Summary: Uchiha Sasuke isn't someone Naruto would want to spend the rest of his life with - especially since his life as a fox demon won't end anytime soon. Too bad that his wishes don't matter to Sasuke; since suicide is obviously out of question, only one option remains...

Warnings: male slash, yaoi, lemons, some violence, cursing, minor character bashing (Kagome)... Okay, more than just minor Kagome bashing ^^

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"Demon talking"


'Inner demon'


Chapter 12: Return to the West

In the Elemental Nations, Sasuke returned to the Namikaze estate after a few weeks of being absent. This time he wouldn't leave it before he found a way to Naruto. Even if it was the last thing he did.

During his education as a shinobi, there was one area that Sasuke had neglected. Never in his life would he have thought that would he seriously regret never taking an interest in sealing. But he had been young and very intent on killing his brother.

His absolute lack of talent in that area may also have had something to do with that. Despite that he had, of course, learned how to write sealing scrolls, explosive tags and a few other seals he had believed he could use. But that was about the extent of his knowledge in that specific area.

He hadn't thought that sealing could be very useful in a battle situation. His brother would hardly get killed by an explosive tag, he had thought. Only after his brother was long dead and he had seen what a true master could accomplish with a seal, had he developed a respect for sealing.

By that time Naruto had already taken to seals like a duck to water and Sasuke's pride got in the way of another attempt at learning the art of sealing. He hadn't wanted to admit that there was something the blonde was better at. At least that way he could still say that Naruto was only better at sealing because he had never truly attempted to learn.

Now he wished that he had jumped over his shadow and had learned sealing in spite of that. Because now the only thing that was stopping him from claiming his naughty little mate was that damned seal on the floor of this stupid old building.

After Naruto had vanished in a flash of light, he had been beyond furious. Never had he been this close to claiming the blonde, since the two of them had started their little game of cat and mouse.

At first he had raged, of course. He screamed and cursed and threw a few Katon around the room, uncaring of the damage he did. He would have destroyed the basement, maybe even the whole building, in his rage, if the basement hadn't been reinforced somehow. Beside a few scorch marks, it stayed surprisingly intact.

Later, after he had cooled off a bit, he realized just how careless he had acted. In his anger he could have had destroyed the only clue he had to find his kitsune.

With his limited knowledge of sealing the only thing he was able to work out from the complicated array was that the seal was meant to transport a person somewhere and that it was targeting a specific bloodline. Obviously, it was targeting Naruto's bloodline. He was pretty sure that the seal had been written by one of Naruto's family. From what he knew, both Naruto's father and grandfather had been seal masters.

He couldn't work out how activate the seal. Since he had no relation to Naruto's family, the seal wouldn't work for him.

So he left the old compound in search of a seal master. Unfortunately, sealing had already been a dying art when he was child. Even then, true sealing masters had been rare. And now, about one hundred years later, there were no more true seal masters to be found. At least none of the caliber that he needed.

It seemed like he would have to make do with the next best option. After discovering that his search for a capable fuinjutsu master was doomed to fail, he proceeded to raid every village and clan archive he could think of for scrolls on sealing. Without someone to do the work for him he would have to work out the seal by himself and he would need all the help he could get.

Oh, Naruto would regret it very much that he had dared to escape him yet another time. All the work he had to invest into his search for the fox was only making him more determined to catch the blonde. And next time he would take what he wanted without delay.

And then he would punish him. He was certain that a few years spent in complete isolation, locked up with only Sasuke for company, would make the kitsune change his tune. He would make his little mate carry his offspring and if he felt generous he would even allow the blonde to see them while he was locked up.

But first he would have to make sense of all the scrolls he had assembled and hope that they would be of use.

Reentering the compound without renewed resistance from the wards, he made his way to the cellar. He had long since decided to pitch his camp in the basement where he had direct access to the seal.

Dropping his meager traveling pack on the floor, he proceeded with making himself at home. After placing his sleeping roll on the ground and eating something he started going through the scrolls.

Not for the first time he thanked Kami for his eyes. Without the Sharingan he would have needed days to read through all the scrolls he had taken. With his kekkei genkai he only needed hours. Hours to find out that while the scrolls held some very interesting and useful seals and information in general, it was absolutely useless in his current situation.

"Fuck!" He yelled frustrated, throwing the last scroll away in his anger, only just noting the strange, hollow sound it made when it hit the wall of the basement.

