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Chapter Eleven

Archie Hicox could always tell it was morning in Assunta's apartment. Not by the sun cracking through the curtained window, but by the scent. It repeatedly smelled of a combination of cigarettes and freshly scrambled eggs. Sometimes she made omelets, but in the beginning of every day she made sure to make a substantial breakfast. A hard day at the auto-body usually called for hearty substance. And besides, she knew how good it was for you.

Rolling out of the sheets, Archie's chest expanded upon taking in a large whiff. A full teeth grin cracking, before even opening his eyes. It had been a few weeks since he had arrived back in Boston and almost every day had been spent with Assunta. Practically every morning he had woken up to the aroma of what he had come to realize was her famous breakfast. As Donny had called it.

Despite still paying for the swanky hotel, he spent most of his nights at Assunta's. They went out to bars, had poker nights at Donny's, and occasionally just spent time walking around the city. It was an easy relationship. Archie felt like he was constantly taking in a breath of fresh air when around her. It felt right. For two people who couldn't have been more opposite, they were getting along just fine.

Luckily, Donny and him had been getting along just fine during the few nights they spent together. With Assunta around of course. The Englishman felt as if he were trying to get pass an overprotective brother. Despite the fact that they had shook hands that night and drank together, he had the sneaking suspicion that the Bear Jew was keeping his eye on his best friend's new boyfriend.

Finally making his way out of the bedroom, Archie smiled as he entered the living room. Seeing Assunta in the kitchen, a cigarette in one hand as the other worked on the omelet she was cooking. Her hips bouncing to the swing music she had turned on low. Her long brunette tresses hanging low with a red and white polka dotted bandana tied atop of her head. Wearing a blue collared shirt that was tied around her abdomen. And only wearing underwear on the bottom. It was a sight he enjoyed seeing in the morning.

Only clad in a pair of boxers himself, Archie grinned while coming up behind Assunta. An amused smirk graced her lips as his arms wrapped themselves around her waist, "Didn't I leave you in the bedroom?"

"Well, unfortunately the smell was too intoxicating to ignore." The Englishman's smooth voice cooed, while his full lips leaned in and planted themselves against the nook of the brunette's neck.

Assunta smirked. Feeling superb. Playful. Happy. And mildly arrogant. Who wouldn't feel so while dating an insanely handsome British man with a great sense of humor and a certain sense of...debonair? It was nice to be in a relationship where she felt as if she were retaining a sense of herself, while discovering some feminine sides of her that she wasn't aware existed.

"Yea, well sorry to say you gotta grab some patience, chap," The Rosie smirked, while turning around and continuing, "Home fries aren't done yet."

A husky chuckle escaped Archie's lips; his left hand sliding across her flat stomach while the right reached over and turned the flame off, "I wasn't referring to the food, love." He breathed into her neck.

"Oh." She cooed.

Normally it was an unspoken rule that an Italian's food was not to be touched, but with Archie's finger-like touch crawling down her stomach Assunta decided she really didn't give a rat's ass. Biting her lower lip, the brunette arched her back to press against his chest as his hand tucked itself under her panties. Instantly feeling the heat against his palm – eliciting a small hum from the Rosie.

Archie's mouth dug deeper into the nook of her neck, the bridge of his nose pushing her chin up. More skin exposed. The Englishman's finger dipped into the wet walls of her sex; her nub already uncomfortably swollen. Assunta gripping onto his silky hair, her lips parting to moan as some relief was washed over her. Pushing her hips forward in order to attempt to help relieve some of the pressure. Damn him for rendering her so helpless.

Pulling her away from the oven, her body quickly turned around as her back was pressed against the wall. Like the little vixen she was, mischievousness was already written on her face. Her nimble fingers working fast on undoing the buttons of her shirt. Her perfectly round breasts soon revealed; an eyebrow arched. She knew what she was doing. Knew how wild her ample breasts drove him – bringing animal like behavior out of him.

And it was just bad luck that at the exact moment Archie was about to dive down and devour her breasts that her doorbell rang. His face instead landing on her collar bone and a huff coming from his lips. Assunta snickered, holding onto the back of his head once they heard, "Assunta! I smell breakfast, I know you're in there!"

"Could he sense that I was about to defile you?" Archie groaned, while straightening up and pushing his lips against hers.

"Your fault for stopping production." She snickered, referring to the omelet. While her body was flushed and her sex was throbbing, she couldn't pass up on the opportunity to tease him.

