Portia kicked off her shoes and slipping off her nightgown, she silently crawled underneath the covers. She settled herself up against Blanche's turned back, one arm over her waist, her tightly coiled hair gently tickling her face. Blanche stirred, rolling over so that she was on her back, her eyes fluttering open slowly. She smiled sleepily when she saw her lover lying besides her.

"I couldn't keep away," Portia whispered. Blanche closed her eyes again and smiled, shifting onto her other side so that she was facing her, and looped her arm over her slim waist, pulling her closer.

"I'm glad," she mumbled as Portia snuggled in closer to her warm body. She trailed her fingertips idly down her side, her hip, her thigh, making Blanche's skin tingle and shiver. Blanche chuckled and kissed her slowly, only to pull back and frown opening her eyes as the wind rattled around the little tent.

"Is that a sand storm outside?" she asked.

"Just a little wind," Portia said.

"You came through a sand storm to see me?" she chuckled.

"It's hardly a storm," Portia mumbled, snuggling in closer and closing her eyes.

"You fool," Blanche smiled, tilting her head upwards gently so that she opened her deep chocolate-brown eyes.

"Even though it was to see you?" Portia grinned, fingertips trailing up her stomach to brush teasingly at her breast, making her chuckle again.

"Perfect, beautiful, silly little fool," Blanche murmured as she kissed her once more. "My fool."