Mistletoe Kisses

Prompt: Mistletoe
Fandom: Leverage
Characters: Parker, Eliot Spencer, Nathan Ford, Sophie Devereaux
Pairings: Parker/Eliot Spencer, Nathan Ford/Sophie Devereaux

The crew had gathered for Christmas as Nate's Boston apartment, but Hardison had bailed early, muttering something about a very important raid.

As Eliot was about to leave, after all, it was late, and Nate and Sophie looked like they were about to go at it right there on the couch, guests be damned, and that was not something that he wanted to be witness to, Parker skipped over to give him a hug. This was something she had taken to doing after ha had almost been killed on a job. He had one foot out the door when Sophie looked over to toss out a goodbye, and her eyes widened.

"mistletoe!" she exclaimed and pointed to the doorway, where sure enough, a plastic mistletoe hung.

Eliot grinned and leaned down, giving Parker a quick peck on the lips before leaving with a wink. The thief promptly disappeared out the window, leaving Nate and Sophie to discover a similar sprig of the holiday plant above the mastermind's bed.