The Englishman rolled his eyes, while heading to the bedroom. The last thing he wanted was for Assunta's best friend to see him nearly naked. With an erection. The female soldier smirked, while undoing the tied end of her shirt. Letting it out so it covered her bottom and then doing up the buttons. Hoping her hard nipples weren't showing through the shirt. All the while hearing the lieutenant mutter under his breath.

Walking to the door, she opened it and greeted, "Nice timing, bonehead."

Clearly not understanding the tone, Donny gave an incredulous shrug while pushing pass, "What are you talking about? Clearly not – why'd you shut the burners off?"

Assunta rolled her eyes, while closing the door as Donny parked himself on one of the chairs. Oblivious as to what he had exactly interrupted. Only knowing that for some reason she had stopped cooking breakfast. It wasn't unheard of for the Bear Jew to just simply barge in unannounced – she was his oldest friend after all. But, in that moment she seriously had wished he'd had gone to his mother's home for food.

As both parties lit up their respective cigarettes – all while Assunta resumed her cooking – Archie returned with a pair of slacks and a white tee shirt on. His erection thankfully gone. It seemed nothing killed his arousal more than Donny walking into the room. The hairy beast's naked body always seemed to find its way into his mind – remembering the time he had witnessed the Bear Jew atop his lover. That was a time he'd like to forget.

"Donny, always a pleasure." Archie's tone was particularly droll, not exactly happy about being interrupted from pleasuring the woman he was seeing. She was absolutely enticing and there was nothing he wanted in that moment than to have his fill of her. But, still he was polite and sat down – all the while Assunta laughed under her breath. Finding his frustration utterly amusing; seeing the miserable look on his face was worth missing out on intercourse for her.

"Hicox – didn't know you were over," Donny took a pull of his cigarette, before asking, "Hey, where's the coffee?"

"You know where it is." Assunta scoffed, while taking a pull of her own.

Archie hid the roll of his eyes; there were times that he believed Donny didn't realize Assunta was in a relationship. Still barking out loud, though; he did suppose it was just his brash attitude. Thankfully, the mechanic had just the right attitude to combat her best friend's personality. Archie supposed he would never truly understand their friendship, but it was important to be on his good side. The last thing he needed was for the Bear Jew to have it out for him.

It wasn't too long after that that the food was placed on top of the table. A hearty variety of that which was typical for an American breakfast. One that Archie had begun to enjoy, though; only when she made it. Immediately, Donny scooped up his share of the omelet and home fries – as well as grabbing the ketchup and hot sauce that was put down. Archie instantly scoffed. What a barbarian – he seriously wondered if there was a single refined bone in that buffoon's body.

"Come on, you big ape, you're making Archie lose his appetite." Assunta laughed, while leaning back in her chair and taking a sip of the coffee Donny had made.

Snorting, Donny sat hunched over his food like a beast protecting his young, "Yea, well, English muffin over here will get used to it. Don't tell me you've gone soft."

With a knowing smirk, she winked over at Archie and then pulled her pinky up, while holding her coffee cup. He chuckled lightly, "I can't imagine Assunta picking up any bad habits from me."

"Hope not."

Assunta laughed, while tucking into her food as well. She knew Donny was slowly becoming sickened by his best friend's relationship. He simply wasn't used to seeing her date another man. In all honesty, neither was she. But, everything was going unbelievably well. And she wasn't one to question – just enjoy. Life was too short not to take things lightly. She had seen too much death for her to be serious all the time.

As breakfast was coming to a halt, Archie was thankful it was Saturday and Assunta had the day off. It seemed like Donny was determined to stay over for a while, not realizing he was opposing on the couple's time together. Big oof – as Assunta called him – really was like a bull in a China shop; he couldn't wait for the barber to leave so he could get his hands on the beautiful brunette. The sooner he left the better.

Reaching in to pick at his teeth, Donny leaned back in his seat and offered, "So, Assunta, wanna catch a game today? You can bring Prince Limey over here." He referenced, nodding his head over in the other man's direction.

Archie rolled his eyes, though; said nothing. There was a small part of him that knew that the sergeant teasing him was a sign of respect; as well as hidden jealousy that there was another man in his best friend's life. Not necessarily because of the sex aspect, but because Assunta was spending more time with her boyfriend than her best friend. Unintentionally of course. That was just what happened when two people were dating each other.

