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More than anything, Dean wanted the door to open
and for Sam to come striding into the room.


- 1 -

Dean was certain he must be taller than his usual 6'1 by now. Maybe he'd have to borrow Sam's clothes? Obviously, there were some shirts that Sammy owned that should never be allowed out in daylight, and Dean would definitely not be borrowing any of those horrors. Alternatively, Dean figured that if he simply bought all new, then maybe Sam would borrow his clothes and finally begin to look cool. Yeah, that would be a better way round. Then again, what if he ended up being even taller than Sam? Hah! Then there'd be no arguments, 'cos there'd be no doubt who was the big brother, in height as well as age. Sam would have to listen to him then, and Sam would be the one getting a constant crick in his neck for a change.

Dean entertained himself compiling a mental list of the name's he'd be able to call his little brother...Shortass...Dwarf...Titch...Mini-man...Mini-mouse? Dean's creativity was interrupted as the door to his room opened. The softly spoken man he knew as Justin entered, smiling happily when he saw that Dean was awake.
"Good morning Dean. Did you sleep well?"
Dean grunted. He was tired, worn out, aching. He hadn't slept at all, couldn't get comfortable. Every time he moved it had awakened hot pains that swept throughout his body, leaving him breathless and perspiring.
"Not so much. You?"
Justin's smile broadened in delight.
"Why Dean! You're the first one to ever ask me that! Thank you, it means a lot to me and yes, I slept like the proverbial dead. Well now, I think you've just earned yourself a nice wash."

Justin walked over to a small stainless steel hand basin and began wetting a face cloth. Once he was satisfied, he moved to Dean's side and began gently wiping the cool cloth over Dean's face and neck. It felt good. That done, Justin next filled a small plastic bowl with cold water. Grabbing a towel he moved back to Dean and placed the bowl on top of a bedside cabinet. Dean glanced at the bowl and Justin chuckled.
"Oh, come on. It's only water, it's not going to hurt you!"
Dean didn't respond, but his gaze never left the man as Justin began to move the cloth over Dean's bare arms, chest and stomach. A couple of times Dean couldn't stop himself from flinching and taking in a hissed breath. Each time, Justin stopped and apologised, waiting until Dean appeared to have gathered himself before then continuing with his ministrations, finishing his task by patting Dean dry. Satisfied, Justin finally stood back, seemingly admiring his own efforts.

"There now, how does that feel? Better?"
Dean closed his eyes and nodded, because really, it did feel better. He felt more refreshed, a little less wasted, a little more human. But then, all too soon, any benefits he felt rapidly drained away and a sob caught in the back of Dean's throat when Justin spoke again.
"Well now...Time to carry on from where we left off yesterday, don't you think?"


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