Note: The song is "Cry" sung by Mandy Moore and is used to illustrate the night Sally realized that she loved Wufei. Enjoy and review.

Wo ai ni

"Where will I find him?" Sally asked patiently as she looked at the young Chinese man who stared back at her with a slight sneer. There was a cold September breeze in the air and she would rather have been anywhere but standing there on this particular doorstep talking to a egotistic child.

"Master Chang isn't here, Ms Poe." The young soldier said patiently.

"Would you mind if I went looking for him seeing as he is a close friend of mine and that I've come about some very important business?" Sally said just as patiently. Working along side Wufei for over four years had made her quite tolerant of sneering, egotistic men. Lucky for the both of them she'd been surrounded by Chinese men her whole life and was used to them which was probably why she hadn't killed him yet.

"You're welcome to look for him but I doubt you'll find him."

"Thank you for your time." Sally said bowing slightly in his direction before heading in the direction of a path leading away from the building. Looking around Sally wished she had a flashlight. It was getting dark out and she had no idea where exactly she to look.

"You'll find him in the valley." A low voice said in Chinese.

Sally turned to see an old woman coming towards her with her arms full of flowers. The woman was very old and walked slowly but their was something about her that commanded respect as well as a sense of power.

"Did you say in the valley? Where's that?" Sally said walking towards her to meet her half way. The woman looked like a good breeze would blow her over.

"If you follow the path down and turn right at the fork you'll get there." The woman said looking at Sally in a way that slightly unnerved her. It's almost like she's judging me for some reason.

"Thank you for your help, ma'am." Sally said bowing to her in respect.

"You'll make him happy." The woman said with a smile before continuing up the path without another word or glance. Puzzled Sally watched her go then headed down the path.

"I can't believe I let Lady Une talk me in to coming here. Knowing my luck Wufei will probably scowl my head off for interrupting his vacation time." Sally muttered as she climbed the rather steep hill. Reaching the hill's crest Sally gazed over into the valley and held her breathe. There in the fading light she could make out the form of her partner Chang Wufei standing quietly in the middle of a meadow filled with dying wildflowers.

I'll always remember

It was late afternoon

It lasted forever

And it ended too soon

You were all by yourself

Staring up at a dark grey sky

I was changed.

Sally slowly walked down the hill towards Wufei, something inside her told her that this place was sacred somehow. Feeling like a complete outsider Sally looked uncertainly around not knowing what to do. Keeping her eyes on her partner Sally noiselessly walked down the path waiting for him to acknowledge her presence and hoped he wouldn't get too mad at her for intruding. But he didn't move or acknowledge her presence, he just stood there like he was really made of stone instead of just figuratively. As she drew nearer Sally picked up a faint sound and then noticing that his shoulders were hunched over as if he was in pain. Speeding up her pace Sally hurried forward to help him until what she was hearing hit her like walking into a brick wall.

In places no one would find

All your feelings so deep inside (deep inside)

It was then that I realized

That forever was in your eyes

The moment I saw you cry.

The moment that I saw you cry.

He's crying, Sally thought in a complete shock. She couldn't move as she stared at her friend who didn't seem to even realize that she was there. Sally stared at him feeling really completely helpless for the first time in a long time, her mind racing. If it had been any other man she would have gone over and done something, anything to try and comfort him. But this wasn't any man, this was Wufei. Wanting to comfort but being unable to Sally walked closer until she was only a few feet away from him. Something inside her told her to keep quiet and wait for the right moment to let him know of her. It was so strange to just stand there and know that he wasn't aware of her as oppose to his usual ignore her till he was willing to acknowledge her presence.

It was late in September

And I've seen you before (and you were)

You were always the cold one

But I was never that sure

You were all by yourself

Staring at a dark grey sky

I was changed.

