched his hips. Tony's teeth ground together. The fucking little creep. Touching him like he was his-

Tony's head was pulled back by a grip in his hair and, vaguely, he noticed that he'd been brought to a child's room. If the posters around the wall and the nightlight were anything to go by. God...He turned his face away from Harrod's foul selling breath, and shut his eyes. He really fucking hoped that the asshole wasn't married or something and he really, really hoped that this wasn't his fucking kid's room.

His hair was pulled even more and he took the hint, opening his eyes to stare at Harrod's chin. "If you want me to stop, then why are you hard?" You know why you bastard. "I can already feel you burning for me." He whispered to him, darting his tongue out to wipe a tear in the corner of Tony's eye away. He let Tony's head go before he could spit in his face, and he fell forward, his face bouncing on the mattress.

Harrod rolled his hips behind Tony's, holding him tight with one hand, and keeping him pinned with his chest and his weight, grinding into him.

His jeans, though unbuttoned to let his cock out, chafed against Tony's now increasingly sensitive skin and he bucked again; trying desperately to get away.

"No." He ground out in answer to his statement, his voice getting stronger in his anger. "You can't just ta-" He whimpered when his ass was kneaded with a firm hand.

Harrod licked a line down Tony's shoulder, humming under his breath. "Can't what...?" He asked slowly, not bothering to hide his amusement. He remembered him more clearly now. His dad had embarrassed his family when he'd asked to claim Tony. In front of social elites. Perfect. Something his dad had done was coming to, literally, bite him in the ass. Harrod bit down on the skin beneath his mouth and Tony muffled a shout, knocking his shoulders back to shake him off.

He kicked out, hating himself for still trying to arch toward the sound of Harrod's hand pumping at his own length.

"Yes," He bit out, still answering Harrod's early statement. "You can feel me burning-" He cut off, his voice cracking.

It hurt to speak, the words rubbing in his throat and making it itch from the inside. He swallowed. "I-I'm burning. …. But it's not for you." Harrod chuckled softly behind him, released his shoulder. And Tony took that opportunity to lift his free arm and bring his elbow up, swinging it around to knock back into Harrod's face. "Never for fuck-ups like you!"

The bastard recoiled with a shout, his hands flying to his nose, but when Tony tried to wriggle out from under him, he fisted them in Tony's hair to keep him in place.

Keeping a harsh grip on his head, Harrod pressed him down into the pillow, holding him there and making him scream into the material when he couldn't breathe.

Tony thrashed, trying to get in air, to get away from all of this, panicking, screaming and shouting obscenities into the bed.

He was pulled up just enough to take in a gulping breath of oxygen, before Harrod practically covered his lips whole with his own, swallowing his choked off cry when he began to push into him; without so much as a warning.

"I was planning on preparing you." Harrod grunted, finally releasing his head to let him breathe, and Tony rocked forward at his first thrust, hitting the headboard before him with a hard crack.

"You know, it being your first time and all..." Harrod continued to drawl as Tony recoiled beneath him.

He shouldn't know that, he shouldn't know that. No, wait. It was public knowledge wasn't it? Everyone knew that Tony had never been with an Alpha, didn't they? Tabloids spoke about it constantly. At least he thought so, he couldn't - he keened when Harrod brushed against his prostate, his lips shaking uncontrollably - He couldn't think clearly, he was, this was -

"I was trying to be nice." Harrod growled in his ear, biting down on it when he received only a high-pitched moan in reply. Tony couldn't even get enough air in his lungs to answer, gasping at each thrust, and his head was growing light the more he hyperventilated.

"But I guess you didn't want things like that. You wanted it rough."

Tony couldn't help but let out a sob, digging his fingers into the sheets until the knuckles were white. He kicked out again but his legs were pinned now and before he could even think of trying to punch Harrod, his arms were grabbed and were held down by his head, and it was only the shaking after each thrust that actually let him move.

"How does it - ngh - feel...? Huh, Stark?" Harrod's grunts were growing shallow and Tony squeezed his eyes shut in response to what that meant. Relief that it was almost over but knowing what it meant if Harrod deposited himself in him, turned it into something cold.

He'd be claiming him. Completely. Body and possessions. And there was no Omega-right Act or any law that would even say that, what he'd done was wrong...He was completely in his right. And there was no doubt that this was revenge, served cold after all these years. Tony felt sick.