Angrily pacing up and down the room, he considered the next step. He had come too far to give up now. He hadn't spend the last hundred years of his life chasing after the blonde only to give up on him.

Suddenly he came to a stop.

'That sound…' He thought, while he walked towards the wall.

Coming to a halt a hand breadth from the wall, at the same place the scroll had hit the wall; he knocked on the wall and listened. And just as he had thought, it sounded hollow. There was something behind the wall, a cavity most probably.

The Uchiha compound had as many hidden spaces as they had secrets. Behind that wall must be something that the Namikazes had wanted to hide. Of course, it could be something that had nothing to do with the seal, but at the moment he was out of ideas. He was at a standstill.

Acting on a hunch he punched the wall, not actually believing that it would accomplish anything, especially not after the basement had survived all the jutsus he had thrown around after Naruto's escape. To his immense surprise his fist burst clean through the old wood.

Not believing his luck, and not really caring why that part of the wall was not reinforced, he started feeling around the cavity. It took only a few moments for him to find something.

Carefully he pulled several scrolls out of the hole his hand had punched into the wall. The scrolls looked old, very old and very thick.

Taking a seat on his sleeping role he opened one of the scrolls. Just a short look at it told him that he had found something important. The scrolls could very well be his way to Naruto.

He had found the private journal of Kyuubi no Kitsune.

'Ok, it's official. I absolutely love flying.' The blonde kitsune thought, whilehe flew over the picturesque landscape of Edo in Sesshomaru's arms.

He had always enjoyed the way shinobi traveled by jumping from tree to tree. The kitsune had taken great delight in jumping as high as he could, staying airborne for a few seconds, and then plunging back down to earth. But flying was on a completely different level of awesome.

They were so high up that they could see the horizon. The sun was bright and everything was green as far as the eye could see. Far in the distance, he could already see the mountains. And if he looked hard enough, he could already see Sesshomaru's palace. In a few short hours they would be back to where it all began.

To Naruto's great surprise they didn't continue on their way to the palace but slowly began to descent until they landed in a small clearing, still a long way from their destination.

"Sesshomaru? Why are we stopping?" The blonde asked curiously, as soon as they touched solid ground.

"We will wait for my brother and the wolf prince. I do not want to explain myself a second time." The demon lord answered calmly.

"Oh. Okay." Naruto answered stupidly.

After that the demon lord walked over to a tree and leaned on it in wait for his brother, while the fox demon didn't move from his place. Then there was silence. Sesshomaru seemed completely unbothered by it, but Naruto couldn't help but fidget uncomfortably.

They were completely alone and Naruto couldn't help but think about the night before. They still hadn't talked about it yet but Naruto wanted to. He wanted to apologize to his future mate for leaving him hanging like that. He hadn't been able to bring himself to talk about it before they had left the village. And he certainty hadn't tried to apologize while they were flying, he had been a bit scared to break Sesshomaru's concentration. But now they were alone and there was nothing stopping him from talking to the other demon. Except for his embarrassment, of course. He still couldn't believe that he fell asleep on the demon lord.

'God, why is this so hard?' He thought desperately, and then blushed at the unintended innuendo.

"What's got you so flustered?" Sesshomaru asked smirking, as if he knew exactly what Naruto was thinking about.

"N-Nothing." The blonde spluttered.

"Truly? Are you sure?" The demon lord continued, pushing himself away from the tree.

For a moment the blonde couldn't help but admire the dog demon as he approached Naruto with the grace of a predator. At the hungry look in Sesshomaru's eyes the blonde's heart sped up and sent a shiver down his spine.

In a few seconds the older demon had crossed the distance between them and Naruto found his lips claimed in a passionate kiss. In that moment, the young kitsune forgot all about his earlier embarrassment and deepened the kiss, shivering as Sesshomaru's tongue massaged his own. He didn't really know how it was possible but this kiss felt even better than the last. He was so lost in the kiss that he didn't even notice that the two of them had been moving backwards until he found himself pressed against yet another hard surface. Still, the kiss continued until they were forced to part for air.

"Do you think you will be able to stay awake this time around?" Sesshomaru smirked amusedly and went for another kiss.

"Shut up!" Naruto whined, flushing bright red and shoving the demon lord away from himself in embarrassment.

