It was 9:00 when Eponine's eyes fluttered open. She felt Enjolras' arm around her waist and smiled, still smelling his cologne from last night. She suddenly realized that she was very naked and pulled the sheets over her bare chest. Enjolras began to stir and soon, she felt his lips peck against her neck in a "Good Morning" kiss.

"G'Morning," She said with a smile, rolling over to face him. His hazel eyes met her brown ones and the crinkles near his eyes that she had fallen in love with began to form. His dirty blonde hair was a mess around his forehead. But, she didn't care about his hair, or his laugh like a four year old or how he was he slob. He was hers. And she was his.

"You smell good," She whispered, a smile forming on her lips, "But you have got some serious morning breath going on, my friend," She tapped her finger on his nose and he rolled his eyes and Eponine laughed.

"Do you smell something?" She asked, pulling the sheets up again as she stretched her back. He sat on the edge of the bed, his hand resting on her thigh.

"Maybe it's my breath?" He said with a smirk and he pecked her on the cheek, "But I do smell something. It smells like burning... plastic?" Eponine shrugged, as Enjolras stood up, his chiseled chest exposed to the girl cloaked in the white sheets.

"Whatever, I guess. I gotta run down to the station, okay? I'll be back by noon," He pecked her quickly on the lips and Ep knew the drill. He would run to work, get back covered in sweat and debris and they would fight over bills, work or whatever happened to be pissing Enj off that day. And she would bite her lip, keeping quiet and there would be make-up sex that made Eponine feel so cold and empty, it was unbelievable.

"Wait, just stay. Let me make you breakfast," She said, throwing on a t-shirt resting on the edge of the bed, "We never see each other anymore and when we do, you smell like smoke and your head seems so full that it's crazy,"

He stared at her for a moment and finally, began to nod. Eponine smiled at him and stood on her tiptoes, placing her lips against his for a split second. Maybe today would be a new day. One where Enj would not fall asleep on the couch with a mouthful of wine.

Ep had never been the master of cooking. In their first year, she had cooked him eggs and hamburgers, a mix that became old quickly and they discovered the wonders of take-out. But now, she could at least make an omelette that Enj wouldn't politely spit into his napkin.

"Ham or turkey?" She asked, whisking the eggs with milk, but he put up a finger to silence her as he stared at the TV. Enj wasn't one to watch TV, but when he did, she knew something wasn't right.

"You okay?" Ep asked, wiping a bit of egg yolk off her hand, "What's going on?" Enj said nothing, just he pointed a shaking finger at the screen.

And there, in crystal clear writing, it read, "Twin Towers attacked in apparent terrorist plot. Thousands of casualties expected," The news reporter babbled on and in the side, she could see the two buildings, each up in a thick fog of smoke and debris. She felt a wave of numbness flood through her. It couldn't be true. She walked by those buildings at least twice a day. They represented the dream that Eponine had wanted. The one she had moved to New York to achieve. They watched in silence for a moment that felt like a lifetime. And that was when she saw men in fire gear walking towards the smoky buildings. And it was then that the phone rang.

Eponine watched Enj stand up and walk over to the phone, his face blank. Usually, he was laughing or frowning. But showing nothing at all was what scared Eponine the most.

"Yessir" Enj said into the receiver, "I'll be right there, Mr. Valjean. Yessir, I understand. Good luck to you too," And he walked back to the couch, his face a sickly grey.

"They're sending us in there," Enj said after a pause, "I have to go, Ep. I could save lives," Eponine shook her head, tears blurring her eyes. She wouldn't allow it. Not today.

"Are you fucking crazy?! It's a death trap, Enj!" She said, trying to keep her breath calm from fear of sobbing, "Please don't. Please stay with me,"

For a split second, Enj wanted nothing more than to crawl back into bed and pretend he had never turned on the TV. But, he knew where he stood. And Ep would have to forgive him.

"E, I am going to be fine, I promise," He said and he pulled on a dirty shirt lying on the ground next to him, slipping on his loafers and feeling a deep emptiness in his stomach.

Ep finally stopped her dry-sobbing for a moment and soon, her sorrow turned to red hot fury. She wiped away her tears, her face twisted with anger.

"Enjolras... If you walk out that door, I-I will hate you!" She spat at Enj. He tried to embrace her, but she pushed his arms off of her. Enj wasn't sure if he wanted to shake Eponine out, to get her to calm down or if he wanted to hold her in his arms and never let go.

"You won't even notice I'm gone, Eponine," He said, cupping her face in his hands, "Say a prayer, okay? Not for me. But for all those people who might not make it home tonight,"

Eponine nodded as he planted his lips on her forehead and left Eponine, the apartment too empty for her as she collapsed to the floor.