Flash's Adventure

It was just an ordinary day in the home of miles prower as flash the hedgehog one of tails close friends were in the liven room watching TV again thinking about what to do."What to do,oh what should I to do today"flash said while until she felt a sudden surge of unknown power flowing though her as someone was transfring power into her.

"Oh no not again!"Said flash the hedgehog as she held her head in pain. "This is the fourth time this week! There's got to be a purpose for this pain. Maybe tails can find out why this keeps on happing, "she said as she ran down the stairs to his workshop.

When she got down there she saw tails working on another machine until the thought about her and tails together poped into her mind which somehow blockes the pain in her also made her blush rapidly fast but she didn't care even if anyone saw.

Tails then saw her just standing in front of the exit and started to walk up to her and try to surprise her. She then realises that tails was right infront of her. Flash almost fell on the steel floor. "Oh tails I didn't see you right there,"she said with a shy laugh. "Flash is there something you need?"Said tails trying not to sound rude.

"I just wanted to see why this pain in my head keeps on returning over and over and over" flash said getting tired of pain in her head. "it happened like over like four times this week"flash finnished.

Tails said in response "well speaking of that, I just finish my working on my scanner, now it should be able to find other sources of whatever it scans"tails said with a confident look on his face." Flash say in responce"Wow, so if it scans me it will find out what wrong with me"tails answers "yeah, someone in the world would be remotly sending wave of energy that only you could sence." Flash then says "Then what are we waiting for, stare it up."

Tails says in responce "Okay, but first just go inside and I will start it up." Flash goes inside the scanner and then tails starts it up."Oh tails are you sure this thing will work, because I don't want to come out looking like some type of thing thing off of a internet game I'd played before" flash said a little worried. "Flash I got an IQ of at least 300 so I'm pretty sure it's going to go out fine" tails said with confidents. "Okay tails if you think so "flash said as she wait for the machine to begin it work".

When machine door closed a bright flash came from the inside of the machine as it starts to scan. Flash was trying her best to keep calm so she can stay still. When the scan was over flash came out a little dizzy but she was okay.

"Yes it WORKS!"said tails. He was not thinking about flash hearing him though. Flash say a little mad "wait you dident knew if it would work!"Tails says in responce "umm I know now". Flash was about to yell until she saw the look is face and it looked scared.

Flash then says felling better "Well i cant stay mad at you but test your machines before you use them, okay".Tails says in responce"okay" then thinks"man I geuss I shouldent make her mad again". His train of thought was cut of when there was then a beeping sound from the computer screen. "There a source!"tails said abit suprised. "That probally were the answers are lets go"flash said in a hurry."Wait" tails said trying to stop her. "we dont know were that place is so lets take take the X-tornado" tails finished.

They both got straped up and then starts up the plane and they flew off.

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