"Now, now, Naruto! Is that the way you talk to your future mate?" The inu youkai continued smugly. Then he closed the distance that Naruto had created when he had shoved the older demon off him and rested his hands on the trunk on both sides of the blonde's head, once again effectively trapping the younger male against the tree.

"You're such a bastard!"

"You are such a wicked, little mate, my sweet. And I've been so nice to you last night, even though you left me hanging."

"Oh, kami…"

"You fell into blissful sleep, while I was woefully neglected." Sesshomaru continued teasingly, stroking the blonde's cheek in a sensual manner.

"Dear god! What do I have to do to shut you up?!" Naruto finally snapped, slapping the demon lord's hand away from his face.

"You could always make it up to me." The older man replied, whispering into the kitsune's ear, completely unfazed by his future mate's snappy behavior.

Distracted by the feeling of Sesshomaru's hot breath so close to his sensitive ear, Naruto needed a moment until he had worked out just what the other male had said.


'He did not just imply that I should….' He thought, flushing an even darker shade of red than before, while he gaped at the demon lord in shock.

'Oh yes, he did.' Naruto's inner demon replied, just as shocked.

"I-I..." The young fox demon stuttered helplessly, completely overwhelmed with the situation.

"No need to panic, Naru-chan. I was merely jesting. I do know that you are young and rather inexperienced in these things. I don't expect anything like that from you." Sesshomaru divulged pleasantly, stepping back from the tree and freeing the blonde from his entrapment.

He would have walked farther had the blonde not grabbed his arm, dragged him back and shoved him against the tree, so that the demon lord found himself in Naruto's earlier position.

"Naruto?" Sesshomaru asked, surprised by the blonde's reaction to his teasing. He looked like he wanted to say more but thought better of it after seeing the look on Naruto's face.

"So you don't think that I'll be able to do that, do you?" The kitsune questioned, with his face only a hand breadth from the demon lord's and a fierce look in his sky blue eyes.

"That is not what I said…"

"Shut up!" The blonde replied, effectively silencing the other man with a fierce and nearly violent kiss. Surprised by the blonde's bold movement the dog demon let Naruto control the kiss. The kiss continued until they were once again forced to part for air.

When the older demon tried for another kiss Naruto shoved him back against the tree. And then the blonde proceeded with doing something that made even the emotionless demon lord show true surprise on his usually stoic face. Gracefully the young fox sank to his knees before his future mate, sent him another glare for good measure, and, with trembling fingers, pulled on his hakama until it was no longer covering the demon lord's crotch.

The blonde's eyes became impossibly wide when he came face to face with Sesshomaru's cock, already half hard from their make out session and twitching in interest.

Kami, it was big. Of course he had known that the size of the demon lord's cock was nothing to scoff at, having felt it rub against him enough times, but it still came to him as a shock. And for a moment sat there frozen, on his knees before Sesshomaru.

'Oh god, what the fuck am I doing here. I 've never even thought about doing something like that!' The young kitsune thought, swallowing nervously. He couldn't do this.

'Come on. We've had to proof read enough of Ero-sennin's books to get the picture. Just… go with the flow. You can't give up now.'

Sensing Naruto's nervousness the older man took the blonde's face into his hands and forced him to look up to him.

"You don't have to do that Naruto. There is no shame in being scared of trying something for the first time." He said, obviously trying to pacify his little mate.

It didn't work out quite how the inuyoukai had expected. Because instead of backing down and standing back up the blonde demeanor lost all nervousness.

"Shut up, Sesshomaru!" He repeated with a determined glint in his eyes.

'I can do this!' He thought, taking a deep breath and bracing himself for the task ahead of him; placing one of his hands on Sesshomaru's tight, he pinned it to the tree. Then he let the tips of his fingers glide over the silky skin along the length of his cock. And after that he palmed the older man's cock, giving it a few cautious but firm stokes, while he watched Sesshomaru's face for his reaction.

For someone who didn't know the demon lord very well his face didn't seem to differ very much from his usual emotionless expression. But to Naruto the difference was stunning. The tips of the demon lords pointed ears held a light blush, he was breathing faster than normal and Naruto could smell his arousal. But the most thrilling difference was Sesshomaru's eyes, his pupil's were blown as he watched the blonde hungrily.

Encouraged by his future mate's reaction to his ministration, Naruto summoned his courage, giving Sesshomaru's cock a long, wet lick while his fingers ghosted over his testicles.