Sally could only stare though every nerve in her body screamed to move and hold him. Pull him into her arms and let him know that she was here for him. What was she thinking? Sally thought as she shook her head. Embrace him? Hold him? He'd just push her away and never speak or look at her again unless it was to glare at her. But there was nothing to gain just standing there in the cold either. But she didn't even feel the cold anymore. All she could do was stare and feel for him. If it weren't for the fact that I'd have to be a stereotypical blonde I'd almost think I cared a lot more then just friendly towards the man in front of her.

In places no one would fine

All your feelings so deep inside (deep inside)

It was then that I realized

That forever was in your eyes

The moment I saw you cry.

I wanted to hold you

I wanted to make it go away

I wanted to know you

I wanted to make your everything, all right...

Sally couldn't understand what she was feeling, it was as if her emotions were a dam and it had just broken. Affection, loyalty, compassion and a larger emotion then them all filled her head until it was fairly spinning with it all. Trying to repress them Sally slowly backed away from her still silent partner who hadn't even noticed her practically right beside him. Shaking her head Sally turned and practically ran back up the path and didn't stop until she'd reached the top of the hill.

I'll always remember...

It was late afternoon...

In places no one would find....

In places no one would find

All your feelings so deep inside (deep inside)

It was then that I realized

That forever was in your eyes

The moment I saw you cry.

"Wufei? Are you down there?" Sally yelled pretending that she had just arrived. Moments passed before he answered her and when he did there was a slight halt to his voice that made her ache for him. "Is that you, Onna?" Wufei called out looking up in her direction for the first time since she'd arrived. "It's me. Can I come down or will you bit by head off for interrupting?" Sally asked teasingly as she tried to ignore the feelings she wasn't able to control. It was as if she was feeling his pain, as if his pain was her own. It reminded her of something her mother had once told her. Her mother had said that she was never happy when her father had been sad because when he was in pain she was in pain. She loved her husband so much that she couldn't be happy if he wasn't. Wait a minute, was that what this emotion was that threatened to explode as she watched Wufei walk towards her. But she couldn't love him, calling him friend was pushing it sometimes. And yet, and yet it fit. She loved him Sally thought as she felt her head spin with the knowledge. She loved the arrogant sexist pig. She loved the way he moved, the way he glared at her, and even the way he called her woman. She stared at his familiar form as he walked towards her and saw him in another light. She took in the midnight black hair caught up in a ponytail, the strong form. She took in his smooth gait and his confident air. She'd seen him thousands of times but it was like this was the first time all over again. She was seeing him through new eyes, a set of loving eyes.

"Why are you looking at me like that, Onna?" Wufei demanded in his usual arrogant way.

"What?" Sally said in a slight daze as she focused on his face.

"Weak woman, why are you here?" Wufei growled not liking how pale she looked in the growing darkness. She looked like she'd drop any moment.

"We're being sent to Colony 1 to check out some unexplained ship disappearances." Sally said struggling to control her face to keep her emotions hidden.

"All right. Lets head back to the cabin and I'll get my stuff." Wufei said staring at her intently as if to read her emotions on her face. He'd called her woman twice and she hadn't yelled at him once or even corrected him.

"Okay." Sally said huskily as she nodded at him though she gave the impression she wasn't really seeing him at all.

"Well pick up your feet, Woman." Wufei said starting down the path and after a slight hesitation followed him up the hill.

If he ever found out he was going to be so mad Sally thought biting back a giggle at the thought of how he'd react if he knew what was going through her mind at the moment. "Wo ai ni Chang Wufei." Sally whispered under her breathe as she told Wufei she loved him as she watched him lead the way down the hill with the lights of the cabin shining in front of them. "Did you say something ?" Wufei said stopping to wait for her to catch up. "Nothing you need to hear just yet." Sally said giving him a huge smile before walking past him to beat him to the cabin. Never a one to past up a challenge Wufei picked up speed to walk beside his crazy partner. What's going through that mind of hers? Wufei wondered as they silently walked into the night. The End, For Now.