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I am so enjoying this lighthearted crime drama and the chemistry between the characters. Even when I am busy wanting to tear Richards hair out for not seeing what is in front of him. This is one of my favourite scenes so far - and kept nagging away at me so I thought I would write it down.

Short but hopefully sweet, Enjoy!


"Well like what?"

"I don't know, erm….. twister?" Camille arched her eyebrow and he spotted, without truly meaning to, a glint sparkling in her dark eyes as her voice dropped.

"…hide and seek?"

"Don't be so childish." The words were out of his mouth before his brain was even slightly engaged. Which made him cross.

A vision of a beautifully long, toned, almost naked limb twined sinuously around his trouser leg as a spinning wheel landed on left foot, green, flashed through his brain, unbidden, followed swiftly by another. A mischievous Camille smothering giggles and pushing him behind the door to his bathroom in the darkened shack, pressing her body against his to hide with him as Dwayne (on seeker duty) came to the end of his count, and assaulting his senses with musky perfume.

He pushed the thoughts away, uncomfortable with the impression they left in his mind. His heart was racing and he would have started sweating were he not already in a near constant state of dampness from the heat generated in this godforsaken corner of the planet.

He wished she would stop teasing him like this. He liked to stay focused and in control and whenever he was around her these days he felt, well, cross!

"Reverend Green" Camille bent towards him, almost caressing the words as they dropped from her lips.

"No!" he raised his voice, no longer daring to look at her.

"Well one of them must be right", she threw the paper and pencil onto the table.

"Yes, but that's hardly the point is it. Look ca…can we please just play the game properly?" He wasn't going to look at her as she strode barefoot across his veranda. Honestly he wasn't. She was behaving like a child trying to catch someone's attention and he didn't understand why it seemed to be his she was seeking.

"This is the game? This?"

He lapsed into silence. The combination of Dwaynes apparent confusion about his favourite game, and Camille at the other end of the veranda peering through Lucy, which ordinarily he would have balked at, giving him space to breathe and calm his heart rate. His eyes were drawn, by her comment, to the couple on the beach, then snapped back instantly to the woman stood beside his telescope.

"Amazing what love can do."

And bang went his blood pressure, his shoulders climbing up around his ears and brow furrowing. If he weren't absolutely clear in his knowledge, through many years of experience, of exactly how attractive (or not) he was to the opposite sex then he would swear that she was flirting with him. Did she not realize how inappropriate that was towards a senior officer? How awkward he felt?

It wasn't even as if he could broach the subject with her. Perhaps that was her way of communicating with men in general he told himself firmly.

No, he would have noticed.

Not that he was looking.

"Sergeant Bordey…." He launched into the only retort he could come up with; one that even he would recognise was a defense mechanism. But what else was he supposed to do when she was stood there swinging her body at him with eyes narrowed provocatively.

"Five, four," He averted his eyes.

"You should try it you know, …love."

What WAS she trying to do to him?

And more to the point, would he ever sleep tonight with all these new images and ideas in his head.