"How'd's it feel, then?" Harrod continued, his usual eloquence now non-existent. "To know that after this. …. Everything you are. Everything." He thrust in harder and Tony's hands tightened their grip on the sheets as he cried out. "It'll all belong to me."

Harrod panted, practically seeping in glee. "Your famous little suits, your billionaire company, your family mansion..." He pushed in straight to the hilt, and lay over Tony's back, rolling his hips to keep a pace. "And, of course, you."

He leaned down and bit Tony's shoulder again, smiling over the mark at Tony's shriek. "So tell me then. How does it feel, to know I'll be the one fulfilling my father's wishes, by getting your company, and that you'll fail in fulfilling your own daddy's hopes...because you'll be sorting my clothes and making my dinner Stark. Not dealing with company details or anything actually - God, so tight - important anymore."

Tony didn't answer, turning his face away and shaking. He didn't answer. But he didn't have to. Because someone else was in the room and someone else spoke first.

"I imagine," Harrod paused, looking up and Tony went rigid beneath him. "That he would be feeling some loathing." Tony's eyes snapped open, his muscles tightening as Harrod stopped completely, still buried in him, to face the intruder. "Loathing for you." They continued, obviously feeling the need to elaborate.

Tony could feel himself grow cold, and the shaking in his arms only increased at the intrusion. He closed his eyes. Please. Pleasepleaseplease. Not him.

He could still hear Steve's parting warning, before he'd left for the fund-raiser, his warning to be careful around alcohol and other Alphas. It echoed in his mind and he couldn't help but pray that he would come and find him.

Come and rescue him. And tell him that he was such an idiotic dick-head for ignoring that stupid warning.

When he opened his eyes, Loki hadn't moved and it was Loki. It was him, it was fucking him! Tony's heart pounded at an alarming rate when he focused on just how vulnerable he was right now. And in what position he was laying in!

He tried to crawl away from them both, to hide away until it all blew over, it was a dream. A stupid nightmare. But Harrod was already inching out of him bit by bit and he couldn't move without a stab of pain rippling through his spine. He hissed under his breath, the friction making him wince even when his body continued to burn; aching for more.

Loki looked on, his face as blank as it had been when he'd left for Asgard. Left. He shouldn't be here. He should be in Asgard. And away from Tony.

"My claim has nothing to do with you." Harrod spat at him, and Loki smirked in response but said nothing. "And who the hell are you anyway-?"

"No, it does not have anything to do with me." Loki interrupted, and agreed with, him. "But," His smirk grew into something vicious. "Unfortunately, for you, your claim has the ability to interfere with my future plans."

Harrod faced Loki now, his jeans scratching Tony's thighs as he twisted around, and there was a look of absolute disdain on his face. Something he'd obviously learnt from his father, if Tony's memory served him correctly. "And you think that gives you the right to break in and-?!"

The room glowed a bright green and it was the only warning given to either of them before Harrod went blasting backward into the wall. Tony gasped in pain, Harrod still having been buried halfway inside him, and he curled into himself when he was approached. Behind him Harrod groaned on the floor and, without even sparing him a glance, Loki kicked his head hard.

Tony froze, the sound of Harrod's skull cracking drowned out by the rushing in his ears, and his fingers uncurled from around the sheets when Loki casually sat on the bed beside him. He was still in heat, still wound and wired, and fighting would involve skin contact. A big, no-no-don't-that's-a-bad-idea, right now.

He almost did slide closer though, his body still telling him to try and get something inside him, but he stopped himself just in time. No matter how far gone he was in this, there was no way he was showing it, or letting Loki get his filthy hands on him.

"You're supposed," He coughed, his throat raw from shouting. "To be in Asgard." He rolled his shoulders as Loki watched him curiously, bracing his muscles to push himself back, should Loki reach for him.

"Am I?" Loki's tone was light and, before Tony could react, he placed a cool hand on his naked thigh. Tony hissed and arched toward him. "Then I suppose this must be a awful nightmare of yours."

He sighed, mockingly in regret, and unhooked the leather straps of his armor, pulling it off as though it was completely fucking normal to just strip in front of your enemy.

Tony stiffened, still aching from Harrod's penetration, and his eyes widened as Loki's chest came into view, ignoring how his heart thudded in anticipation. "No." His chest tightened in fear and he panicked, shuffling back until the pain between his legs took his breath away. "No, no not you-Not you!" He lunged back, trying to roll off the bed without actually touching Loki but a casual backhand struck him back against the mattress and the blow added to his dizziness. His eyes blurred, and his heart beat fast in his throat.