So, he stayed silent as the brunette crossed her legs and hung her arm behind the back of her chair, "Sorry, pal, would love to, but I can't."

Donny groaned, "Why not!? It's gonna be a good game."

"Of course it will – the Sox are playing. But, tonight I'm going to be in New York City."

Snorting harshly, Donny's eyebrows furrowed forward as he asked incredulously, "Why the fuck would you want to go to New York? The Yankees are from there!"

True Boston Red Sox fan. Assunta sniggered, before tilting her head and explaining, "We're going to see a play."

"Are you fucking kidding me?"

Archie should have predicted that the idea of something as sophisticated as a play would have made Donny's head explode, but he tried to explain as gently as he could, "I have several friends who have recently arrived in New York and we all meeting tonight to go to the theater. It will be the first time Assunta meets any of my friends."

"Looking forward to it." Assunta quipped with a grin, giving him a teasing wink, to which he rolled his eyes at.

Donny's face dropped, though; he attempted to hide it with his usual scowl. Ever since Archie had come into the picture he had been seeing less and less of his best friend. It wasn't right. They didn't hang out as much as they used to. Play ball, go out to dingy bars, bet money over card games – rather she had been going out to fancy restaurants with fruity pants. Who was this girl? Where was his friend?

But, he didn't show any of those feelings. He wasn't about to speak all that crap. In the end, Assunta was his best friend and her happiness meant everything to him. As long as Archie didn't do her any wrong, he'd be disappointed in silence. The girl deserved it – after never having a boyfriend and serving her country, she deserved a man who would treat her right. And Donny would make sure that was the case. So, he'd push his silence aside.

Even though he knew it wasn't right. Assunta was a strong willed girl who fully believed in the woman's movement. Who was a Rosie through and through. She wore overalls and worked on cars. She arm wrestled and played cards with the rowdiest of men. The second she put a skirt on to even so much as humor Archie, Donny knew he was changing her.

Assunta wouldn't like Donny being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole. At the end of the day, she would never do something she didn't want to. He needed to accept that there was another man in her life. There was an opportunity for her to be happy. And in that moment, Archie provided that for her. Even if it was at the expense of their time together.

Clearing his throat, Donny stood up and announced, "Yea, well have fun with that. I'll be doing something enjoyable this evening."

"You're gonna go home and drink beer and then go to Mama Donowitz's for dinner." Assunta piped up sharply, with a twisted smirk.

"Yea, yea, yea," Archie snickered, as Donny rolled his eyes and brushed his knuckles passed Assunta's bicep. He then pointed over to the other man and informed him, "Make sure Assunta doesn't pick up any of your fancy pantsy habits. I won't have it."

"Shall I have her home before eleven?" The Englishman smoothly asked, a cool, confident smile on his face.

Donny frowned, turning to Assunta who grinned, "Do I know how to pick 'em or what?"

Rolling his eyes, the barber growled, "I'm gonna get outta here before I grow a vagina."

Once he had left – closing the door behind him – Archie turned towards the female mechanic and observed, "I believe your friend was a bit upset by the prospect of not having you around this evening?"

"Eh, he's just bored – I'd be too without me," She folded her arms and shrugged, all the while giving a playful toothy grin. To which she received an exasperated look. Once the joke was over, she then added, "Can't say I'm entirely looking forward to this. Dining around with a bunch of foofoo tarts."

"And I can't wait to see your usual approach to situations like this, but you will look absolutely lovely in the dress I bought you."

"Am I going to have to wear a different dress to every event? Not really looking forward to expanding my collection."

Archie sighed, "My dear, I will only have the best for you. Will you never realize how radiant you are?"

"Donny was right – any longer and he would have grown a vagina." Assunta teased.

Once again sighing, he rather attempted a different approach by reaching over and grabbing her gently. Giving it a gentle tug, she got out and was pulled neatly onto his lap. Feeling her smooth legs under the palm of his hands, he grinned up at her and breathed, "Shall we finish what we started?"

He was already hard against her still throbbing sex; the entire time Donny was there seemed to have been a waiting period for them. And she couldn't hold onto any longer. With a lustful grin on her face, Assunta cooed while rubbing herself against his bulge, "I think you have a lot of making up to do."

"Then I suppose I shall begin." He hungrily smiled, while diving towards the nook of her neck.