'I can totally do this' The kitsune thought boldly when he heard the nearly inaudible gasp his mate let out.

The he proceeded with lavishing Sesshomaru's erection with attention, licking and nipping at the older male's cock enthusiastically, loving how the demon lord's breath sped up because of him.

He was so engrossed in his task that he barely noticed when Sesshomaru's hands grabbed his head until his fingers were entangled in his hair. Slowly but surely he started enjoying it and more and more of his own blood was heading south until he was just as hard as his lover.

Soon the blonde was ready to try for something more. For a moment he stopped his ministrations and took a second to admire his work. The demon lord's cock was dark red, hard and glistering with Naruto's salvia, while the tip leaked copious amounts of pre-come.

Curious he took a tentative lick around the sensitive tip, savoring the taste of his future mate's essence. He loved the way Sesshomaru's hands tightened in his hair and how his breath hitched just a little bit at that particular action. The taste wasn't nearly as bad as he had imagined.

He was really getting the hang out of this. Wanting to see what other reactions he could elicit from the usually so unaffected demon lord, Naruto licked his lips and took the head of Sesshomaru's cock into his mouth, gently sucking at it.

This time he was more successful in coaxing a reaction from his future mate, as the older man couldn't suppress a deep groan when the kitsune's perfectly pink lips closed around his erection.

He started to massage the sensitive skin behind Naruto' s ears to encourage his little kitsune to take him in deeper.

Naruto was nowhere near ready to test out just how much of Sesshomaru's length he could actually fit into his mouth. The last thing he wanted was to gag on the demon lord's cock. After last night, he really didn't want to embarrass himself again.

But Sesshomaru's reaction's to his ministrations were getting him all hot and bothered, so he opened his mouth just a bit farther and took it in as deep as he was comfortable with and started bobbing his head. But even the part of the demon lord's member that didn't fit into the young kitsune's hot mouth wasn't neglected. While one of the blonde's hands stroke the base of the dog demon's erection, the other continued to massage his balls.

Groaning, the inuyoukai clenched his fist, accidentally tugging at Naruto's hair as his orgasm approached.

The pleasurable pain of the tug hit the kitsune unaware, causing him to moan around the length in his mouth. The vibrations of the moan on his cock were enough to send Sesshomaru over the edge.

With a deep growl of Naruto's name, the demon lord came and because of the hands tangled in his hair, holding him close, the blonde had no other option but to swallow the copious amount of seed his mate produced.

Naruto had a hard time trying not to choke and in the end a small amount of the white fluid escaped his mouth and ran down his chin. But the kitsune had no time to take care of that before he was tugged to his feet by his hair and pushed against the very same tree. In no time at all he found his mouth invaded by Sesshomaru's tongue. Moaning helplessly, the kitsune surrendered to the hungry kiss of his lover.

When they were finally forced to part for air, the older man licked away the seed that had escaped Naruto's mouth and proceeded with attacking the fox demon's neck with another erotic growl that made the younger male's knees weak.

"You looked perfect with your pouty mouth around my cock." Sesshomaru whispered into the fox demon's ear, loving the way the kitsune shivered at the feeling of his lover's hot breath on the sensitive skin of his neck.

"Oh, god…" The younger moaned helplessly.

The blonde could only lean back and enjoy while his partner lavished his neck with kisses and soft, little bites. He was still hard and desperate for any attention his lover was willing to give him. Soon he was keening and begging for the demon lord to touch him, even though he would deny it later.

"Please." He nearly whimpered, tugging at the older male's kimono.

Taking pity on his young, desperate mate Sesshomaru's hand snuck down the front of Naruto's pants and found his impressive arousal. He closed his fist around the hard length and started a fast pace to bring the blonde to completion. Burying his face into the dog demon's chest the kitsune tried his best to remain standing while his own orgasm approached fast.

"When all of this is over and we are finally mated, we will not be leaving our bed chambers for weeks. You will not be able to walk for days afterwards," Sesshomaru growled against Naruto's neck and bit down, not hard enough to break skin but hard enough for a bruise.

That was all it took for the blonde to see stars and to fly over the edge of his own orgasm.

With an unintelligible moan that could have been Sesshomaru's name the young kitsune spilled into his mate's hand.

