"The course of true love never did run smooth." -William Shakespeare

Ryo leaned against a tree outside the Obelisk dorm, staring at the lighthouse and rattling through his mental Rolodex of excuses for getting out of social situations. Lunch with Fubuki had been awkward enough, there was no way he was going to the beach with him too. Usually he resorted to blaming his family (his parents wanted him home, he had a commitment he couldn't get out of, etc.), but that wouldn't work when his family was hundreds of miles away. He doubted Fubuki would buy him feeling sick either.

"It's official. I love this place!" Fubuki sang, turning cartwheels on the green lawn. "The beach is great, the babes are hot, our pad is sweet, and the food is fantastic."

"It's better than most school cafeterias," Ryo said, trying to sound somewhat nice.

Fubuki stopped, spreading his arms. "Are you kidding? We get a whole dining hall! I heard the other two dorms can only eat the one thing the kitchen staff feels like making, while we get a whole big buffet every night. Let's just hope I don't get fat while I'm here."

"You won't. Each student is only allowed two helpings," Ryo said.

"Blah, blah, blah. Rules were made to be broken," Fubuki said, waving his hand and smiling up at the sun. "So tell me, what are you most excited about?"


Fubuki looked disappointed. "That's all?"

"The campus and the dorm are nice too."

"Have you seen the Osiris and Ra dorms?"

Ryo rolled his eyes. "No. Why would I?"

"They're not nearly as bad as everyone thinks. I thought Ra was actually kinda nice. And Osiris wasn't terrible."

Ryo wrinkled his nose. Not terrible wasn't exactly the most flattering description. "I heard there were cockroaches in that dorm and the sheets aren't even clean."

"That's true. But it is cozy. And I've always had a thing for bunk beds." He frowned and adjusted the collar on his new white uniform. "Though as much as I love this school, I have to say I don't really care for their uniforms, especially these elite ones. Our school is supposed to be colorful, so why do the good students have to wear boring white while the not-as-good students get to look cool? And what was Samejima thinking, giving us long-sleeved coats and pants on a tropical island?"

"Chronos-sensei chose the uniforms. Samejima just approved of them."

"And what fine uniforms they are!" a familiar screechy accent bellowed. Chronos-sensei had his hands on his hips and his purple lips were pursed as though he'd just eaten something sour. Ryo swore the man had a radar that went off whenever someone within a hundred mile radius mentioned his name.

"Yes sir," Ryo said. Fubuki jumped.

"Sir? You mean that's a dude?"

Chronos-sensei's face began to redden. "Excuse me?"

"Come on, what guy has a ponytail and dresses like that? And coming from me, that's saying something."

"How dare you! You better watch your mouth, young man, or you'll get your wish and receive a different uniform. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, but who exactly are you again?" Fubuki asked. Ryo groaned.

"I am Chronos de Medici, a professor at this academy and the head of your dorm. So if I were you I'd show a little bit more respect."

Fubuki's eyes bulged. "So you really are a guy? Seriously?"

Chronos-sensei's face went from red to purple and a vein pulsed at the side of his neck. "That's enough out of you, Tenjoin! Get back to your room, both of you. And I expect you to demonstrate proper behavior when you attend my class on Monday. Do I make myself clear?"

Fubuki raised a finger. "Can I just ask one more question?"

"Go!" Chronos-sensei pointed a very long finger toward their dorm. Ryo seized Fubuki's arm and yanked him in that direction, fuming. He hadn't even done anything and yet he was being punished after just attaining honor status.

Fubuki snapped his fingers. "Do you think maybe Chronos-sensei is gay and dresses like that to attract other guys?"

Ryo rolled his eyes. "You're hardly one to talk about odd ways to dress." Why, out of all the students in Obelisk Blue, did this one have to be the second honor student? How on earth was it possible that a boy who caused problems the first day he arrived, before classes even started, could have that kind of skill and intelligence?

Fubuki wasn't listening. "I can't believe he wouldn't even hear my question. All I wanted to ask him was why your uniform has coattails and mine doesn't."

"It doesn't matter," Ryo said.

"But coattails are awesome! They're so much fun to play with." He reached down and tried to grab Ryo's coattails. In doing so, his hands brushed against Ryo's butt and for a moment Ryo saw red. He jerked away and walked on faster and farther away from his roommate.

"Hey, wait up!"

Ryo ignored him. He'd decided that was the best way to handle an annoying roommate.