It was 2:29 AM when the phone rang loudly into Eponine's ear. She jolted up, the sound scaring her out of her dream. She tried to spread her body out as wide as she could. Maybe then the bed would feel less empty. She would give anything for Enjolras' snoring, his cold feet or how he talked in his sleep. But, he was gone. And Eponine had known that ever since he had last given her his signature crooked grin.

"Hullo?" Eponine asked, sleepily into the phone, "This is Eponine," She wasn't angry at the caller for interrupting the first real sleep she had had in a week, just a little tired and sad.

"Eponine Thenardier?" A voice asked, "This is Melanie Roades. I'm a nurse here at Bellevue Hospital Center. Are you busy?"

It took everything in Eponine to not to snap at the nurse, 'Just sleeping for the first time in a week. I have been worried sick. My boyfriend is dead. So, no. I'm not busy,'

"No, I just woke up. Is everything okay?" Eponine asked, sliding her legs over to the side of the bed, forcing her to sit up.

"Before we can tell you anything, we need you to get down here. Company policy," The nurse replied and Eponine wasn't sure to feel excited or sickened. She hung up the phone and let out a long groan as she pulled on a pair of pants, venturing out into the cold Manhattan air.

The second Eponine arrived at the hospital, she could sense something wasn't right. She had a nagging feeling gnawing at the pit in her stomach that had been there since Enj had been gone. She shut her eyes as the doors slid open and she was directed by a nurse to the room where someone was waiting.

Please don't let mom or dad be sick. Don't let it be Azelma. Anything, but that.

But it wasn't her parents or her sister. Instead, on the bed, an IV attached to his arm and cuts of his face, laid a sleeping Enjolras. And that was when Eponine fell to the ground in thanks.