Afterwards, Naruto slumped, boneless, against the tree while his lover wiped his hand against the tree trunk, tucked himself back in and pulled him in for a last indolent kiss.

"Soo, how was it?" The young fox asked after the kiss had ended.

"You did admirably for your first time."

"I'll take that as a compliment." The blonde joked lazily, leaning against Sesshomaru's chest.

Then the two of them made themselves comfortable at the foot of the tree and proceeded to wait for Inuyasha and his wolf prince.

When Inuyasha and Kouga joined them some time later they were still sitting in the same place, while Naruto was practically sitting in his future mate's lap.

"Oh my god. What have you two been doing while we were catching up to you? The whole place smells like the two of you humped each other against every damn tree in this whole clearing." Inuyasha exclaimed as soon as he and Kouga entered the clearing, covering his nose with the sleeve of his robe.

Kouga let out a barking laugh while Naruto blushed in embarrassment.

"Now you know how this Sesshomaru had felt yesterday night, when I encountered the two of you in the forest, half naked and covered in the bodily fluids of the other. I assure you that the last thing I wanted to see was evidence of my younger brother's sexual activities" Sesshomaru replied impassively.

This time it was Inuyasha's turn to blush and Kouga stopped laughing abruptly.

" Soo, what are we stopping here anyways? We're still quite a bit away from the castle." The wolf prince asked, hoping to change the topic.

"We are here so that we can enter my palace without alerting anyone of our arrival. This Sesshomaru doesn't want to give his enemies time to prepare." The demon lord replied, allowing the change of topic. They had wasted enough time as it was.

"That doesn't really answer my question." Kouga continued.

"I think it does." Naruto interfered, with a look of understanding on his face.

"Will you just answer the question?" Inuyasha whined, tired of standing around.

"We can't approach the castle by flying without being seen, giving those old coots from the council time to destroy evidence or to disappear. The same goes for approaching on foot. Unless there is a way for us to stay unseen." The blonde explained in Sesshomaru's place.

"Why don't you do one of your kitsune illusions?" The ookami asked.

"Because we're too far away for that. Besides, I'm sure that Sesshomaru has thought of that." The kitsune answered, turning to look at his future mate in expectation.


"Well?" Inuyasha questioned impatiently.

"Patience, little brother." The demon lord replied, signifying his companions to follow him.

Then he proceeded to lead them through the forest to a giant tree that was growing on a big rock.

"Stay here." The demon lord said, while he went over to the giant tree and touched the old bark. To his companion great surprise the bark stated glowing where Sesshomaru touched it and with a loud groan the big roots started moving. After a short time the roots revealed the entrance of a cavern.

"Is this what I think it is?" Kouga asked curiously.

"If you think that this is a secrete passage leading directly into my palace then, indeed, it is." The older male answered.

"Great! That's one problem taken care of. What do we do after we finally reached our destination? We need a strategy." Inuyasha inquired moodily.

"Thank you for stating the obvious, Inuyasha."

"Shut up, Sesshomaru."

"I propose that we visit your grandfather first. He still doesn't have a clue that he could be surrounded by traitors." Naruto said and interrupted the petty fight between the siblings.

"I agree."

"And then?"

"The we will pay a little visit to Itomaru."

"What if he's not the only one in on this? What if they attack us!" Inuyasha asked.

"We kill them! Without mercy! This Sesshomaru has no patience for traitors!"

"Great. The usual procedure." The half-demon mumbled sarcastically.

"If all goes well, we will just take Itomaru into custody and interrogate him."

"I'm sure with you interrogating him it won't take long until we know whether other people had been involved in this." Kouga said lightly.

"What'll happen to all those that were involved?" Inuyasha asked his brother.

"They will be imprisoned and put on trail. Of course, the sentence for treason is death." The demon lord replied with a cold smirk.

"Of course, stupid question." The half demon mumbled to himself.

"Well then, let's get a move on." The wolf prince said and approached the entrance of the dark cavern.

The others followed behind him.

"You sure that this thing leads into the castle?" Inuyasha asked skeptically after taking a look inside the dark hole.

"This passage has been used in times of war for the evacuation of the royal inu youkai clan. I was forced to use it several times when I was still a young pup. As you know the West had lead many wars in my youth, when our father was still among the living. Only our immediate family is aware of this tunnel." The demon lord explained patiently.

