Sam stood up from the bed, before stooping down again and impulsively placing a brushed kiss onto his sleeping brother's forehead. As he straightened up and turned away, he was startled to see Donna quietly watching. Sam shrugged and gave her an embarrassed smile. Donna responded with a small one of her own, before her expression became serious. She glanced across to Dean, satisfying herself that he was sleeping peacefully then, crooking her finger, she beckoned Sam to follow her out of the room.

Wordlessly, she led Sam down the corridor to a small patient's lounge. Satisfied the room was empty, she ushered Sam inside before following him and closing the door, giving them some privacy. Sam turned to face her and stood, waiting.
"Please Sam, sit down."
Sam's expression was suspicious and he shook his head at Donna's request.
"Tell me what's wrong first...Is it Dean? Is there something I should know?"
Donna shook her head.
", Dean's going to do just fine. C'mon Sam, let's sit down, I think I deserve one chance to look you in the eyes...Please?"

Sam's reluctance remained evident, but he acquiesced and sat next to the woman, shuffling a little under her bright eyed consideration.
"You two are exceptionally close, aren't you?"
Sam didn't answer, waiting to see where this was heading.
"Are you going to tell him Sam?"
Sam frowned.
"You mean about the other two bodies, don't you?"
Donna nodded.

Sighing, Sam leaned forward, resting his forearms across his legs whilst he seemed to contemplate the floor.
"Honestly? Right now I'm not sure...If I thought I could get away without telling him, part of me thinks why not? I mean, what would be gained from telling Dean that the guy was a serial killer? What would be the point? Truth is though, I don't get to choose, do I? Even if I don't tell him, he'll find out some other way, from the police, or one of the staff, or by seeing a newspaper."
Sam gave a short, humourless laugh.
"I guess if the police decide to charge me, he'll certainly hear about it then!"
Sam turned to face Donna.
"What would you do?"

Donna stared out of the lounge window, looking thoughtful. When she looked back at Sam, there was a sad smile on her face.
"Sam...I can only guess what I might do in your situation; I haven't been in the position you are, or been through the same experience. But, there is something I'm certain about...I'm certain that you know your brother as well as you know yourself. I also have the feeling that you already know what to do for the best; and I am certain that you will know what to say, and how best to say it when the time comes."
Donna rose from her chair. Moving to stand directly in front of Sam, she lay a hand on his shoulder and grinned down at him.
"It has been a privilege and an honour Sam, and, whatever the story that is carrying you and Dean, wherever it takes you, I sincerely hope it ends well, for both of you."

For a while after Donna left, Sam remained sat alone in the peacefulness of the lounge, enjoying the space just to breathe. Eventually though, he too stood up and wandered out of the room. He began following the corridor back to his brother; hoping he was in time, and that Dean wasn't awake and already giving the ward staff Hell!


Till next time,
Be good, be nice, be happy.
Chick xxxx