He was still too out of it. This was bad, this was so bad. He couldn't think, he wanted, he was-

Loki shifted, every movement slow and methodical, like he wasn't about to rape Tony. Like he wasn't about to take what was only in Tony's right to give.

This didn't make any sense! "Why do you want m-" Tony started, his teeth chattering, and he willed his erection to wilt, but his body was at it's end. He hadn't been able to fight against Harrod, an average mortal guy, and without his suit, in heat and naked, he was nothing against someone like Loki.

"That is my business." Loki said curtly, now completely naked. Tony kept his gaze pinned to his face, seeking out any actual regret or feeling. Anything he could use to make him stop.

"Please." He shivered when Loki leaned over him, and he knew, even without glancing down to check, the god was clearly hard. He was giving off all the right pheromones, enticing Tony's body. "Don't-look, I-what would this even do for you...?"

Loki... he smiled …. down at him, and shook his head, pressing further into him. He reached for his legs, still moving slow, but Tony curled into himself. Holding his legs away from him, not letting him touch him.

This made no sense. Why would Loki want to claim him? Harrod he could understand. He'd wanted him since his 18th and his father had been after the company for years. But Loki... He couldn't, for the life of him, think of any reason why. But, then again, he couldn't really think of anything coherent right now anyway, but-

His breath hitched when Loki's expression darkened at his withdrawal, trying not to let it affect the submissive side of him. "Claiming-claiming me won't give you any advan-" Loki grabbed his legs, holding them apart by the ankles, and used his grip to yank him down the bed. Tony's head knocked down against the mattress, and he bit his tongue, almost screaming at the touch. The nightlight fell to the floor, shattering, and when Tony looked in it's direction he saw, with a brief flutter of fear, the body of a dead dog in the corner. That made it pretty clear that this wasn't a kid's room. It was just an empty room Harrod had found, or maybe hired if this had been planned, and with the nightlight now fizzled out, they were both shrouded in complete darkness.

"I have no intention of explaining myself to you." Loki answered, his voice low, deep, and so close to Tony's ear. "All you need know is that I came here with the explicit intention of claiming you and, now that you are already overcome and weakened in your heat, I can and will." Like his hands, Loki's voice was ice cold. Detached. There was no pleading with someone like him. "The other mortal taking you, did nothing but make this easier for me."

Tony shook his head, shaking uncontrollably. Loki's cool skin felt like knives against his flushed chest.

"Thor-Thor'll kill you, if you-"

He tried to threaten, but-

"Do you really expect me to care what Thor will do?" Loki scoffed, sounding a little breathless. It didn't take a genius to guess what he was doing. "And if I did, Thor will not be able to do anything anyhow. Not without disrupting your laws. And certainly not after I've claimed you." Tony began pulling himself away again, but Loki's hands cupped his face, keeping him still. He almost choked on his own bile, when Loki's lying mouth covered his. "I am well within my rights." He murmured over Tony's lips. "In the laws of your world, and in my own."

Tony pressed his legs back together when Loki separated them but a blow to his knee knocked a cry out of him and rolled him onto his side. He separated them himself then; if only to stop Loki from hitting him again. He couldn't even see properly now, thanks to that punch, and he let his tears run. No one could see him. It was dark. He didn't care.

"Not if it's rape." He countered, quietly, and the lie was so obvious, he winced at it himself. "You won't be in the right then."

He felt Loki's lips against his throat, felt him smile as he kissed his adams apple. "If even you can sense just how unconvincing you are, then I do not really think it necessary I comment on that lie." Tony almost yelled at him that he just had, but he swallowed his own tongue when he felt Loki's fingers by his entrance.

"I-" He tried for one more plea, a beg even, just something to stop him, but his mind went utterly blank when, after seeing that he was still wet and pre-lubed from heat, Loki pushed into him like he was in a rush to get to the end.

He rose off his back, his shoulders rolled to keep him down, as Loki thrust into him even further. Burying himself inside. His wrists were grabbed when he weakly tried to push Loki off, and they were pinned down on either side of him. He turned his head to hide face against his arm. Smothering any sounds he made.

As Loki pulled out to thrust in again, he shook at the force, his thighs braced over Loki's hips and at the feeling of the other man's skin against him, he whimpered behind his teeth. This was Loki - his eyes slid shut - and this was so wrong, and so unbelievably unfair. It was his first time with an Alpha in heat, and both Harrod and Loki had taken unforgivable advantage of that, and he couldn't even think straight to understand what all this meant. What it could all mean.