"Oh! Are you sure you should be showing that to us, then?" Kouga asked gingerly.

"You are my brother's mate, are you not? I do believe that means you are a part of our family." Sesshomaru answered dryly.

"Oh, get in there Kouga." Inuyasha growled, pink faced, shoving his mate into the entrance of the passage.

"Ey, what did I do?" The wolf prince pouted while he entered the dark tunnel.

"Shut up!" The half-demon grumbled as he followed his lover into the secret passage.

"They're so cute together." Naruto grinned at his own future mate. Sesshomaru and him were the only two left outside.

"Indeed…" The demon lord replied, "… it's quite sickening."

"Don't act as if you're not happy for Inuyasha. I know that you care for him deep down inside." The blonde teased, bumping his fist onto Sesshomaru's arm.

"… We should follow them. It wouldn't do for them to get lost in there." The inuyoukai answered nonchalantly, though Naruto could see that he was fighting a small smile.

Smiling happily Naruto finally entered the secret tunnel, Sesshomaru right behind him.

In the meantime, Itomaru was exhausted and at the end of his rope. Finding allies who would be willing to help him in his endeavor of staying alive had proven to be harder that he had imagined. Much harder.

Before the whole situation with Sesshomaru and the grandson of the Lord of the South had happened, the dog demon wouldn't have thought that he was so unpopular. He was a member of the council of elders after all.

But now it seemed that his time on the council didn't really help him with his popularity. On the contrary, now that he thought about it he knew that he had made himself unpopular with the way he had acted towards other people. He's been pretty arrogant and callous with some people that could have been helpful in his current situation.

Even feigned friendliness would have helped with his image. Why had he been so stupid? He didn't have to actually like those people, because truly, he thought that the majority of them were beneath him, but he could have acted that way. But hindsight was always 20/20.

But his unpopularity was not his only problem. He just couldn't find the needed support among the inhabitants of the castle.

Firstly he had to be very careful not to be noticed by Rei Inu or someone who was loyal to Sesshomaru. The demon lord was a cold bastard but he was a good ruler, so that the majority of his subjects were loyal to their lord. So that he had to look for support under those few that resented Sesshomaru.

But that lead to an even bigger problem. Which was Sesshomaru unfortunate habit to kill his enemies, and pretty much anyone that stood in his way.

Even those people that harbored resentment against the Lord of the West, whom he had approached as subtly as he was able to, were pretty much useless. They were just much too afraid to move against the Lord of the West for that very reason.

After a tiring search he had found absolutely no one willing to offer him support. No one. And that left him with only one option.

He had to turn to the one person Sesshomaru hated more than anyone else. A person he couldn't kill to get rid of. The personal beliefs of this person were certainly helpful in getting her assistance. That someone had wanted the demon Lord to find a perfect dog demon mate and settle down as soon as the young man had reached his majority.

He was sure that Sesshomaru mating a fox demon would be enough of a motivation for her to make an appearance in the palace. That person was known for her hate of anyone who wasn't a inuyoukai. Any demon that wasn't an inuyoukai was held in contempt and only humans were beneath them. Her hate for humans was legendary in the right circles.

The only thing he had to do was to convince the lady to his way of thinking. Of course joining forces with that woman could very well mean that Kaori would lose her chance to mate the Lord of the West, but at the moment he was more worried about his life than about his daughter's possible future mating.

The mercenary hadn't returned and he knew that could only mean one thing. The snake demon he had sent after the grandson of the Lord of the South had been the best tracker he could find, it was practically impossible that he hadn't found the blond. He was sure that the mercenary was dead, but he knew that even death wouldn't stop Sesshomaru from finding out who had sent the snake. And Itomaru had been careless. He hadn't really believed that the demon lord would jump over his shadow and go looking for the kitsune, so he hadn't hidden his identity when he had hired the hebi youkai for the job.

Now that woman was pretty much his only chance to survive Sesshomaru's rage. He only hoped that he wouldn't regret his choice, because his chosen ally wasn't known for giving a damn about her allies, or anyone at all, really.

'What have I gotten myself into?' He thought tiredly, running his fingers through his white hair.

It took Sesshomaru and his companions several hours to cross the dark tunnel and to reach the palace. Even with their superior sight they had to keep a moderate pace to find their way through the darkness.

