Author's note:

This is a Forum made story, originally published in the Shirou Emiya : Eroge Protagonist thread of The Mechanics of In Flight forums.

The Premise is simple: Zelrech, bored from the lack of development in the 'In Flight' universe, sends Shirou for a tour in the Multiverse.

While the stories are being written simultaneously, they will be posted in ordered groups in the compilation as soon as I have enough material for a chapter and they are revised.

As all of my Forum-written stories, please refer to this chapter for the list of recent updates and check Gabriel Blessing's story: Shirou Emiya Erogame Protagonist for the prologue and his sides of the story (currently Monster Girl Quest).

I usually use Italics as intonation emphasis on a single or few words, Bold for special emphasis or shouting and the line breaks

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Last Updates:

3. Ressonance

8. The Sweet and Sour Smell of Sulfur - Fixed Klein's and Agil's names (to conform with the latest translations).

14. A Random Encounter

15. Death and Life