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"Nothing matters anymore"




As the sky wept, so did Soubi.

Over a decade had passed since tears last flowed across his skin. Such show of emotion did not matter now.

Nothing mattered anymore.

The knees of his pants were muddied and rocks ground into his skin spilling blood from torn flesh, but he felt no pain.

The sky darkened as night approached, however his fixed gaze did not become blind.

Time passed by- minutes, hours, it didn't matter.

The cell phone in his pocket vibrated, but he took no notice. No one else mattered.

Nothing would ever be the same.

There was truly no way he could have prevented it, but there was also truly no way the fighter could believe that. He blamed himself.

Memory of the terrible event passed through his mind again and again.


Out of the corner of his eye Soubi saw a man with the glint of a pistol in his hand. As he turned, a bullet fired from the metal so fast it passed his sight and penetrated Ritsuka's chest in an instant.

Soubi crashed to his knees and caught the boy, then turned away for only a second. It didn't matter if anyone saw the attack sent to take the life from the offending scum. He then used a spell to cloak the scene so no one interfered.

In his arms Ritsuka's widened violet eyes stared deeply into his, "Sou… bi".

Placing a hand on the lovely face which grew paler by the second he spoke gently "I love you Ritsuka. Don't worry, there's no reason to worry." Both knew that was a lie.

Struggling, Ritsuka breathed "I… love you… Soubi." Said man lightly kissed his forehead, noting the loss of warmth, and whispered "I love you… We are forever, we are Loveless." With that, he began to weep silently. Ritsuka cried as well, tears flowing at the same rate his blood spilled from the wound and from his lips.

When the pain in his chest ceased Ritsuka grabbed his fighter's arm in fear. As matching streams of water lined their faces, Soubi whispered "I'm here Ritsuka, I'm here."

Their final moments passed far too swiftly, and soon the last breath left Ritsuka. Soubi held his sacrifice's lifeless form against his body with a tight embrace.

End flashback

Crows now pecked at the murderer's corpse several feet away. Soubi would not bother looking on the spoils of his retribution, such filth didn't matter.

He cleared rocks from a spot on the ground, and laid Ritsuka on bright green grass. Gazing upon dulled violet, his slender fingers closed the boy's eyes.

His light was gone.

Finger tips slid over greying lips.

His smile was gone.

All was better with Ritsuka in the world. Now that he was gone, nothing mattered.

Ritsuka was his everything, the only thing, and the only one who mattered. Without Ritsuka to live beside, to hold, to kiss, to love, and… to protect, there was no longer a purpose for his existence.

Lifting cold metal, Soubi pressed the barrel against the same place on his chest as blood flowed from Ritsuka, and pulled the trigger.

After the bullet punctured skin, he threw the gun to the criminal's body, though it didn't matter.

Blood spilled quickly from his body, but it didn't matter as rain washed it into grass and dirt.

Lying in the multicolored puddle, he gathered all that mattered in his arms and pressed their lips together a final time.

He was complete.




The end




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