Finally they exited the tunnel trough a secret door in the royal family wing of the Western palace. When they finally stepped into the light Sesshomaru noticed that they were covered in dust and cobwebs.

"Sesshomaru? When was the last time this passage was used?" Naruto asked when he took notice of his appearance.

"More than fifty years ago, I believe." He answered, brushing off the dust and webs of his clothing.

"I can believe that." The blonde replied, while he and the other two followed the demon lord's example, ridding themselves of the dirt.

"It doesn't matter. We have more important things to worry about."

"Yeah. We should really find Rei Inu." Naruto supposed.

"We will make our way to grandfather's rooms. Hopefully without being seen. In the case that he is not inside his rooms we will simply wait until he returns."

"Good idea." Kouga agreed.

Making as little noise as possible, Inuyasha walked over to the door of the room they had exited from the passage. Carefully he opened the door and looked around. Just to be safe he took a minute to listen for footsteps or any kind of movement in the corridor leading to Rei Inu's rooms. Fortune seemed to be on their side, because even his superior hearing couldn't pick up anything.

"Air's clear." Inuyasha grunted, opening the door.

"Let's hurry." Naruto said and walked out of the room. The others followed him outside.

Within minutes they were inside Rei Inu's rooms without having encountered anyone on their way there. Unfortunately Rei Inu wasn't in his rooms when they entered.

"He's not here." Kouga asked impatiently.

"Obviously. We will just have to wait." Sesshomaru replied coldly.

"I hate waiting" Inuyasha whined, sitting down on the floor as usual. Though he squirmed a bit, obviously experiencing some discomfort after his nightly activities with his mate.

For a moment Sesshomaru thought to ask his brother why he insisted on sitting on the flood when there were perfectly comfortable seats all over the room. Instead he took a seat on a cushion in front of the small table his grandfather always played shogi at. Naruto followed his example while Kouga joined his mate on the floor.

Then they waited in tense silence for Sesshomaru's grandfather to return. As luck would have it, they didn't have to wait for long. After a little more than half an hour of sitting in silence, they heard footsteps approaching. Shortly after that Rei Inu stormed his chambers.

He had a very angry look on his face when he entered the room and it took him a moment until he noticed that he had company.

When he saw his grandsons the anger disappeared from his face and he exclaimed: "Inuyasha! Sesshomaru! Finally! I thought you'd eloped with Naruto!"

"Grandfather!" Sesshomaru said, nodding in greeting.

Ignoring his older grandson's distant greeting, Rei Inu walked over to him and pulled him into a tight hug. Sesshomaru endured it with grace, in his opinion.

Then Rei Inu walked over to his younger grandson and pulled him into another hug.

"My god, child. It's been so long since this old man has laid his eyes on you. Such a beautiful young man you've become." He said proudly.

"Grandfather!" Inuyasha murmured, hugging the old man back with all his might.

"Do my old eyes deceive me or is that a mating bite I see on your neck, Yasha?" The old man asked, his tone dangerous.

"Keh." The half demon mumbled, blushing deeply.

"Well? Who is the lucky man? And why haven't I been informed about this?"

"Lord Rei Inu! I am Kouga, Prince of the Northern wolf tribe! I am Inuyasha's mate!" Kouga explained nervously when the old dog demon turned to glare at him.

"Why haven't I been invited to your mating ceremony? And more importantly, why didn't you ask for permission to mate my grandson? " The old dog demon questioned, looking murderous.

Kouga had obviously not expected such a reaction from Inuyasha's family and adopted a deer in the headlights look, absolutely overwhelmed with the situation.

"I-I" The wolf prince spluttered helplessly, looking at his mate for support.

Inuyasha couldn't help himself and burst out laughing at seeing Kouga's face.

"Oh my god Kouga, he's just joking! Don't piss your pelt." The half demon snickered.

"Really?" The brunette asked hopefully, addressing Rei Inu.

"Partly. Hurt my grandson and nobody will ever find your carcass." The old man answered with a shark-like smile.

"This is really not the time for this!" Sesshomaru interfered, "We have a very serious problem on our hands, grandfather!"

Then the demon lord started explaining the whole situation to his grandfather. After he had finished his grandfather had a very serious expression on his face.

"That is not our only problem." The older inuyoukai finally said, running his finger through his long hair with a heavy sigh.

"What do you mean?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Sesshomaru… Your mother is here!" Rei Inu replied.

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