All he knew was that Loki wasn't going to last long, and when he came, inside him, Tony would no longer be a free person. He would be a possession. A trophy. A thing.

Harrod had wanted a housewife, someone to fuck when he was in the mood, and someone to take care of his things when he wasn't; all while he stole Tony's company from him bit by bit.

But Loki... He was a God. An alien that had been treated like royalty all his life. He wouldn't want that - Tony bit his own skin to muffle his sobs - It was easier thinking about explanations, easier ignoring what was happening. This night was a dream, a prank of Clint's. He was fine. He was perfectly fine. He was still a backdoor virgin, he was still unclaimed, and he was in no way being threatened with his own freedom-

A particular thrust of Loki's knocked his head back and his teeth released the skin they were locked on. He was bleeding. Somewhere. He could feel it.

Loki wouldn't want a housewife. Loki would probably want a slave. Or - maybe... just an unwilling body to release himself into. Sadist bastard that he was.

Maybe that was it - Loki bit Tony's lip, licking into his mouth and over his tongue - Maybe that was what he wanted. To humiliate the Avengers. And what better to do that than turning the only Omega out of them all, into his own personal sex slave. No wait. That wasn't exactly a Loki thing to do. Or was it? It could, essentially, work...

And, in accordance to law and their bond, there'd be nothing his team could do about it.

He'd be Loki's, and they'd know that. The World would know that, because since when had his life been a secret. They would all know everything, they'd know how he'd become bonded in the first place. It was common sense. And they would think - Loki's hand wrapped around his throat, squeezing just a little, and he thrusted into him harder - they'd think he'd wanted it maybe.

The particularly nasty tabloids would print stuff like that for sure, he was used to that, but this was different. This time, he'd care about it, he'd care that people would believe it...

Pepper might believe it. He was always so careful. She knew that. She knew that this was the one and only thing he was overly careful about, so the only other conclusion would be that he'd asked for it. She would believe it. They all might.

No one would come for him.

And even if they didn't believe it, if they knew Tony and trusted him like he did them, they wouldn't be able to do anything anyway. It was the law. Loki had been correct before; he was completely in his right to do this.

It was the sick Alpha's that made the laws, who were to blame for things like this happening to Omegas. Tony hadn't ever really paid attention to any of the Omega-right debates, he'd never thought it would affect him.

He choked back a hysteric laugh, because hey, it was fucking affecting him now.

Loki grunted above him, turning Tony's face toward his and, even in the dark, he could see the maniacs smile. Tony tried to turn his face away, but he was held in place for another kiss, and he sunk his teeth into Loki's bottom lip.

It was the law. He'd have no rights.

Loki knocked his head to one side in punishment and Tony stayed that way, moving only when he was pushed at the force of Loki's thrusts.

The god may be a prisoner but Thor had said before that he'd dealt his punishment for what he'd done. He hadn't said what, but had told them Loki had been given rules. And one of them was to not come to Earth without his brother, but he was here now. Thor must know.

He hoped he didn't. He hoped Loki had broken a rule. Then he could be punished and taken away and kept away and never allowed to set foot on Earth or near Tony ever again.


But if they bonded-

When they bonded, his little rule-breaking would be over-looked anyway. Tony's rape would be overlooked. He's just a mortal. Why would they care. And there was no way Loki could come to Earth with Thor anyway, so it was known he was here. This was all known.

Someone was probably watching. Watching and doing nothing.

It was the law.

Loki's breath quickened. Tony's mind shut down. He paused inside him, twitching inside him, and depositing himself inside him.

Tony froze, his heart rate slowing even though his own erection still called for attention, and he didn't make a single sound when Loki pulled out.

He lay there, in the middle of the bed, with his legs still spread wide and he said nothing at all.

He stared up at the ceiling, his mouth shut but his jaw unclenched, and he ignored the sickening feeling of the semen on his body cooling against his skin.

Loki sat back on his heels, and through the dark he could sense his eyes on him. Slowly, aching everywhere, Tony pulled his legs together and toward his chest. He tried to sit up but his head was spinning and he was pretty sure he was close to throwing up.

"I think it best you sleep now." Loki murmured, his voice a little huskier than Tony remembered. He began to protest, wincing as he shuffled backward on the bed, but Loki just followed him and laid a hand on his chest; just below the arc reactor.

When he moved it, Tony was already asleep.